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The Beijing Axis Introduction Jan 2009


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Company introduction
Sourcing, strategy and investments in China

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The Beijing Axis Introduction Jan 2009

  1. 1. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Company Profile First Quarter, 2009 THE BEIJING AXIS Ltd. 3806 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wanchai Hong Kong People’s Republic of China Tel: +86 (0)10 6440 2106 Fax: +86 (0)10 6440 2672
  2. 2. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL THE BEIJING AXIS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL 3 Synergistic Cross-Border China Businesses THE BEIJING AXIS is a cross-border business bridge to/from China in three principal areas: Strategy, Sourcing and Investment. Since our establishment in 2002, we have successfully worked with many international and Chinese MNC clients across various sectors and industries, but our core focus is on the Chinese mining and resources sector, and on China’s burgeoning industrial and engineering sector. Our work is always cross-border — supporting international firms as they act in unfamiliar territory in China, or supporting Chinese firms as they venture out and go global. We are committed to safety and sustainability; and our solutions emphasize 'actions and transactions’. THE BEIJING AXIS is organised along 3 synergistic cross-border China businesses: the China Strategy Group, China Sourcing Unit and China Capital Advisors. China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Knowledge Knowledge & network & network Strategic Sourcing Corporate Finance Origination Strategy Formulation synergies synergies Supply China Management & Financial Advisory Strategy Implementation Support -1-
  3. 3. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL VISION AND MISSION Vision Be a leading provider of Cross-border China business solutions Mission Facilitate, enhance and support an appropriate cultural, political and economic integration of China with the rest of the world Be a cross-border business bridge to/from China – in three principal areas: strategy, sourcing and investment solutions to international MNC’s in chosen markets with a China agenda to Chinese MNC’s in their quest to go global Learn and excel in our chosen fields in a manner that inspires others -2-
  4. 4. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL STRATEGIC INTENT IN OUR SERVICE DELIVERY 3 Synergistic Cross-border China Businesses China Strategy Group China Strategy Group TBA China Strategy Group (CSG) assist CEO’s, boards and senior management with their Strategy Formulation cross-border China strategy formulation and implementation. For international MNCs we are a trusted China strategy advisor and implementation partner; for Chinese MNCs we do Strategy Implementation strategic and business planning and implementation as they develop global businesses. Knowledge & network synergies China Sourcing Unit TBA China Sourcing Unit (CSU) support international firms as they exploit China’s status China Sourcing Unit as a leading global supply-base, while we support Chinese firms that look to more effectively do global sourcing. The CSU provides a comprehensive range of procurement Strategic Sourcing services across the supply chain with a focus on cost savings, quality control and on-time Supply China Management & delivery. We emphasize total cost of ownership and holistic risk management. Support China Capital Advisors TBA China Capital Advisors (CCA) provides specialised financial advisory services to China Capital Advisors Chinese firms that are undertaking outbound cross-border investment, or that are vying for international investment. Similarly, we advise international firms that are undertaking Corporate Finance Origination investments in China or that are looking to attract strategic capital from China. The focus Financial Advisory is on origination activities, but we provide selected services across the transaction chain. -3-
  5. 5. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL STRATEGIC INTENT ACROSS OUR CHOSEN MARKETS (I) Synergistic China Cross-border Business Solutions to/from Clearly Targeted Markets China-Africa Desk TBA China-Africa Desk has been a clear leader in its field over the past 6 years. Our knowledge base, experience curve, client list and project track record is unrivaled. Based on our China-Africa strategy, sourcing and South Africa Russia investment project experience our team is widely regarded as one of the & Africa & CIS leading teams in the market. The China-Africa desk is supported by an office in Johannesburg that works closely with our China-based professionals and experts to deliver complex cross-border China-Africa solutions across our strategy, sourcing and investment businesses. China Niche China-Russia Desk Markets TBA China-Russia Desk has grown significantly over the past 2 years. Our Latam Australia knowledge base, experience curve and track record have expanded and we India & SE Asia have attracted a top team - and a list of notable clients. Our China-Russia Middle East desk is augmented by an office in Moscow that enables solid cross-border Key Industries service delivery in our strategy, sourcing and investment businesses. China-Australia Desk Well established TBA China-Australia Desk is the latest geographical addition for us. Over the Current priority past 1-2 years our knowledge of China-Australia relations has gown and we 1-year out priority have started to attract more clients. An office in Perth is under development. Global focus, well established -4-
  6. 6. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL STRATEGIC INTENT ACROSS OUR CHOSEN MARKETS (II) Synergistic China Cross-border Business Solutions to/from Clearly Targeted Markets Selected Niche Markets We have identified selected niche markets that are viewed as current or future priorities: South Africa Russia Latin America Desk & Africa & CIS Latam is a current priority. Our China-Latam efforts find expression in the fact that we have added Spanish language skills to our capability set. Meanwhile throughout 2008 and 2009 we are actively developing this businesses and reaching out to potential target clients and partners in China China and South America. Niche Markets India Desk & Middle East Desk Latam Australia India’s status as a large rapidly growing developing country, whilst being a India & SE Asia neighbour of China, is seen as an opportunity. Similarly, the rapid growth of Middle East the ME, and the relatively low level of China-ME engagement, is seen as Key Industries attractive. Over the course of 2009 and 2010 we will invest progressively more time and effort in these markets. Key Industries Well established TBA works across a range of sectors but key industries have emerged Current priority where we hold significant expertise. These are: mining and resources; 1-year out priority industry and manufacturing; and engineering. Global focus, well established -5-
  7. 7. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND VALUES Guiding Principles Values Cultural Astuteness Professionalism Quality and Safety & Sustainability Adding Value Integrity & Ethics Solutions Relationships Flexibility Client Focus THE BEIJING AXIS aspires to provide comprehensive cross-border China business solutions in a manner that is consistent with the highest international corporate governance standards attainable, in a manner that respects the environment so as to assure sustainability -6-
  8. 8. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CHINA CROSS-BORDER SERVICES IN MORE DETAIL China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Strategy Formulation Strategic Sourcing Corporate Finance Origination Market intelligence Supply needs analysis Advising Chinese MNCs as they seek overseas assets, equity, projects or Market and industry research Supplier identification, filtering, due foreign co-investment partners diligence and selection Market entry strategy Advising foreign MNCs that are Negotiation seeking Chinese assets, equity, projects Partnering strategy or Chinese co-investment partners Commercial and contract Business planning management support Supply Chain Management & Financial Advisory Strategy Implementation Support Buy side & sell side M&A advisory Market entry support Comprehensive project management Acquisition target identification, Business development filtering and selection Transaction monitoring Operational support Project and target due diligence QA/QC, expediting, managing 3rd Negotiation parties (QA inspectors, lawyers, etc.) Fundraising support Agency services Logistics Valuations Relationship management Holistic risk management Opinions Delegations Strategic relationship management -7-
  9. 9. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL SECTOR FOCUS IN OUR 3 CROSS-BORDER BUSINESSES China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Primary Industry (Extractive) Primary Industry (Extractive) Primary Industry (Extractive) Resource extraction (mining, energy, Resource extraction (mining, energy, Resource extraction (mining, energy, timber, etc.), raw materials processing timber, etc.), raw materials processing timber, etc.), raw materials processing and beneficiation and beneficiation and beneficiation Secondary Industry Secondary Industry Secondary Industry (Industry/Manufacturing) (Industry/Manufacturing) (Industry/Manufacturing) Industrial manufacturing, processing, Industrial manufacturing, processing, Industrial manufacturing, processing, engineering (heavy engineering, light engineering (heavy engineering, light engineering (heavy engineering, light manufacturing, machinery, etc.) manufacturing, machinery, etc.) manufacturing, machinery, etc.) Construction, power, transport Construction, power, transport Construction, power, transport Automotive, technology products, Automotive, technology products, Automotive, technology products, consumer goods consumer goods consumer goods Tertiary Industry (Services) Tertiary Industry (Services) Tertiary Industry (Services) Banking, finance, insurance, ICT, Logistics, professional services Banking, finance, insurance, ICT, media, design & engineering services, (legal, accounting, etc), marketing & media, logistics, professional services leisure/gaming/hotels communications, design, engineering (legal, accounting, etc) project management services, EPC/M -8-
  10. 10. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CSG CAPABILITIES IN MORE DETAIL China Strategy Group Capabilities Strong analytical & problem solving capacity Strategy Formulation Market intelligence Sound project planning skills Market and industry research Market entry strategy Research and project methodology development know-how Partnering strategy Information source development and management know-how Business planning China knowledge Strategy Implementation Market entry support Learning system and knowledge management philosophy Business development Experience curve & track record Operational support Negotiation Sound judgement Agency services Relationship management Applied knowledge, project and deal experience Delegations -9-
  11. 11. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CSU CAPABILITIES IN MORE DETAIL China Sourcing Unit Capabilities Approach China buying office capability Research and market intelligence based Strategic Sourcing Supply needs analysis China marketing office capability Synergy with CSG Supplier identification, filtering, due diligence and selection Clear category coverage Negotiation Commercial and contract Comprehensive and full-service offering management support Risk management orientation Supply Chain Management & Support Strategic partnerships i.e. Bateman Comprehensive project management Transaction monitoring Own methodology QA/QC, expediting, managing 3rd parties (QA inspectors, lawyers, etc.) Own methodology Logistics Holistic risk management Strategic relationship management -10-
  12. 12. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CSU SERVICE DELIVERY PLATFORM & METHODOLOGY CSU Service Delivery Platform Overall Project Management Holistic Risk Management Strategic Sourcing Strategic Relationship Management 1 2 3 4 Supplier Analysis Supplier Systematic Short evaluation, Initial scoping, supplier Needs listing, Industry application analysis due Search evaluation, due diligence of high- diligence & supplier and final selection level & final identification filters selection 5 8 7 6 Engagement Supplier Commercial Site Supplier engagement, engagement, process, Negotiation inspections, RFQ and contracting Sample client visits, testing, detailed tendering and contract testing and filters, negotiation, contacting management standards 10 9 11 Supply Chain Supply Chain Quality Management Management Process & Support & Support management Transaction monitoring, Transaction (perform Logistics quality assurance, monitoring QA/QC), expediting, expediting, 3rd party 3rd party management and logistics mgmt -11-
  13. 13. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CSU CATEGORY & PRODUCT FOCUS Secondary Industry Tertiary Industry Primary Industries Minerals & Metals Mining Machinery Automotive Spare Industrial metals Services Building/Construction Steel: Fabricated steel (various) Parts Fabricated steel EPC/M contractor Cement (finished, Bars, Angles Mills Wheel rims Forgings Project management clinker) H/I-beams Grinding media Tires Castings Design and drafting Various building HRC/CRC, etc. Crushers Axles Cement Engineering services materials Cobalt Drilling equipment Brake linings, drums (clinker/finished) Constructors Fasteners Copper Explosives, detonators and discs Building materials IT/IS Outsourcing services Cranes Magnesium Rock bolts Suspensions Logistics Hoisting equip. Aluminium Pumps, Valves Bearings Body, seats, etc Electrical Equip. EPC/M contactors Chrome Bulk materials: Generators Electronic Equipment Tiles Granite conveyor systems, belts Transportation Batteries PCs Various fittings Coal stacker-reclaimer equip, Sedans Wires / Cables Memory sticks Bathroom finishing Iron ore stockyard equip Buses Electric motors Computers, cameras Ceramics Manganese Safety equipment Trailers Solar panels Kitchen finishing Bicycles Solar heaters Home Appliances Other Mining Services Motorcycles DVDs Other Refractories Safety consulting services Train components Capital/Process TV sets Packaging materials & EPC/M contactors and spare parts Plants Refrigerators processing machinery Locomotives Furnaces Waste management Hot rolling mill equipment & processing Other Chemicals Cold mill Office & home furniture machinery Polyethylene Casters Stationery Medical equip. Polypropylene Foil handling Hydraulic equip. Rubber system -12- Note: Products in gray scale are not actively sourced
  14. 14. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL SELECTED EXAMPLES OF RECENT CSU ENGAGEMENTS (I) Rolling mill for long products Grinding mills Aluminium caster Magnesium Solar heating systems Manufactured trailers -13-
  17. 17. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CCA CAPABILITIES IN MORE DETAIL China Capital Advisors Capabilities Strategic sector intelligence Corporate Finance Origination Advising Chinese MNCs as they seek Analytical capacity to develop strategic sector view based on sector intelligence overseas assets, equity, projects or foreign co-investment partners Experienced and professional team Advising foreign MNCs that are seeking Chinese assets, equity, projects or Chinese co-investment partners Key relationships and networks in transaction community Credibility and influence to do origination Financial Advisory Buy side & sell side M&A advisory Know-how to do execution work Acquisition target identification, filtering and selection Experience curve and track record to anticipate conventional risks Project and target due diligence Soft skills to mitigate cross-border risks Fundraising support Valuations Transaction service provider partners Opinions -16-
  18. 18. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL WE HAVE SIGNIFICANT EXPERIENCE & TRACK RECORD China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Strategy Formulation Strategic Sourcing Corporate Finance Origination Strategy Implementation Supply Chain Management & Financial Advisory Support Knowledge Knowledge & network & network synergies synergies THE BEIJING AXIS has developed a significant experience curve across our 3 cross-border China businesses – strategy, sourcing and investment. In delivering solutions we have become a learning system, developing our own methodologies, intellectual property, practices, processes and networks. The extent to which we have established our presence in our chosen markets is reflected by the long list of leading international and Chinese companies that have made use of our services. We are happy to provide references from our long list of satisfied clients. -17-
  19. 19. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL SELECTED MINI CASE STUDIES FROM RECENT INTERNATIONAL MNC CLIENT ENGAGEMENTS References available upon request China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Large Heavy Engineering Firm Leading Global Iron Ore Producer Large Industrial Manufacturer Investment Advisory on China-based Strategic Marketing Plan for China Procurement of Very High-Value Manufacturing Plant via E-JV Structure Developed Medium and Long Term (5 & 10 Designed & Engineered Capital Supported entire process of a setting up a Year) China Marketing Strategy: High level Equipment for Plant Expansion manufacturing plant for mining equipment: long term China view (Socio-Politics & Provided comprehensive and full China Strategy formulation; partner identification; Macroeconomics); Steel Industry Analysis sourcing solution over ~30 months: First 6 evaluation and initial short-listing; due (comprehensive: supply and demand months - Identified, evaluated and selected diligence and partner selection; negotiation; drivers, steel intensity model, players and Chinese suppliers; convinced management overall project and transaction service competitive landscape, regional dynamics, to engage with Chinese suppliers; and provider management; and deal structuring. regulation and reform, etc.); China Iron Ore introduced Chinese suppliers into global Outcome: Successful JV setup; and TBA Industry Analysis (comprehensive: imported tendering process. Next 3 months – does ongoing work on new China initiatives. segment in full detail, and complete Supported tender evaluation and final domestic iron ore mining sector study); supplier selection process (developed China International Telecommunications Quantitative Modelling and Forecasts sourcing strategy/implementation blueprint, Network Equipment Distributor (rigorous and detailed); and Detailed secured Board buy-in, arranged reference Acquisition Target Identification in China Marketing Strategy (segmentation, channel- site visits and facilitated all negotiations); (& India) to-market, target client analysis, per client and contracting. Next 21 months – Project Comprehensive review of most suitable sales quota allocation, tactical marketing managed all China activities over project life- acquisition targets: High level industry and detailed sales plan, timelines, CSF’s, cycle (conceptual/technical design, overview, validated business case, universe enablers, constraints, etc.) procurement/sub-contractors, list (100 firms), filters, evaluation, initial Outcome: Positive client feedback, ‘this is manufacturing, QA/QC, testing, shipping, short-list (10 firms), deep due diligence & the most comprehensive study we have installation, commissioning, etc.). . final shortlist (3 firms), preliminary valuation, seen’; and TBA has been commissioned for Outcome: Successful commissioning on Outcome: Satisfied client; asked to also do several follow-up strategic studies. time, on spec and with 50%+ savings; and Indian acquisition target identification (TBA TBA appointed as Asia Sourcing Office. also completed this successfully). -18-
  20. 20. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL SELECTED MINI CASE STUDIES FROM RECENT CHINESE MNC CLIENT ENGAGEMENTS References available upon request China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Chinese Engineering Firm Chinese Metals Trading Company Leading Chinese Gold Mining Strategic Market Entry Plan for Africa Strategic Cobalt Ore Sourcing from Company Developed a short-term and medium-term Africa International M&A Deals (1- and 5-year) strategic market entry and Conducted research on African cobalt Based on good relationship and development plan for southern Africa; sourcing markets, developed a communications with the client, and performed country-level politic, economic comprehensive list of potentially suitable comprehensive understanding of its and risk analysis, engineering market suppliers and a short-list following extensive overseas development strategy and near analysis (current market situation, existing interviews and multiple visits to potential term plans, TBA identified a very significant and future demand analysis, cost structure suppliers, analyzed import options, investment opportunity for a few overseas analysis, market drivers, competitors presented a comprehensive report gold and copper mining assets; designed the analysis, industry regulatory review), containing research, findings and strategy and process for executing the deal developed a strategic marketing plan (entry recommendations for suitable suppliers and opportunity, conducted day-to-day mode, market channel design, market transaction models; accompanied the client communication facilitation and management, communication plan, partnership model, risk representatives to visit all companies on the assisted in the high-level management analysis and alternative plans, medium and short-list in South Africa, Democratic dialogue with the target company, prepared long term goal) and a short-term marketing Republic of Congo and Zambia; supported the necessary documentation, identified an action plan; conducted strategic partnership client during negotiations. overseas legal advisor and accounting identification and facilitation, communication Outcome: The client signed a purchase advisor, coordinated and managed working management, negotiation support and contract with preferred supplier, and relations between all relevant parties, provided market study tour support. discovered new business opportunities – to supported the client during the site visit Outcome: Helped client establish a strategic import copper and chrome to China. TBA arrangement, preformed the financial partnership and achieve significant results in was appointed as representative service analysis and valuation. market development. Subsequently, TBA provider on a retainer basis, and continues Outcome: Very positive feedback from the has been commissioned by the client to do to ‘manage the trading process on behalf of client; TBA has been asked to identify other follow-up work and assist in other projects. the client. overseas mining investment opportunities. -19-
  21. 21. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL OTHER RECENT INTERNATIONAL & CHINESE MNC CLIENT ENGAGEMENTS References available on request China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors Based on first-hand market information, Since 2004, TBA has been sourcing four Arranged participation of key Chinese conducted a study of China’s ferrous metal categories of raw material from China for a resource firms to join bidding process for industry, incl. market dynamics analysis, foreign leading aluminum company; TBA is African assets of a listed international sales channels of market players, cost managing more than 10 suppliers and the mining company structure analysis for a world leading implementation of all the related contracts Based on comprehensive analysis of resource company for the client. advertising market in China, advised on China market entry, distribution and partner Conducted extensive research on pumps business model, market development, strategy for international baby toy maker producers in China, undertook visits to financing strategy and so on for a Chinese short-listed producers, identified suitable local advertising firm and made a business Research, analysis and assessment of suppliers, managed products design, plan for them to look for and negotiate with China’s chemical industry and a few manufacturing, quality control and delivery. potential investors specified products in terms of supply and demand, producers, distribution, value Sourced auto batteries from China and Conducted a high-level China industry chain analysis, import and export, pricing managed the whole process for a foreign study and defined / scoped the universe of and cost structure for a world leading company possible players in a segment of IT market, chemical company identified, evaluated, short-listed and Sourcing of industrial application boiler recommended the best industry players Analysis of engineering market dynamics parts for international power infrastructure and potential partners for a leading foreign and opportunity, competition (local and supplier IT company foreign) and China business development Identified a leading grinding mills and strategy for a world leading manufacturer in China, managed product engineering technology company specification and design, raw materials and components, manufacturing and delivery -20-
  22. 22. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL OUR EXPERIENCE CURVE CREATES ADVANTAGE IN FIVE AREAS Internationally recognised education in China and abroad Excellent skills, knowledge, capabilities and cultural astuteness People Varied background and good team composition - generalists and specialists THE BEIJING AXIS Advantage Solid standardised processes and operating procedures Rigorous training system for existing and new personnel Processes Risk orientation Service quality control procedures at all levels Dedicated knowledge management (KM) department and staff Best-practice knowledge management processes and tools Knowledge Post-project learning sharing and coding Benchmarking data for selected industries Extensive client lists – large international and Chinese blue chip MNC’s and SME’s Exhaustive list of varied projects (project variety by industry and function) Track Record References show high client satisfaction Excellent networks in Chinese industry associations, trade associations, ministries, academia and individual companies Guanxi Long-established personal connections and track record -21-
  23. 23. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT - TBA DIRECTORS Kobus van Cheryl Lilian Edward der Wath Tang Luca Wang Executive Founder & Group Executive Executive Director and GM: Managing Director and Director: Russia China Capital Director GM: China and CIS Advisors Previous experience: Previous experience: Previous experience: Previous experience: • Head of Investment • Marketing, Public and • Consultant: Institute for • Consultant: McKinsey Strategy for Asia Pacific Government Relations International Relations of • Director of Strategy: (Singapore) & Emerging Executive PRC Air Force Wimm-Bill-Dann, Russia Market Strategist (London), • IT Consultant • Project manager and • Commercial Director: Standard Chartered Bank • Entrepreneur Senior Consultant with Ratimir, Vladivostok - • Senior Consultant: BCG Beijing-based Chinese Russia • Strategist: Standard consultancy Merchant Bank, SA • Manager: Beijing-based • Economist: SARB trading company Education Education Education Education • MSc (Curtin, Australia) • MBA (Birmingham, UK) • MBA (Glasgow, UK) • MBA (INSEAD, France) • MBA (INSEAD, France) • BA Marketing • BA International Relations, • BA Economics, • BCom Economics, (Communications (China Air Force International Relations Psychology (Jhb, SA) University, Beijing, China) Engineering College) (AUBG, Bulgaria) • Fluent in English, Afrikaans • Fluent in English, • Fluent in English and • Fluent in English, Russian and Dutch, speaks basic Mandarin and Mandarin Chinese and Romanian, speaks Mandarin Shanghainese basic Mandarin & French -22-
  24. 24. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT - TBA MANAGERS Javier Jackie Cuñat Mitch Diana Li Cosani Wang Manager: China Strategy Manager: Manager: Manager: China Group & Latin SA Business SA Office Sourcing Unit America Desk Development Previous experience: Previous experience: Previous experience: Previous experience: • Consultant: Frankel • Project Consultant: • Analyst, Senior Analyst, • Project Consultant: Consulting, SA engineering firm, SA Consultant and Senior Beimad Investment • International Marketing • Sales and Marketing Consultant: THE BEIJING Services, Grandall Legal Manager: Unimoney Srl, Consultant: Import & AXIS Group Italy Export company, SA • Finance Manager: Fermax • Workshop Manager: Electronics Beijing Branch Lamborghini South Africa • Market Analyst: IVEX, Beijing Rep. Office Education Education Education Education • MBA (Wits Business • MBA (Wits Business • BA Economics, BA Admin. • BCom Hons International School) – current study School) – current study & Business Management Economics and Trade and • MAP (WBS) • BA Business (U.V. – Spain, K.U. BA English Literature • BCom Finance Law (Wits) Administration (IMM, SA) Leuven – Belgium) (Beijing Normal University) • Fluent in English, Italian • Fluent in English and • Fluent in English, French • Fluent in English and and Afrikaans Mandarin and Spanish. Speaks Mandarin Chinese Mandarin Chinese -23-
  25. 25. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT - TBA MANAGERS & LEAD CONSULTANTS William Kevin Huang Dey Chao Zhou Hai Wei Lead Senior Manager: Consultant: Consultant: China Business China Strategy China Sourcing Development Group Unit Previous experience: Previous experience: Previous experience: • Consultant: THE BEIJING • Risk Officer: Santander • Sourcing and Trading AXIS Bank of Puerto Rico, US Manager: Sinoconnect Sarl, • Team Leader, Project • Data Entry Coordinator: China Manager: CHINT, China MMM Healthcare, USA Project Manager: Poly, • Sales and Marketing China Consultant: HuaQi Trading Analyst: China Telecom, China Construction Bank Education Education Education • BCom Hons Business • MBA (CCER Peking • MSc Finance (Beijing Administration (London University) – current study Normal University) –current South Bank University, • BA Information Systems study UK) and Finance (UPR,USA) BA Economics (Zhengzhou University) • Fluent in English, • Fluent in English, Spanish Mandarin and and Mandarin Fluent in English, Mandarin Shanghainese and Cantonese -24-
  26. 26. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL THE BEIJING AXIS - WEBSITE Note: Screenshot as at 23 January 2009 -25-
  27. 27. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CHINA SOURCING BLOG Note: Screenshot as at 23 January 2009 -26-
  28. 28. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL PUBLICATIONS DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA: Invest in South Africa (Chinese Language) The system and the strategies Kobus van der Wath Written by THE BEIJING AXIS Commissioned by China Commissioned by China Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Foreign Affairs -27-
  29. 29. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL PUBLICATIONS: THE CHINA ANALYST An English language knowledge tool for executives with a China agenda October 2008 July 2008 April 2008 January 2008 -28-
  30. 30. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL PUBLICATIONS: AFRICAN MINING QUARTERLY Chinese language knowledge tool for Chinese executives with an African Mining agenda October 2008 July 2008 April 2008 Email us on for complimentary subscription to The China Analyst -29-
  31. 31. STRICTLY PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL CONTACT DETAILS For more visit our English, Chinese, Russian or Spanish websites at, or contact an office: Beijing, China Cheryl Tang Director & GM, China +86 (0)10 6440 2106 +86 (0)10 6440 2672 Hong Kong China Strategy Group China Sourcing Unit China Capital Advisors The Company Secretary Javier Cunat, Manager Diana Wang, Manager Edward Wang, Director & GM Corporate Office The Beijing Axis Ltd 3806 Central Plaza 18 Harbour Road Wanchai Johannesburg, (South) Africa Moscow, Russia/CIS Perth, Australia Hong Kong Michele (Mitch) Cosani Lilian Luca, Director: Russia/CIS & Jim Hu People’s Republic Manager: SA Group Corporate Office Senior Consultant of China or Jackie Li, Manager: Latin America Desk (in Beijing) London, UK/W-Europe Business Development Javier Cunat Matt Pieterse Manager Non Executive Director +27 (0)11 201 2550 +27 (0)11 201 2508 -30-