Achieving the TOP 1 LC in IGN, the Global TOP 10 LC, 134 Exchanges in
Absolute growth, 77% in Rela...
My father is the ONLY Colombian granted with a permission to build a Hotel in the
Tayrona Reserves at the north of the cou...
It´s all linked. This BSC you are looking at, connects talent capacity through our internal processes into our operations ...

1. Customer Experience Management
2. Organizational Leverage
3. Global Youth Voice
*Drivers are explai...
Our Greatest Achievements

Our Pending Assignments


I. OGX Strategy & Growth.
II. Business Develop...
Date: July 12th 2015
Congress: NatCo 2015
Place: San Andrés
Session: MC 1415 Report
Legal Decentralization:
Financial Educ...
Throughout GIP we can hit directly the most
undeveloped Driver of our country: Innovation.
This is the future in SMEs deve...
AIESEC is and organization that holds a value proposition which claims that we
develop Leadership for a Positive Impact th...
MCP Applicant Questionaire - Juan Carlos Fayad
MCP Applicant Questionaire - Juan Carlos Fayad
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MCP Applicant Questionaire - Juan Carlos Fayad


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MCP Applicant Questionaire - Juan Carlos Fayad

  1. 1. I. II. III. IV. V. Achieving the TOP 1 LC in IGN, the Global TOP 10 LC, 134 Exchanges in Absolute growth, 77% in Relative and being the first LC in IGN crossing the 300 exchanges makes us proud. Leading UNINORTE in 2012 as the LCP, empowering a new generation successfully is the biggest achievement! Due to our successful “Go to Market” strategy we were able to achieve over 26 Raises with 14 TN Takers. We enhanced our international cooperation tools and properly managed our TN Taker accounts in order to get 22 iGIP TNs Realized achieving a 100% Growth in 2011 being the TOP 1 LC in iGIP in Colombia that year. Best LCVP iGIP 2011. In 2013 AIESEC in Colombia received the AIESEC International Customer Centric certification at IC 2013 Egypt due to our efforts in building an outstanding CEM Strategy and driving its execution. As MCVP, we activated a new educational cycle for our entity: The Operational Excellence Summits! We delivered three powerful conferences in each region where we empowered over 300 middle managers and reached a sustainable strategy. As Global CEEDer for AI´s BD Team I had the opportunity to fulfill one of the global needs, The Global Prospect List which has 500 companies and a 200 target within our most attractive sectors. Position: Student Instructor for Entrepreneurship 2010-II & 2011-I Employer: Universidad del Norte  Deliver Entrepreneurship courses to 120 students divided into 4 classes.  Assist & evaluate 24 students group Entrepreneurship projects.  Organize UNINORTE´s Entrepreneurship Fair 2010 Joined AIESEC almost 4 years ago. Since my very first AIESEC conference I dreamed with a worldwide known organization. We keep in our hands the global solution for our current reality. We keep that spark that everyday ignites thousands of young people around the world. We keep that great thing that brings us all hope; hope for better people for a better world. I hope for a better me for a better us. We daily hope for change and what´s truly impressive about all this is that change is just around the corner. We can feel it every single day of our lives with. Between the reasons I have to run for President I can stand out the following: I. My ambition and how AIESEC connects to my future plans. AIESEC is not the end of the journey, it´s the very beginning. I´m getting as prepared as possible to achieve the unremarkable in this leadership school. II. The promise of change. I can sense how my daily hard work contributes to unleash the potential of thousands! I want to increase my impact range to the whole national entity. III. My diverse background. I´ve served as a Leader for iGIP, I've traveled and met different perspectives and different ways to increase our impact. I´ve served as the Leader of one of the strongest local entities and now I want to serve you sharing everything I´ve learned and everything I´ve seen. But most importantly... I´m recruiting! Yes, I´m recruiting that amazing team of individuals that share my dreams of unifying Latin America politically & economically while enabling a new economic system based on resources. I want this team to strive for a Nobel Peace Prize before 2048, AIESEC´s 100th anniversary. We´re UNITED FOR PEACE and everything begins with our actions! “I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” -Niccolo Machiavelli
  2. 2. My father is the ONLY Colombian granted with a permission to build a Hotel in the Tayrona Reserves at the north of the country and so he did. He built Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort in the year 1994. Almost 20 years ago. The thing is this area was infested with the Colombian Guerrilla and he was constantly threatened to support financially the movement or face the consequences. He never did. He never yielded a single centimeter. He was a man of value and never betrayed himself. The only way to teach values is by example and this is the strongest lesson I´ve ever received. In your memory I won´t either, dad. I was a Team Leader for iGIP Sales. I started alone my “team experience” but after our local conference I received 9 amazing individuals. We had no clue on how to grow iGIP but I was pretty sure we were going to find our way! Out of this team, three were selected as Team Leaders for the next term and one was the OCP of our local conference. Out of my Team Leaders when I was LCVP three were selected for the EB 2012 and out of that EB when I was LCP, three were selected for the MC, besides me, and one was elected as LCP. Our true Measurement of Success is what you can unleash inside every individual! During my MC experience I’ve learned a lot of things. One of them is to be even more careful with our environment. Do you know that the first plastic bag made 90 years ago has not degraded yet? Since knowing this I try to avoid any single plastic purchase from straws to plastic bags at the store. This of course needs to go further. We all know how abused our resources are… Therefore, I want to foster a new economic model proposal called “Resource Based Economy” which invites the world to be fair with our resources distribution while calling for a replacement for money. The day I stop loving what I do I will stop doing it. I´m truly passionate about every single thing I do. I don´t wake up early in my mornings tired or indisposed to go out and achieve greatness. I don´t see AIESEC as my work, I see it as my life style and that´s why I don´t matter investing my weekends or my long nights for any pending activity or any invitation as long as I find it fun. My daily fuel are those meaningful conversations I can get out of any Newbie or any Alumnus, any space I can reach the network, whatever Roll call comes, whatever shout I hear – I´m in love with the AIESEC culture. I´ve been to IC twice, in Egypt and in Russia. I´ve been to Euroxpro twice, in well, in I´ve been to IC twice, to Egypt and to Russia. I´ve been to Euroxpro twice as Greece and in and Greece Turkeyinand before thebefore I was latter I at WENALDS at the Netherlands. My Turkey and latter the a Faci was a Faci in WENALDS in The first international Faci experience was inexperience WNC at the I USA´s WNC much as Netherlands. My first international Faci the USA’s was were prepared as where I I can for my LCP as I All this takes me experience. All international to my ILC prepared as much term. could for my LCP to my very first this takes memeeting: first Puerto Rico, my first ILC abroad. I have first time abroad. I have a passport because international meeting: timePuerto Rico, my a passport because of AIESEC, I´ve met over 3000 young people over 3000 people because I´ve experience how and I´ve of AIESEC, I´ve metbecause of this conferences andof this conferences those 100+ countries how like. Diversity is my religion and because of religion and because of encounter tastesthis +100 countries tastes like. Diversity is my my encounter with it I´ve became who I it, I´ve my contact witham. become who I am. We have a responsibility to Awe. Awe means to make an outstanding impression with anything you do. If it´s not Excellence then what? If it´s not Excellence now then when? Don´t you dare to deliver the 50% of your capabilities, it´s not fair with the world. It isn´t fair with yourself. Set incredible goals and achieve them. I was part of two Local Executive Board, as VP and as LCP and both teams were recognized as the Greatest Entity of the Iberoamerican region. Out of 13.000 students in UNINORTE I was recognized as The Leader of the Year 2012 for my outstanding performance within the school.
  3. 3. It´s all linked. This BSC you are looking at, connects talent capacity through our internal processes into our operations in order to reach Leadership for a Positive Impact on Society. That´s how we can perfectly align every recruitment, every sales team & every single innovation activity to our vision. That´s why we are not afraid of saying that we generate leaders that wake up every day feeling determined of carrying this strong message of peace and development as freedom for all nations, unity and equality as a collective mantra, a fast growing global economy towards real needs coverage. Striving for what makes life worthwhile. For making somebody else´s life better. These positive impact seekers are called change agents and that´s what AIESEC gives to Colombia. To the world! Fulfilling this promise is our daily wake up call! This is the BSC proposed for AIESEC in Colombia. Please check every CSF carefully for its proper understanding. Above you have the current state of each CSF. This are evaluated from different MC perspectives and it´s based on perceptions since we are currently not holding a BSC. GCDP: GIP: TMP: TLP: With +580 experiences RE, With +200 experiences RE We are realizing our first TMP/TLP minimums we are the top 8th globally. in this MC term. We are testing of the winter surveys provide LC Our growth acceleration is the top 6th globally. It´s our recruitment strategy. This leaders with feedback on low compared to previous national focus, yet, our will provide LCs with talent their management for key years. LCs are not aligned. earlier. points of improvement. Financial Sustainability: Awareness: We are Stakeholders: We are Customer Loyalty: Our We are ending November increasing our brand´s sending satisfaction current NPS score is 46 with 4.3 Months of positioning through the surveys to the 123 where 56% of our Reserves. This will great job PR is currently Organizations we customers are Promoters increase to 5.6 by doing at events & partnered with in the last and only 12% are December. ceremonies. three years. detractors. Innovation: Market Approach: Our sales teams Product Service: We have reached the natural are getting stronger. Yet, we need Delivery for ICX can´t be learned by state in many processes. That´s to reach unexplored markets as doing, we need to get well long as these are attractive to us prepared for our peaks. In addition, why entities slow down. We need to unleash Open Innovation and AIESEC is competitive enough CSI is building and implementing through our customer’s feedback. for them. Firefighting efficiently. Governance & Accountability: Planning & Review: Managing Information: We are working on stronger Our internal communications are still The supervisory group only plays a too weak. We are not clear in some role of consultants. The Auditing planning processes. Our LC´s follow up is still too weak. Driving our messages and we could be more processes has improved tons since the selection of the NAT & the Int. planning through a BSC like this one simple when communicating our Auditor. and a Master Track is imperative. strategies. Managing Talent The administration of our talent isn´t effective. Our retention rate is low. Yet the first steps of our newbies are clear enough to perform as expected. Talent Education: The Sales development program is well planned. Yet, its implementation is still slow and needs to be more professional. We are building a Learning Center for self education Infrastructure: We are working on plenty of platforms at MC level for LC’s development. From educational platforms to online tracking tools and matching engines. Yet they
  4. 4. Strengths Drivers* 1. Customer Experience Management 2. Organizational Leverage 3. Global Youth Voice *Drivers are explained in the Executive Summary Page Opportunities I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. SNIES as an information bank to understand better Colombia´s student market – GO! DPS Partnership, Cross Cultural national projectsGO! CCONG in order to reach over 850 ONGs. –GO! MEN supporting cultural education projects. -GO! BID investing in Educational non for profits - GO! ANDI del Futuro, a special entrepreneurship program supporting the most innovative projects. GO! Colfuturo’s labor intermediation program to support its beneficiaries with professional opportunities.–GO! SCI Database & events with +500 assistants. GO! SENA’s service of employment accessing young professionals and student’s welfare project. GO! No visa requirements for 29 countries. –GO! +880 national services reaching +80.000 Colombians in 2012 with MinTIC’s Gobierno en Línea project.–GO! Colciencias recovering its financial muscle in order to open new calls for companies. ! Weaknesses I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. Public Relations & Business Development Sub product knowledge iGCDP product packaging strategy. Volume Management. Membership Empowerment National Education Cycle – National Conferences Promotion & branding processes standardization Present in 21 cities in Colombia. oGIP S&D alignment. Clear IT focus and execution. oGCDP processes and high volume of applicants. Financial organization and standardization. Front Office & Back Office Synergy Management Centralized Legal Processes in our National Office Impact Recognition & Showcasing Internal Communications. Lack of a Risk Management Plan. Expansion entities strengthening Planning & Review. Following up our plans. iGIP Visa Processes & LC Raising Alumni Management. Strong network, yet not capitalized. Coaching Strategy. Not effective enough to impact growth. SO Strategies WO Strategies I. I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. High Volume GCDP projects within the Social Innovation sector in Colombia. We need to recover our alliance with DPS,, now, striving for 1000 trainees and oGCDP. SENA as our main oGCDP partner. Taking advantage of their welfare projects. SENA as main Expansion partner. SENA is present in 33 Colombian territories. SCI (Sociedad Colombiana de Ingenerios) participating in our GYV and vice versa. Our PR positioning our IT GIP opportunities in their conferences. BID has invested over 26 Billions in social issues. We need to start applying for their grants to develop our own national iGCDP projects. ANDI bridging us to the entire guild through strong GCDP projects. Understanding our ROI (Return on Investment) per project and areas to decide whether using this opportunities or not. II. III. IV. V. VI. One of the countries that doesn´t ask for visa to Colombians is Jamaica which is part of our current expansion strategy. Stronger focus in its execution. Reaching 80.000 Colombians through IT, isn´t easy at all. Taking advantage of our IT Global focus we can propose a collaboration project with the MinTics. Strengthen our Growth Network: IGN through financial & talent investments in order to take advantage of geographic convenience and no visas required. Re investing efforts in the Colciencias project now that the institution is back on track. This project consists of strengthening our SMEs through IT Trainees and Colombian MTs. SNIES as a communication channel to reach the entire Colombian Market with our exchange sub products Replicate the Secretary of Education in Bogota´s project with the Educational Ministry for LC Raising. Threats ST Strategies or Consequences WT Strategies or Consequences I. I. I. II. III. IV. V. Exchange for Students Organizations as IAESTE. We are not alone. Organizations cutting budget for the next term because of the fear for a new crisis. Detractors because of GCDP/GIP programs. Brand perception due to TN Takers with poor quality experiences. World Cup happening in Brazil. Cost of the tickets. II. S: Diversify our destinations for next summer. Ethiopian Airlines is part of Star Alliance since this year. Tickets to Africa are way cheaper. Other destinations are in CEE. C: The lack of a competitive analysis makes us lose portions of the student market. We need to be clear on our advantages and differentiators. II. III. IV. C: Possibility of losing partnerships because of Innovation Budget cutting. C: Our lack of positioning raises the possibility of trusting our detractors about poor quality processes. S: Creating a Detractors management plan to convert as much as possible into promoters. This happens when our Detractors issues are solved. S: Customer Loyalty for Organizations is a must.
  5. 5. 2015 Our Greatest Achievements Our Pending Assignments MC LIVE 2010.2011 I. OGX Strategy & Growth. II. Business Development and the Account Management & Delivery. III. Financial Model´s change management to increase the MC´s financial liquidity. IV. Accomplishment of financial goals. I. A proper coaching system for Local Entities. II. Concrete expansion initiatives. III. ICX performance. We decreased in the program during this term. MC START 2011.2012 I. iGCDP Growth through product packaging into high volume projects. II. Functional coaching strategy. III. Business Development IV. START Platform creation and implementation. V. Global UBS Award I. Strategic & Savvy marketing for exchange development. II. Clear understanding of the Expansion Strategy. III. Middle Performance LCs support and strategy creation. IV. Increase our Financial Reserves. I. Expansion strategy for entity creation. II. Audit Process Initiatives. III. iGCDP Process Standardization. IV. oGIP IT Matching – Global GCP. V. Regional UBS Award I. Talent Management processes and understanding at local level. II. Proper Organizational Understanding tool. A better BSC. III. Financial processes control & revision IV. Strong LCs support. I. Internal Audit process consolidation. II. Changing our bank to Bancolombia. III. National BD projects with the government. IV. PR´s brand positioning. V. Customer Centric Certification at IC. I. Internal Communications to download properly our strategies. II. Expansion entities strengthening. III. Strong educational programs to foster self education. MC BOOST 2012.2013 MC THRIVE 2013.2014 I. Rethink our customer´s experience in every single touch point. I´m convinced it´s not only about selling more - it´s about making every single experience as meaningful as possible. II. Ensure Implementation of our strategies, the next term needs to focus not in creation but in making our directions happen. We have really good ideas but knowing and not doing is not knowing. III. Create a clear growth path for our entities from its birth to the achievement of 600 exchanges. IV. Drive innovation. Innovation happens at local level and it´s the MC’s responsibility to bring it all together and unleash it to the network. V. Setting our stand in Colombia. The country needs to know we are here. Global Youth Voice. I. Our Global Headquarters needs to continue bolding Innovation in order to create game-changing strategies for the entire network. II. Manage our S&D information to keep the network updated and based on its forecast, prepared for new trends. III. Evolve our B2C Customer Gage service to B2B as well in order to get a complete overview of our clients experiences. IV. Bring the replacement of Myaiesec.net, The Global Information System [GIS], right away. V. Perfect the Opportunity Portal. It´s a great initiative, we just need to polish it. VI. Clear understanding of impact. Maybe IT as a GIP focus is not the answer. I believe ET & MT could enhance our SMEs while fostering bilingualism.
  6. 6. Date: July 12th 2015 Congress: NatCo 2015 Place: San Andrés Session: MC 1415 Report Legal Decentralization: Financial Education: I believe we are not ready for this LCs financially empowered and capable nowadays. Our responsibility as MC 1415 of doing smart investments. LCs will is to get the LCs prepared for this never need to make a loan with the MC change and not just keep saying it´s to cover any urgency – only to invest in exchange projects which is fine and we necessary. The idea is great but without further preparation this will be an epic fail. have a fund for it. LCs fostering Innovation: True innovation comes from the LCs. During MC planning, the most innovative ideas come out from what the MCVPs lived and observed during their LC experience. LCs are the original laboratories and we need to encourage them to bring new ideas constantly! Regional Development: Modify LC-MC mindset: One of the proposals for the next The relationship between the LCs and structure is to hold Regional Chairs to the MC shouldn´t be entirely tracking. ensure implementation, expansion & The possibility of guiding direct impact education. These chairs need to evaluate on Colombia´s focus should be the LCs restrictions from become included in our agenda. These initiatives independent and bring the inputs to the should come partly from the LCs. MC in order to create accurate strategies. Growth through Collaboration: But let´s talk about exchanges! Let´s talk about shared projects between LCs like “Discover Colombia”. The MC can support this projects in its development phase. Further on, the tracking and the execution runs entirely by these entities. Dear AIESECer, The adventure is concluding. Our organizational ambition is coming to an end and we are proud to announce what has happened till this point. Back in 2010 we were broadcasting LIVE our dreams and strongest desires. We were getting prepared to START in 2011 a revolution in our entity’s mindsets, structures & perspectives which end up BOOSTing our operations in 2012. In 2013 we interiorized an excellence concept, a DO more way of thinking and a Behaviors-building culture. This mixed together made AIESEC in Colombia THRIVE to where its never been. We didn´t started out of nothing and we need to be grateful with our previous generations. We are all together making AIESEC 2015 possible! Your MC 1415 is proud of fulfilling it´s following promises: I. A customer centric organization. Our customers satisfaction has increased 35%. II. A national known organization. We are present in the media and we are recognized across the sectors. We are the true youth voice! III. We consolidated all our 30 entities as LCs ensuring their financial & operations sustainability. IV. Our exchange programs are contributing directly to our Country’s Development. We´re managing 5 Governmental Projects. V. We´re growing throughout collaborative exchange projects. VI. Our Talent Efficiency rate increased to 1,5 Exchanges per member. 60% of our membership is Integrated Experienced. We are 5 months away of reaching AIESEC 2015’s Twilight. We did what we had to. we made the right decisions, we reached for the stars and we´ve landed the moon. We delivered our promises. At your service, MC 1415
  7. 7. Throughout GIP we can hit directly the most undeveloped Driver of our country: Innovation. This is the future in SMEs development, yet we only invested in 2012 0.05% of our GDP in Innovation. If we want to be close to our country´s focus we can’t step back, we need to be more present on this lines while trusting why this is our power unit. There´s people who gave up, there are ones moving forward, let´s thrive with them! I. CSI-Customer Solutions & Innovation: Embracing firefighting at all levels while bringing constant education to our LCs. II. Incentives for Response Rate: Give incentives to our Customers to respond the NPS survey. III. Process Improvement: Translate our customer´s feedback into better operations. IV. Communications: Clear channels to spread our information to every single EP Abroad and every single Trainee in Colombia. National Goal Local Committee Cluster 3 iGCDP 1550 oGCDP 1800 LCs are learning to sale GCDP NGOs & Educational Organizations. Reaching the first 50Xs takes discipline, hard work & focus. Growing through the national sub products is the best kick off for their learning curve. We need real entrepreneurs to lift off 40 exchanges. We need to be smart enough to run perfectly an on going recruitment FIRST in our most suitable market place. iGIP 500 oGIP 650 Selling professional internships takes time and preparation, Managing the national sub products into our market needs increases our possibilities of raising TNs. Education carried by externals is a must. LCs at 10Xs. Which is the market I am going to focus on? Focusing on IT at the very beginning is a good move. Learning how to recruit these profiles and how to manager their needs is essential. LCs running 12Xs at this level. I. Conversations: We need to be close to our Organizations. Doesn´t matter they aren´t current partners. A weekly call and a monthly visit will totally make a difference in TRUST. II. Satisfaction Surveys: We need to understand what we are good at and what we are not in order to improve ourselves as Organization. III. Co-planning: It´s not only about sales anymore, it´s about planning our years together and evolve the key points in the partnership. Local Committee Cluster 2 Local Committee Cluster 1 At this point LCs need to be able to generate When striving for 100 iGCDP Xs, LCs enough financial resources to foster their fundraising strategies must be as clear and own 170Xs sustainable projects throughout focused as possible. The sales plans must CSR solutions, governmental support and be perfectly executed. Invest and get special grants. prepared as possible to run Delivery. The GREAT next step for 200Xs is to After LCs reach 70Xs we need to start manage with an Umbrella structure. LCs diversifying our markets through agreements managing multiple Specialized Units running with universities. LCPs & LCVPs oGCDP as faster & effective processes. Conversion “Senior Management” sellers to obtain Rate reaches its highest point. sponsorships. LCs growing from account management. LCs having BoAs specifically for ER. Project Public Relations strategies as Corporate management and development driving our product packaging into the market reaching breakfasts takes place to reach as much 35Xs. Customer Loyalty Organizations organizations as possible while diversifying becomes a habit doubling our re raises. our sales channels to take LCs to 20Xs. At this level, growth through collaboration Our account management becomes with other organizations is imperative. professional offering specialized services to Partners co branding our products into the our EPs. The key for matching is follow up and our first ER initiatives happen at this professional market realizing 45Xs. Enabling level. We are reaching 25Xs. LC to LC cooperation for a faster Matching.
  8. 8. AIESEC is and organization that holds a value proposition which claims that we develop Leadership for a Positive Impact through international exchanges. As a result we generate leaders with an advanced cultural understanding and unlimited possibilities & opportunities. If we´re clear on this then we need to agree that Integrated Experiences are not only one strategy. IXPs are the turning point need to fulfill our promise of global citizens. We need leaders that know what an exchange experiences feels like and how powerful it is in order to sell it properly, in order to tell it properly. If we want to generate Leadership in Every Experience, we need to aim for a 70% Integrated Experienced Membershi´p. Goal TMP TLP Main Strategies 7500 Profile based recruitment in order to enhance our operations. First we determine our market target based on competitiveness & our supply. We recruit that specific profile that will sell our sub product, provide them with the proper Practical Induction based on exchanges during their first month and subscribe them to a strong Sales Development Program. 3000 We can improve way better our LEAD program. We need to prepare Transformational Leaders for the changes in our Country, Leaders aware not only about management but also about Global Issues and how AIESEC directly impacts them. LEAD is not only a program, it´s the window for the leaders of the future to understand their way through. Regional Chairs: Responsible for Education, Expansion& coaching in each Region. They are in charge of pushing our Growth Networks as far as possible ensuring the implementation of the MC Driving Strategies. I don´t believe our structure needs to open space for more positions besides the Regional Chairs. We need to make our structure more dynamic as a Matrix while avoiding a hierarchy. Making our structure truly focused in our core business, synergy will be ensured. We are not supposed to be good doing what we should not. As LCP 2012 and representative at the general assembly I identified the following key points for improvement: I. Steering Team as driver of Innovation during the whole year. Not only during meetings. II. Stronger connection between LCPs & MC through SCs working time. III. LCPs dreaming the MC term as well. A feedback call is not enough. IV. Proper communication channels. V. Culture of service – servicing habits.