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9а крюковаguy fawkes night


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9а крюковаguy fawkes night

  1. 1. “Guy Fawkes Night” By Irina Krukova Class 9a Pervomaisk Secondary Sсhool Tambov Region 2013
  2. 2. On 5 November in England they celebrate Guy Fawkes night. Guy Fawkes was one of conspirators against king James 1. He was executed in 1605.
  3. 3. Children prepare for the holiday beforehand. They make a guy, a figure of a man of straw, and place it on a cart and ask for money on food and clothes for a guy. People cook special food .
  4. 4. In the evening people go to the big field and put a guy on top of a bonfire. They eat jacket potatoes and hot dogs, watch the fireworks and dance at the bonfire.
  5. 5. Guy Fawkes night is a funny celebration. Children feel happy and excited to be with friends.