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Schedule March / April

  1. 1. SCHEDULE MARCH, APRIL 2014. Practice II, Didactics of ELT. Schdedule March –April 2014 Date MARCH MODULE 1: Introduction to the Subject Tuesday 18th  Introduction to the subject: Syllabus, criteria for promotion. Correlatividades de 1° y 2° grado.  Books to be used along the year:  Enseñanza de Inglés e Identidad Nacional, by Silvana Barboni, UNLP.  Hacia una Didáctica del Inglés para niños en escuelas primarias, by Estela N. Braun, UNLPam.  Wordle  Penzu  Survey: produce it in Penzu. What are your expectations about this subject? Thursday 20th NO CLASSES (FLACSO exam /make up for that class) Tuesday 25th , NO CLASSES (British Council) Thursday 27th Liliana’s class ICTs  ICts: Power Points. Interactive power points. Edu- blogs.  Prezi APRIL Tuesday 1st  Stern, (1992) Why should we study Methodology?  Chapter 1, Harmer (2001) The changing world of English.  Assignment:read article from the blog ‚Linguistic Imperialism alive and kicking‛, by R. Phillipson (2012) Thursday 3rd  Video.Freire.(20 ‘)  Home assignment. Read Part 1, Enseñanza de Inglés e Identidad Nacional. Ppt.(an hour)  Describing the English language. Chapter 2, Harmer (2001).Grammar and lexis. Thursday 10th  Motivation: distintos tipos.
  2. 2.  ICT: Internet resources for teaching YLE. Bookmarking for our blog.  Moodle. Tuesday 15th  Comparación de la enseñanza de Inglés a niños, adolescentes y adultos. Chapter 41, Harmer (2012). Describing learners, chapter 3, Harmer.  Diferentes niveles de lengua. Marco Europeo Común de Referencia.  What are your views on teaching English to YLE? (Scott &Ytreberg) chapter 1. Read/discuss. Thursday 17th NO CLASSES (Holy Thrusday / Easter) Tuesday 22nd NO CLASSES (Elections at UNLPam) Thursday 24th  VALE, El lenguaje de las instrucciones: Instrucciones para preparar un móvil.  DVD by Leonor Corradi.  Chapter 1, Slattery & Willis, English for Primary teachers.  Practical 2: Diseño de flashcards con íconos para instrucciones. Tuesday 29th  Short story telling MAY Module 2 Language learning process with YLE.