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My native city 1


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My native city 1

  1. 1. ГБОУ СОШ №305, город Москва, СВАО, Путевой проезд, д.10 А
  2. 2.  I want to tell about my favourite places in Moscow.  The Moscow metro began to work in 1935. It has 190 stations now.
  3. 3.  It is the richest and the most beautiful underground systems in the world.  It is quick and comfortable way of transport.
  4. 4.  Moscow is green and beautiful city. There are a lot of parks and gardens in it. Gorky park is a nice place to walk and rest.
  5. 5.  Moscow Zoo began to work in1864. There are a lot of interesting and funny animals. I like to watch elephants, tigers, monkeys.
  6. 6.  Thanks for your attention!
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