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Malik jackson

  1. 1. Malik jackson 1stNovember 27, 2012
  2. 2. COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY● Louisiana state university (LSU)● 3848 W. Lakeshore Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70808● (225) 578-3202
  3. 3. History● LSU was founded by the Louisiana General Assembly in 1853 under the name Louisiana state seminary of learning and Military Academy.● LSU Paul M. Hebert Law center● The LSU Board of supervisors today approved naming of the energy law center in honor of John P. Laborde, LSU Law class of 1949.
  4. 4. Tuition and Required Fees FEES AND EXPENSES:16 hoursStudent expenses, other than campus fees andnonresident fees, will vary with the individual. ABaton Rouge area student living with parents or astudent living on campus spends about $2,185 inaddition to fees, housing, and a dining plan perschool year. A student living off campus canexpect to spend at least $9,079 per academicyear for rent, food, clothing, laundry, cleaning,books and school supplies, transportation,entertainment, and incidentals.
  5. 5. DEGREES OFFEREDThese are some degrees:Master of AgricultureMaster of Applied StatisticsMaster of ArchitectureMaster of Art in TeachingMaster of ArtsMaster of Arts in Liberal ArtsMaster of Business AdministrationMaster of EducationMaster of Fine ArtsMaster of Landscape ArchitectureMaster of Library & Information Science
  6. 6. MAJOR PROGRAMLSU students have the opportunity to experience a richdiversity of courses, curricula, students, faculty, and settingsthat stimulate and challenge individual growth. As the statescomprehensive university, LSU offers numerous choices forintellectual development, career options, and culturalexposure.I will be studying both first stage chef books and lawenforcement books because I want to be a chef or/and alawyer. I would ultimately get my degree in the one I willsucceed in the most. Where I could make a living out of it. Acareer that I can support my family with.
  7. 7. CURRICULUM OF MAJOR PROGRAM ● Curriculum for chef: ● If youve got a passion for food, and are looking to turn that passion into a career, then the Louisiana Culinary Institute is ideally positioned to give you the skills necessary to work in the culinary arts.In fact, weve got a couple of degree programoptions to cater more specifically to your tastes,including:• Advanced Culinary Arts• Advanced Baking and Pastry
  8. 8. OTHER INFORMATIONCelebrities:Shaq,Robert Kraft,Brian Wilson,LebronJamesDewayne WadeChris BoshSnoop DoggLil WayneJayKanyeCharlie Sheen.Famous sites:Louisiana pick your passion.
  9. 9. LSU HauntingsLouisiana State University is located in Baton Rouge. Mostlyknown for its dominance in athletics, especially the footballprogram, the school attains much national publicity. However, whatmost people do not know is that this campus is haunted.Specifically Pleasant Hall,a former women’s dormitory. There havebeen a numerous amount of murders and suicides reported fromhere. It is none other more prevalent then in room 312. The mainstory surrounding this room begins with a girlfriend and boyfriendfighting with each other, and then somehow this leads to the girltaking out a gun and shooting her boyfriend in the face.Thinking that he was dead, the girl took off and ran upstairs to herroom (312), where she too, shot herself in the head taking her ownlife. However, it turned out that the boy did survive. Since then,there have been strange noises and sightings of the paranormal inthat room and throughout the old building.
  10. 10. Why?● I want to attend this college because its the state college and I dreamed of going there to make something of my life. I dreamed of doing stuff in college that my parents never did. I want to go somewhere that no one in my family ever went. I want to study in both of my career strengths that I can do for a life time. I can probably be the best chef/lawyer in LSU and I can be very famous. I just want to reach my goal in life and change my way of thought about college.
  11. 11. REFERANCE/ SITES – Basic Reference Resources• ··Biographies• ··Book Reviews• ··Encyclopedias• ··News Sources• ··