Double page spread statement of intent


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Double page spread statement of intent

  2. 2. WHAT LAYOUT WILL YOU BE USING FOR YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD (THIS RELATES TO THE USE OF COLUMNS AND GRIDS IN PLANNING YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD) AND WHY?I plan to use around 2 columns for my double page spread on both pages. There will be twocolumns of text on the second page and also two columns of text on the first page. I chose to goby this layout as when researching I saw two effective double page spreads which both usedtwo columns so I am making my magazine using there layout as a guide/idea. I’ve also usedthree grids to help the positioning and organisation of images on my page. I plan to use threeimages, two on the first page and one on the second page; both above the text. I plan to putthe image on the second page in the top grid, the grids will help me centre and size the imagescorrectly to provide the most effective organisation.
  3. 3. WHAT TYPE OF IMAGES, GRAPHICS (I.E. BOXES, BORDERS AND RULES)WILL YOU BE USING TO MAKE YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD APPEAL YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE AND WHY?The main images will be images of the two artists that are being interviewed in the articleperforming. I plan to add effects to these images but I am not yet sure of the effects I willuse, however they will be effects that make them stand out. The images will be colourfuland will attract the target audience as I plan to used hip hop conventions such asjewellery, microphones, new era caps/snapbacks, and arrogant expressions which arefeatures usually conveyed by hip hop artists. The sub image will be another image of one ofthe two artists performing which will appeal to the target audience for the same reasons asthe main images. It will be surrounded by a stroke as a way to make it seem more organisedas without it, it may look as if it was thrown on the page without a purpose. There will be arule separating the main image from the text on the first page for organisation purposes. Iplan for the images to feature many colours and show enough conventions of hip-hop suchas money and luxuries (conveyed through clothing and style) to attract my targetaudience. I plan to use a bold colourful headline to catch the readers attention but makesure it’s also easy to read.
  4. 4. WHAT DO YOU WANT THE IMAGE/IMAGES TO TELL YOUR AUDIENCE AND WHY?I want my images to tell the audience that the interview for my article will be worth reading.It should draw in the audience and tell them that the two artists in the interview are twointeresting artists and it is worth reading to find out more about them and to find out whatthey have in-store for fans in the future. There characters should be conveyed slightlythrough the images, whether arrogant or humble, intelligent or not etc. This will make theaudience want to read the article more as a way to find out more about the characters. Itshould also show the audience a sense of wealth, determination and passion. I want it totell my audience these things as these are the same things that big hip-hop artists such asKanye West portray through there images. By portraying these things I’ll be able to draw inmore people to read the article and attract my target audience.
  5. 5. WHAT STORY/STORIES WILL YOU BE INCLUDING IN YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD AND WHY WILL IT/THEY BE RELATED TO THE IMAGE/IMAGES?I plan for my article to be an interview of the two artists that are the main image whichalready shows a relation to the images. It will relate to the images as it will be about them,asking them questions about what they are doing, how they are doing it, what music theyplan to release and more. It will be related to the images to create cohesion as it wouldn’tmake sense for the main image to have no relation or relevance to the article. It also allowsthe audience to find out things about the two artists which are being shown in the images.
  6. 6. WHAT EFFECT DOES THE REPRESENTATION AS PORTRAYED BY THEIMAGE/IMAGES USED FOR YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD HAVE ON YOUR INTENDED TARGET AUDIENCE?The representation portrayed by the images I have used for my double page spread willdraw in the target audience as they will all be representations usually associated with thehip-hop music genre. I plan to show an idea of wealth through the prop of jewellery on theartists and also plan to show the music side of things with the use of a microphone as aprop. This will allow the target audience to have an idea of what sort of artists they are andmake them want to read the article to find out more about the artists. Otherrepresentations I plan to show include arrogance which will be shown through the mis-en-scene of the image, in this case, facial expressions. As these representations are alsorepresentations of some of the biggest hip-hop artists it should attract my target audienceand interest them.
  7. 7. WHAT IS THE MODE OF ADDRESS OF THE MAJOR STORY ON YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD?The mode of address of the major story on my double page spread is social context; havingthe audiences questions answered by the two artists in an interview form. The audience willbe interested and involved as it will be all the things they wanted to know about the artiststhat will be answered through the questions which will satisfy the audience’s wants. Thearticle will be written in an informal language as a way to make the audience morecomfortable, to the point it will almost feel as if it’s the audience interviewing the artistsinstead of the interviewer. They will get to see the artists point of view as the questions will bequite direct as will the answers which will be shown through the use of 2nd person dialectsuch as ‘you’. Phatic conversation will be kept to a minimal in the interview as to make surethe audience stays interested when reading the article.
  8. 8. WHAT COLOUR SCHEME (SHADES, TINTS AND COLOURS) WILL YOU BE USING AND WHY?I plan to use a white background contrasted by text colours being green, red and black.The bright colours green and red will catch the audiences attention as they are bothattention grabbing colours. Furthermore green and red are complementary colours which isattractive to the human eye which should make the audience want to the read the articlemore as there will be a sense of good organisation. The bright colours also send a sort ofcaution message to people, making it less likely for the audience to skip past when seeingsuch colours. The colour black against a white background makes it clear and easy for theaudience to read and makes sure there will be no clashes of colour.
  9. 9. WHAT MAIN STORY WILL BE INCLUDED IN YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD E.G.INTERVIEWS, COMMENTARY ABOUT EVENTS, ARTIST GIGS ETC., AND WHY?The main story of my double page spread will be an interview of the two artists as a way todraw in the audience that wants to know more about the two artists. It allows me to relateto the target audience more as the language doesn’t have to be formal, allowing me touse terms that the target audience is likely to use such as ‘spit’ instead of rap which willallow the audience to relate to the article. It also allows the target audiences questions tobe answered by the two artists which involves the audience and makes the targetaudience feel as if they were a part of the creation of the article which they would enjoy.
  10. 10. HOW WILL YOU BE ARRANGING THE INFORMATION ON YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD AND WHY?All information (text) on my page will be sorted into two columns per page, excluding theheadline and pull quote. This makes the page look more spacious and makes sure it doesn’tlook too cluttered or busy. It also allows me to write more and will look less boring to thetarget audience as it won’t be a chunk of text. The images will be placed above the maintexts showing clear separation between the two and creating for better organisation on thetwo pages.
  11. 11. WHAT TYPE OF FONTS AND FONT SIZES (STYLE OF LETTERING USED) WILL YOU BE USING FOR YOUR DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD AND WHY?I plan to use bold, clear and large texts to make it easy for the audience to read. Theheadline will use the font ‘impact’ which is the same font used on the front page for themasthead which will create cohesion between the two pages. Majority of text will be sans-serif as this style of text is usually used by hip-hop music magazines. Also the boldness of thetext will catch the audiences eye. The audience should be used to seeing the use of strokesand large, rounded text from hip-hop music magazines so this will make the genre of mymusic magazine clear. The font size of the headline will be much larger than the main textso I can write more for the main text and it makes it clear which texts on the magazine arewhich. The pull quote will also be much larger than the main text but smaller than theheadline to differentiate it from both and make it’s purpose clear.