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Overview of Ad Agency services and portfolio.

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Greenfrog Presentation.English

  1. 1. Presented to
  3. 3. Why consider Greenfrog & Associates as your marketing partner? • Because we are experienced in a variety of media, marketing and advertising on-line as well as off-line; • Because our reputation in the market is based on “creativity with credibility”; • Because we are proud to say we’ve won numerous creativity awards; • Because we are experienced in creating new brands and establishing awareness of them in the market; • Because other than our expertise in creating new brands, we understand the importance of preserving already established brands and following their guidelines; • Because we are experienced in solving problems with creative solutions;
  4. 4. Why consider Greenfrog & Associates as your marketing partner? • Because we are dedicated to our clients’ success; • Because we insist in providing impeccable service; • Because we can service accounts in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish; • Because we understand and work with our clients’ budgets; • Because we have happy clients who have retain our services for many years; • Because we are responsible for our actions and guarantee the quality of our work; • Because we invest in resources to maximize our work and expedite delivery.
  5. 5.   History Since 1997 Greenfrog & Associates has established a reputation of being one of the most creative and advertising and marketing agencies in South Florida, providing service to both large corporations as well as smaller up-and-coming clients. Greenfrog & Associates was founded by Liliane Rique, who furthered her advertising and design expertise by attending Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, University of Hawaii and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Her extensive experience in marketing focused primarily in the North American marketplace since 1990. Today, Greenfrog & Associates has a client base not only in South Florida, but also in Latin America and Europe, providing advertising and marketing campaigns both on-line as well as off-line. Greenfrog & Associates’ foremost goal is to achieve and promote the success of our clients.  
  6. 6. SERVICES At Greenfrog & Associates projects are executed with meticulous dedication. Whether it is a simple logotype design or an on-line advertising campaign, we get the message across. We manage every aspect of the media to its fullest potential. As an Ad Agency, Greenfrog & Associates provides: • Branding/Name and product awareness • Design of collateral materials for sales and promotions • Packaging Design • Strategic marketing and advertising plans • Analysis of competitive markets (Primary or Secondary Research Methods) • Media placement/insertion/negotiation for both on-line and off-line media • Production and print coordination • Marketing Consulting and coordination • Ad campaigns for print,TV, radio, outdoor and Internet • Client service in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  7. 7. CLIENTS
  8. 8. CURRENTLY SERVING AAAA World Corporation Adler Group APAC Group BAC Bank of Florida BR Courier CAC Corporate Air Charters Dumonde Travel E-rev Airline Revenue Accounting Systems Federação Espírita Brasileira Flagler Development/Codina Realty Gator Truck Leasing ICA/International Capital Advisors Lemon Motel Lifexpand Roger Development Show Management TAL Card Tasco Plumbing & Mechanical Services Transnational Charters & Freight Forwarders Tritec Construction Western Union
  9. 9. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “Greenfrog has a team of true professionals with incredible creative talent and pro-active client services. They can be trusted to consistently deliver on-target creative within deadlines and budget.” ALEX MAGER, CLUB MED NORTH AMERICA “Greenfrog & Associates has played an instrumental role in marketing efforts to our network of business communities. Their creative work in the different advertising and graphic areas is not only creatively outstanding but also right on target with our audiences. Greenfrog & Associates has helped us reach our goals and will continue to play a role in our future growth.” MICHAEL M. ADLER, ADLER GROUP, INC. “Greenfrog is the most creative organization that we have dealt with. Their ideas are excellent and their follow-up is superb. They have uncovered very qualified opportunities for us. There are very few companies out there that can provide the value package that Greenfrog offers with such a sincere concern for its clients’ success.” FRED BOMENY, LIFEXPAND INC.
  10. 10. CLIENT TESTIMONIALS   “While everyone talks about Greenfrog’s creativity, we would like to commend the people behind Greenfrog: Liliane and staff always go the extra mile to accommodate us and are always very hands on and available, no matter the challenge. They’re not only true professionals, they’re genuine individuals.” MAY CASTRO, GROVES PROPERTIES, INC. “Greenfrog & Associates successfully tackles all aspects of my company’s marketing and advertising, consistently preserving the highest standard of work and creativity for our residential and commercial developments. They are always on point and respond quickly to changing market trends.” OSCAR ROGER, ROGER DEVELOPMENT GROUP, INC. “Greenfrog is responsible for all the advertising and branding for our various entities. They have been able to take our vision and translate it into print, web and graphic content in a most amazing manner. This has been the best work I have had done in over 20 years as a serial entrepreneur.” ROBERT L. ADDIE, ADDIEWELL INVESTMENTS, INC. “Greenfrog: on-target creative, efficient production and outstanding client service every time” RODOLPHE LE GRAND, LES NOUVELLES ESTHÉTIQUES, AMERICAN EDITION
  11. 11. CASE STUDIES
  12. 12. - Case 1: SHOW MANAGEMENT   Show Management produces 6 boat/yachts shows in Florida, such as THE FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW®, the largest in the world. For years they had been promoting their events in the same way: Print ads in newspapers and trade magazines, featuring aerial photos of the events with dates and information. Under their new management, they contracted Greenfrog create the marketing for all their events. This was our plan of action: We created ad campaigns to promote each event separately, with each show having their own identity, thus branding each event to attract their own market. Change of marketing strategy and media plan to include not only print media advertising but also: • The Internet, through a newly created web-site, search engine optimization, e-mail campaigns and online marketing • Poster ads in strategic airports • Outdoor banners • Ad placement in national and international in-flight publications targeting first class and executive class passengers in the US and select countries. Our new ad campaign for the 2007 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show®: - Boasted a 17% increase in attendance from the previous year in spite of inclement weather during the four day run of the show. - Distributors and exposition participants reported a 24% increase in sales. - The show had more media coverage than any other event of that year in South Florida.
  13. 13. Case 1: SHOW MANAGEMENT
  14. 14. Case 2: FLEXXSPACE   FlexxSpace is a network of office, warehouse and retail space for commercial leasing in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. FlexxSpace introduced a new concept, offering much more than just space for leasing. Excellent benefits were made available, such as conference rooms equipped with state-of-the- art technology, lap-top computers, discount priced office supplies, phone and transportation services, flexible leasing contracts, promotions, marketing solutions and much more. To make FlexxSpace stand out compared to so many other commercial venues available in the market, Greenfrog created a new campaign where we used actual photographic testimonials featuring their own tenants and individual business ventures, thus proving that FlexxSpace was unique and offered innovative programs proven to be of benefit to their clients. Of the 9 million Sq Ft of office space maintained by FlexxSpace, 77% was leased at the beginning of the campaign. This percentage grew to 98.5%. An increase of 21.5% in only 6 months after initiating the new campaign. Each lessee that participated in the campaign reaped the benefits of showcasing their businesses in various newspaper and magazine print ads allowing them to generate new business ventures.
  15. 15. Case 2: FLEXXSPACE
  16. 16. • Case 3: NOLA LOFTS   This was the first residential building in South Florida offering a “loft” lifestyle. A very new concept for a cosmopolitan city as traditional as Fort Lauderdale. The secret of the campaign was to establish to the general public the ideal benefits of purchasing something quite unique as a “loft” style apartment. Through the use of good marketing research, Greenfrog targeted the public according to their geographic location, and intellectual psychographic profile. It promoted the value of their product by targeting a specific group of people: upper-middle class gay-oriented individuals with an open mind, living and working in the areas of Oakland Park, Sunrise, Broward Blvd. and Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The media campaign was presented in a creative, progressive and highly innovative fashion. The campaign’s theme was “Out-of-the-box Living” …Dare to be different attracting those who saw a “loft” lifestyle as… without walls, without boundaries... The first phase of the project with its 126 lofts was completely sold out in only 9 months of the campaign.
  17. 17. Case 3: NOLA LOFTS
  19. 19. HUMAN RESOURCES Liliane Rique, President/CEO/Creative Director 18 years of advertising experience in the United States Awards: Florida’s BEST (5 consecutive years), Type Directors Club & Communication Arts Devika Rajapakse, Graphic Designer 5 years Graphic Design experience George Vasquez, Graphic Designer 12 years Graphic Design & Illustration Robert A. Lopez, Graphic Designer/Production Director 25 years experience in Art Direction and Production. Awards: Knight-Ridder Publishing and Graphis Alexander Augustin, Web Designer 7 years experience in creating and programming for the Web Richard Lawrence, Copywriter (English) 30 years copywriting experience Awards: 3 Addy Awards. Alberto Orso, Copywriter (Spanish) 2 years copywriting experience Maria Auxiliadora Pinto, Copywriter (Portuguese) Master in Portuguese. 40 years copywriting experience Marcelo Aniello, Director of Photography 20 years advertising photography experience Awards: Florense is Green, Tastemakers & Forms Design District, Lisboa Ideia Award
  20. 20. - PRO BONO   For almost ten years Greenfrog has been contributing to the Broward Correctional Institute (Broward’s Women’s Penitentiary) Rehabilitation Program, where we contribute two afternoons a month teaching Graphic Design and Commercial Art to the inmates. The students are given the chance of learning a trade, offering them the opportunity of attaining a brighter future, as an alternative to returning to a life of crime, once they have paid their debt to society. As of today, more than 120 students have completed their courses, and 6 of them will be able to find employment in the graphic design field as a result of the opportunities that our course offers. The State of Florida supports the Commercial Arts program and plans on extending their support to other institutions as well.
  21. 21. PORTFOLIO
  37. 37. LOGO DESIGN
  38. 38. BRANDING
  39. 39. BRANDING
  40. 40. BRANDING
  41. 41. PROMOTIONS
  42. 42. PROMOTIONS
  43. 43. PROMOTIONS
  44. 44. BROCHURES
  45. 45. BROCHURES
  46. 46. BROCHURES
  47. 47. PACKAGING
  48. 48. WEB
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  55. 55. OUTDOOR
  56. 56. OUTDOOR
  57. 57. OUTDOOR
  58. 58. THANK YOU Miami: 305.285.4321