Lesson plan (8)


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Lesson plan (8)

  1. 1. Lesson Plan (song): Where´s the zoo?Students Age: 9, 10 years oldTiming: 30 minutesLinguistic contents: Locations and prepositions.Vocabulary: Proper nouns, common nouns, locations, prepositions.Functions: Describing locations, locating places in a map.Phonology: z/ s/ p/Activity 1:a) Make the students listen to the song. Give them time to complete the missing lines.b) Play the song again and make sure that the students sing and produce the correct sounds.Activity 2:a) Give the students time to think about a country, a city or any place in their city town. Tellthe students to write at least five characteristics of that place using the prepositionspresented on the board.b) Rearrange the class in a semicircle. Each student should share his/her notes with rest of theclass so that they can guess the place they have chosen. Make sure they do not reveal thename of the place until the class guesses.Activity 3:a) Show pictures of different animals and ask the students where they live. Make sure they usethe correct preposition.Good LESSON PLAN, but there are several aspects to improve.
  2. 2. PROBLEMS:PROBLEMS:1. I cannot find the web page from which you will listen to the song.2. Activity A could not be understood by small children. Design it as an exercise that theycould follow3. You are supposed to present it today during the class. See if you can make thenecessary arrangements. Thank you4.