масленица бондаренко 9а


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масленица бондаренко 9а

  1. 1. By Yaroslav Bondarenko Class 9 A Pervomaisk Secondary School Tambov Region 2013
  2. 2. The holiday is called Maslenitsa or Shrovetide. It is celebrated from Monday till Sunday during the last week before Lent in all cities and villages of Russia. It’s when Russians say goodbye to winter and welcome spring.
  3. 3. People begin preparations for the carnival in advance: traditionally they bake pancakes and make funny costumes.
  4. 4. Children dress up and play in the snow. We go for sleigh rides, go sledging, have snowball fights and lots more. We make a straw doll of “Lady Maslenitsa”, who is dressed in special clothes. There’s a lot to eat too- especially blilnis, which are delicious butter pancakes.
  5. 5. On Sunday we burn Lady Maslenitsa on a big bonfire. The spring festival is over and Lent begins.