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Reading activity

  1. 1. SHE SURPRISED EVERYONEPeople with cats and dogs often put small doors called “cat-flaps” or “dog-flaps” in their(1) outside doors so that the pets areable to get in and out of the house. Recently, however, a littlethree-year-old girl called Karen decided to use one.It all began one Sunday afternoon when Karen’s mother, Diane,was preparing the evening meal in the kitchen, and her husband,Bob, was working in the back garden. Diane thought that Karenwas with Bob and he thought that she was with her(2). Then,they(3) noticed that Karen had disappeared. Neighbors andfriends began to search for the girl, and her worried parentscalled the police.Meanwhile, Karen had followed the neighbor’s dog through thedog-flap in the front door. She knew the house well as she hadbeen there several times before.Everyone in the family was out, but Karen switched on the TVand settled down to watch some children’s cartoons. She chosea red apple from the fruit bowl and ate it(4) while she wasenjoying the funny pictures on TV. Back at Karen’s house, herdesperate parents searched outside for one hour and a half, andwere helped by the police and concerned neighbors. Police dogsand a helicopter were waiting to be used.Karen was unaware of the drama she(5) had caused outside, andwhen the owners of the house eventually wandered into theliving room, she smiled sweetly and said “Hello”, they wereastonished to see her there as they had spoken to her distressedparents a few minutes earlier.
  2. 2. What a relief it was for Diane and Bob to find Karen safe and wellafter all their worry. Diane said: “Karen love that dog andobviously wanted to play with it. If only it had stayed outside,none of this would have happened. We will keep an eye onher(6) in future. What a day!” READING ACTIVITYPurpose: Brush upon the tenses students have worked in class through the reading ofa short story 1. Read the title and look the pictures: What is going to be the reading about? 2. Organize the parts of the reading in a coherent form 3. Look at the verbs that are in Italics and identify the time in which they are conjugated. 4. Based on the reading, select the correct option related to the use of referents A) their(1) refers to: 1 cats and dogs 2 people 3 cat-flaps B) her(2) refers to: 1 Her husband 2 Karen 3 Karen´s mother C) they(3) refers to: 1 Diane and Bob 2 Karen and her mother 3 Karen and her father D) it(4) refers to: 1 the TV
  3. 3. 2 the read apple 3 the fruit bowlE) she(5) refers to: 1Diane 2 Karen 3 the dramaF) her(6) refers to: 1 Karen 2 the neighbors 3 the dog5. Answer these four reading comprehension questions (orally) • What are “cat/dog-flaps” for? • When and where did happened the story? • What were doing Karen´s parents at the beginning of the story? • What did Diane promise to do in future?6. Do you know any story related to his one you just read?