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  2. 2.  Introduction Nestle India an overview Mission and vision of nestle Nestle brands B CG matrix of Nestle
  3. 3.  “Nestlé” is a Swiss-German word which means “LittleNest” Nestlé is the worlds’ number one food company. 5th largest company of the world according to its turnover. 2 million 31 thousand people employed from all overthe world.
  4. 4.  Nestlé India is a vibrant Company that provides products of global standards. Indias Most Respected Companies and amongst the Top Wealth Creators of India‘ Nestlé India facilitates initiatives that help to improve the quality of life.
  5. 5.  Largest diversified food company in India with the widest product range Excellent Image, Strong Brands Strong and effective distribution network Excellent Image/ Relations with Trade
  6. 6.  M ission : “Nestle is dedicated to providing the best food to people throughout the day, throughout their lives throughout the world. W ith our unique experience of anticipating consumer needs and creating solutions. Nestle contributes to your well being and enhances your quality of life” . Vision : “Our Vision is to be the leading Food & Beverage companies in the world providing customers with healthy food at affordable prices”.
  7. 7. MILK PRODUCTS AND NUTRITION PREPARED DISHES AND COOKING AIDS1. Nestle Everyday Dairy Whitener 1.Maggi 2 minute Noodles2. Nestle Everyday Ghee 2.Maggi Atta Noodles3. Nestle Milk 3.Maggi Cup Mania4. Nestle Slim Milk 4.Maggi Soups5. Nestle Milkmaid 5.Maggi Sauces6. Nestle Dahi 6.Maggi Pazzta7. Nestle Neslac BEVERAGES CHOCOLATES AND CONFECTIONARY1.Nescafe Classic2.Nescafe Sunrise Premium 1.Nestle Kitkat3.Nescafe Sunrise Classic 2.Nestle Milkybar4.Nescafe Cappuccino 3.Nestle Bar-One5.Nescafe Ice Tea 4.Nestle Munch6.Nescafe Hot Tea Mixes 5.Nestle Eclairs7.Nestle Pure Life 6.Nestle Polo
  8. 8. Nestlé in India – major milestones Launched Launched in 1983 in 1995 Go Live 2006Started as a Trading House in 1912 Rs.10,000. India Company in 1995 2007 - Best Launched in 1986 performing market in AOA Launched in 1964 Launched in 2003 Launched in 1990
  9. 9.  It is a portfolio planning model which is based on the observation that a company’s business units can be classified in to four categories: Stars Question marks Cash cows Dogs It is based on the combination of market growth and market share relative to the next best competitor.
  10. 10.  PROBLEM CHILD: Maggi sauce, Nestle butter STAR : Nescafe, Ceralac CASH COWS : Maggi noodles DOGS : Nestle dahi, Nestea
  11. 11. Position: QuestionProduct: Maggi Sauce Mark T ketchup market in India is estimated to be around Rs 220 hecrore Maggi sauce has a market share of 47% as compared to itscompetitor kissan with 26% Maggi Sauce highlighted with top television celebrities butthere was a considerable time lag in promotion
  12. 12. Product: Kit Kat K K has an upper edge over its competitors it at Rise of competitors, especially Perk, K K seems to have it at loosened up its grip in the market Nestles market share in chocolate segment is 25% as compared to Cadbury 70%
  13. 13. Position: StarProduct : NESCAFE Leading coffee brands in Indian market Not only high market share but growth rate is alsosignificantly high Nescafe market share in the instant coffee segment is 52% compared to B which has 43% of market share. ru Launched in 1964
  14. 14. Product : CERELAC One of the leading baby food products Long hold in its market share almost more than one & a half decade Nestle has 80% market share in baby food segment It is a major contributor for Nestle India’s revenues with 68% market share compared to its competitor Heinz.
  15. 15. Position: Cash CowProduct : Maggi Noodles H market share but market growth rate is not very high. igh 80% market share in the Rs.1300 crore instant noodlessegment Maggi noodles has a market share of 70% as compared to top ramen 19%
  16. 16. Product: Nestle Dahi Majority of the consumers are unaware that Nestle offers a Dahi Concept of packaged Dahi is not being accepted by the consumer Lack of a growing market makes Nestle Dahi to be placed in as a Dog
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