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мбоу акбулакская сош №1


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мбоу акбулакская сош №1

  2. 2. I like to paint. Igo to Art school. Ipaint with colourfulpencils.These areflowers. I paintedthem with paints. Icoloured flowers inyellow, green, redcolours.
  3. 3. This is Autumn. Ipainted the tree, thecat, the bench andthe flying birds. Ipainted picture withdifferent paints.
  4. 4. These are Santa Klausand children. Santa ispresenting gifts tochildren. He is kind.Santa is carryingChristmas tree. Ipainted this picturewith different pencils.
  5. 5. I have a cat Kuz’ma. I love himvery much. He is still small.We play every day. Kuz’malikes to fight and to bite me.Kuz’ma is a very agile cat. Heis fast and can understandpeople. When I come homefrom school, he meets me.
  6. 6. My dog Berta.I have a dog. Her name is Berta. She is of blackcolour. Look! Were playing with her!I love her very much!
  7. 7. ПРОЕКТ ПОДГОТОВИЛИ:Розенберг РитаСоловых ОльгаХаритоненко ИльяИващенко МаринаУЧИТЕЛЬБражникова Л. В.МБОУ «Акбулакская СОШ №1»