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Online and On the Ground Community Work


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This presentation is about my motivation and experiences of working as an online project coordinator in global community work. Its message can be summarized accordingly,

People + Purpose + Technology = Community

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Online and On the Ground Community Work

  1. 1. Community Work: Online & On The Ground Passing trend? Promising solution?
  2. 2. Community Work: Online & On The Ground Presentation by Lia Hadley
  3. 3. Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals...
  4. 4. People + Purpose = Community
  5. 5. In my Grandparents‘ Generation... community was all about the Church.
  6. 6. In my Parents‘ Generation... community was all about mutual interests.
  7. 7. My Generation: Lost Generation? All about being busy all the time
  8. 8. And in the Next Generation... community will be about participation & collaboration.
  9. 9. People + Purpose + Technology = Community
  10. 10. Here are the people of my community...
  11. 11. Rev. Wasike (Kenya) Man with a mission Skill: caring for and educating 250 orphans Does: leader of Community Breakthrough Support Mission in Kimilili, Kenya
  12. 12. Romina (Canada) Woman with a vision Skill: connecting people all over the globe Does: organiser for
  13. 13. Greg (Australia) Man with an adventurous spirit Skill: feels a calling to work on the ground Does: creating and sustaining a HIV/AIDS youth vision program in Kimilili, Kenya
  14. 14. Millicent (Kenya) Woman with a fresh perspective Skill: working with people in the community Does: writing project proposals for the CBSM fundraising committee
  15. 15. Ron (England) Man with realistic expectations Skill: big-hearted pragmatist Does: project manager for CBSM projects
  16. 16. May (USA) Woman with needed expertise Skill: planning and organising Does: top adviser to the CBSM fundraising committee
  17. 17. Malcolm (South Africa) Man with many talents Skill: social activist and hobby gardener Does: plans and advises on the CBSM Nutrition and School Garden project
  18. 18. Lia (Germany) Woman learning by doing, doing by learning Skill: resilience and resourcefulness Does: organiser and coordinator of CBSM projects
  19. 19. Here are the projects we are working on...
  20. 20. Building a New School
  21. 21. Promoting Media Literacy
  22. 22. Nutrition and School Garden
  23. 23. HIV/AIDS Youth Vision Program <ul><li>Offering the children and their guardians information and counseling </li></ul><ul><li>Creating opportunities for discussion and exchange of information </li></ul><ul><li>Creating peer-to-peer cultural exchanges with other youth groups: theatre, song, dance, and sports events </li></ul>
  24. 24. Village Phone Salons Creating businesses where, • customers make local and international calls • customers buy prepaid telephone cards • small business owners send information to their distributors • customers receive news from friends and family
  25. 25. Clean Cooking Fuel Fumes from indoor cooking fires kill more than 2 million children a year. We are creating women‘s co-op businesses that make biomass briquettes that produce very little carbon monoxide and can be used for indoors cooking.
  26. 26. Clean Water Project
  27. 27. And lastly, why we do this work is...
  28. 28. for the smiles from each and every child...
  29. 29. Do you want to join in or help? Work, sponsor, or donate to Community Breakthrough Support Mission in Kimilili, Kenya ( ) Online volunteer work at Nabuur ( )
  30. 30. Do you want to join in or help? Participate in Our Song Circle - Wimbo Mviringo ( www . songcircle . ning . com ) Advise or assist in our Nutrition and School Garden project ( www . cbsmgarden . weebly . com ) Micro-loan or mirco-fund a Village Phone Salon ( )
  31. 31. Or, you can contact us directly ... Rev. Wasike Wilberforce Walubengo ( Lia Hadley (
  32. 32. Presentation by Lia Hadley Photos: cc licensed from CBSM copyright free from stock. xchng