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Lesson plan (6)


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Lesson plan (6)

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN: “COLORS SONG”Student’s age: 6 – 7 years oldTime: 30 minutesVocabulary: colorsFunctions: description of the color.Phonology: Oral repetitionSONG : “The Rainbow Song”’s Note:• Before introducing the song to the children, we will show them a power pointpresentation with animals of different colors.• We will give the students a copy with the lyrics of the song so that they can followand sing it. Then we will see a video with the song which shows the different colorsof the rainbow.• Make oral repetition of each color with the flashcards.• GAME: “Memory test”• The students will be divided in 2 big groups (group A and B)• On one side of the whiteboard, there will be 7 mixed pictures of the animals, we usedin the power point presentation, and there will be 7 mixed names of the animals’colors, all the cards will be facing down. One participant of each group has to go tothe whiteboard and choose one picture of the animal and try to find the right color ofit. If she or he matches the suitable picture with its color, they have to stick them inthe corresponding table behind the game (on the whiteboard). The group that getsmore pairs of cards will win.• To conclude the lesson, we will give the students a picture of a rainbow to color.ALVAREZ, Mayra; FERNANDEZ, Fiorella; DOMKE, Micaela; MARIANI, Pamela.