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Our favourites.


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Published in: Lifestyle, Business
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Our favourites.

  1. 1. Our favourites.The project made by the pupilsof the 4 g form of theSecondary school № 27 ofAstrakhan
  2. 2. My dog.•Hello! My name is Katya.This is my dog. His nameis Polkan. He is kind,friendly. He goesshopping with mesometimes. Lucky likes togo to the seaside insummer. I love him verymuch.
  3. 3. My cat.• This is my cat. Her name isMusya. She is four years old. Sheis red. She has got green eyes.She is fat and funny. I like to playwith her. She likes to watch TVand videos. She likessausages, milk.
  4. 4. My favouritefood.My favourite food is pizza. I like itvery much.My mum cooks it for me onSundays. She puts in it muchcheese, some chicken, some carrot,tomatoes. It is my favourite snack.Fish ad chips is English,Sushi’s Japanese.Pizza is Italian,So is mozzarella cheese.
  5. 5. Проект выполнили учащиеся 4 г классаМБОУ г. Астрахани «СОШ № 27»:• Васильева Екатерина• Мозжелин Святослав• Кутлалиева Эвелина.• Учитель английского языка: Мольба Екатерина Георгиевна.