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Questionnaire chapter 1 leonro corradi(2)


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Questionnaire chapter 1 leonro corradi(2)

  1. 1. Universidad Nacional De La PampaFacultad De Ciencias HumanasDepartamento De Lenguas ExtranjerasPráctica Educativa II: Didáctica Especial de la Lengua Inglesa yResidencia en PrimariaChapter 1by Leonor Corradi (2011) in“Hacia una Didáctica del Inglés para niños enescuelas primarias”, Estela N. Braun compiladora,EdUNLPam.Questionnaire1. Traditionally, how was the didactics of ELT for YLE viewed?2. What characteristics do good teachers share?3. What learning theories have been influential for teaching YLE?4. What is the role of theories of L2 development? How are they called?5. What is the role of the teacher in a principles approach?6. How should English be viewed within the school curriculum?7. What areas of language teaching should teachers develop?8. How do teachers act as mediators?9. What does the teaching cycle include?10. Why is critical reflection on practice necessary?11. How can we educate in English? Analyze examples provided.