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The packers system of a cell


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The packers system of a cell

  1. 1. System of a cell
  2. 2. Lambeau Field represents the cell membrane because the field is the outside of the packers and the cell membrane is the outside of a animal cell
  3. 3. The Ribosomes are the RNA part of the cell and protein for the packers the weight room would be the Ribosomes because that is what helps them get stronger and the protein helps people get stronger.
  4. 4. Is where cellular reoperation occurs and cellular respiration is where it produces energy from food the part of the packers that best fits is the pep talks from the coaches before they play each game.
  5. 5. This is what keeps all the originals in place except the Nucleus and I believe that the closet thing to this on the packers is the president Mike Murphy
  6. 6. The job of the nucleus is to run the cell and Mike McCarthy is the person that runs the packers and keeps everything in line and working.
  7. 7. The Players because they are the ones that make the team special. And the Nucleolus is what has the DNA in it and for the team each player is part of the DNA of the team.
  8. 8. The team bus or plane because it gets the team where they need to go, which would represent the Golgi Bodies because the purpose of the Golgi Bodies is to transport parts of the cell.
  9. 9. Film on opponents would represent the Lysosomes because in the packers the film breaks down the other team and the Lysosomes are digestive enzymes that would help break down food.
  10. 10. I believe that the packers are more like an animal cell because it consists of living things and adapts to its surroundings to stay in the league.