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Houses and Homes


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Houses and Homes

  1. 1. HOUSES AROUND THE WORLD Hi, I’m Ivone Sander and I live on a canal in the centre of the city of Amsterdam with my mum (Marie) and my dad (Alex). My house is special, it’s an old boat. It’s got a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom but it hasn’t got a living room. The rooms are small. In the dinning room, there is a table and three chairs and in my bedroom, there is a bed and a wooden desk. I haven’t got any pictures on the walls because there are a lot of windows on the boat! I love my house, it’s very comfortable.Hello, my name is Kevin and I’m from Argentina. I live on a farm near asmall town called Anguil. Anguil is in the province of La Pampa. I live with my parents and my two brothers (Alexis and Enzo). In my house there is a big kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom. Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and another small bathroom. Outside, there is alarge garden and a garage for two cars. I have got a horse, its name isTronador. It’s a beautiful brown horse, I love it!