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Class 1 2014


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Published in: Education
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Class 1 2014

  1. 1. Prof. Estela N. Braun, Adjunto Regular Exclusiva Prof. Liliana Monserrat, Ayudante semi-exclusiva. 2014
  2. 2.  To get to know about our student teachers’ backgrounds an expectations.  To create a positive rapport between teacher educators and student teachers.  To lower anxiety levels.  To become informed about the subject syllabus.
  3. 3.  Why did you choose this Teacher Training Course of studies?  How old were you when you started learning English? In which context did you study?  Which Methodology was used? Describe it in detail. o What do you expect from this subject?
  4. 4.  Produce a Word Cloud with the main words.
  5. 5.  0UaJ0
  6. 6.   Write a memory about a great teacher you have had. The writings are to be submitted by mail to:  Then, they will be posted in our blog to be shared and to allow for interventions
  7. 7.  Write the subjects the teachers taught and their good/bad qualities:  Mr. Halsworth  Miss Mathews  Mrs. Sharp  Mr. Ford
  8. 8.  Use the questions to help you write notes:  What did she look like? What clothes did she use to wear?  What subject did she use to teach?  What did she use to do that was so special/bad?  Did all the students particularly like/dislike this teacher? Why?  How did this teacher treat you particularly? Was he/she very different from the other teachers you had?
  9. 9.  Would you like to meet him/her again? What would you say to him/her now?  The value of Narratives.