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Create Digital Interactive Content from PDF by PUBHTML5


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Steps for converting PDF to Digital Interactive Content. More details:

Published in: Design, Technology
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Create Digital Interactive Content from PDF by PUBHTML5

  1. 1. Intro Promotion and sell product by PDF always cannot reach the goal of our expectations. Why? The most obvious is that the page of PDF is static, while we cannot show a full range of our product information on static page. If they cannot learn more comprehensive information, why they choose you? And not all the readers can open and then view your PDF format magazine on their mobile phone or tablet. This will make you lose a large number of mobile phone users. What’s more, if your PDF has too many pages, the size of the PDF can be quite large. This means people need more time to download PDF file before reading. If someone is interested in your magazine but have no enough time to download the PDF file, you may lose a reader, even a customer.
  2. 2. Intro So, how to improve these situation and then increase the volume of sales? PUB HTML5 provides the digital publishing solution for you to convert PDF into digital interactive content. Digital interactive content, including digital magazines, photo albums, catalogs and e- books, is online magazine which can be read on iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac, all Browsers supported. People can directly browse your magazine without download any file, save time and money. The most important is that you can embed rich-media into PDF pages, such as YouTube video, link, button, hot-spot and photo slideshow. Once done, PDF will no longer be a static page, it become vivid and interactive. YouTube video and photo slideshow can show your product in the round. Link, hotspot and button help you to inspire people to purchase.
  3. 3. Steps 1. Launch PUB HTML5 program and write your account to login; After that, you can see the detail account info on the right side. If you are free users, we suggest you to subscribe premium version, so that you can use more features like pro templates, edit pages and animation editor.
  4. 4. Steps 2. Move to the left side of digital magazine, open template panel, and then double click one of the templates. About the theme of digital magazine, you can also apply the default theme. But if you want to design a unique one, just open custom setting panel to adjust the background, toolbar, font of digital magazine.
  5. 5. Steps 3. Click “Upload Online” icon to publish your designed digital magazine to online, and then your readers can read the book content on their PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android. For Google SEO, you can define the html title and description of digital magazine before publishing.
  6. 6. More details: