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  1. 1. Q4. How did you use newmedia technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Adobe Premier ProAdobe Premiere Pro is a software which allows us to edit our music video. While using thissoftware I found that it was useful in helping me in showing editing, cropping the video so itis fluent and adjust part of the video that we couldn’t do while videoing i.e. increase thebrightness of some scenes . Although Adobe Premier was useful it was quite difficult tounderstand at first as their were so much things that the programme does that it gotconfusing.
  3. 3. Serif Movie plusUsing this programme I was able to crop my vox pox and take out mistakes withspeech and gestures . When I was first introduced to this program I found it quiteeasy to understand because it doesn’t have much to it like adobe premier does. Fromthis software i was able to upload my video onto YouTube which was convenient forme.
  4. 4. PhotoshopPhotoshop was used toadjust the images of themain artists on the CD andmagazine advert so she canlook smooth and have asoft innocent look to her . Iused this program mainlyon my ancillary text. I wasvery familiar with thissoftware as I relied on it alot during my AS mediacoursework , so I knewwhat I was doing to alterthe picture to get the lookthat I wanted it to have.
  5. 5. Internet - ResearchI used the internet to access Google,Wikipedia and Blogger and other searchengines to help me to create my Blog.Google was used to get images of artistsand find conventional images to fit in withmy music videoI used Wikipedia while researching aboutan artists through the years of their careerand find out the conventions of a realmusic video. I used the internet to accessYouTube and unsigned artist which is thewebsite that we found our artist AmyPiner.The internet I also use to access SlideShare, Dive Share and Hotmail.
  6. 6. Video camera and cameraThe camera I thought was simple to use as Ihave used this type of camera previously so Iknew what to do. However I did face somedifficulty using it to do the stop motion as wehad to use a different settings on the camerato do this so the camera takes the picturesquickly one after the other. However we gotuse to it after asking our teacher for helpwhen we faced some difficulty with it.The video camera we used for the sceneswithout the stop motion , this part was nothard to do but we had to remember thingsabout it in order for it to work out well i.e.placing it on a tripod when we wanted asteady frame, using the handle on the tripodto track actions and adjust .
  7. 7. YouTubeI use YouTube to upload my Vox- Poxand music video on. I didn’t have anytrouble doing this, however I had tomake a YouTube account in order toupload it. YouTube can be seen as a good way in getting our video noticed as it has many users.
  8. 8. Scribd and Slide Share are used to upload documents on , I used them for a differentway to present information. Slideshows for slide share is uploaded from MicrosoftPowerPoint and documents for Scribed is uploaded from Microsoft Word , howeverScribd sometimes disorganises the order I have on word to I tend not to use this often.Microsoft Word I usually use to type up information before I post it on my blog, this isbecause I don’t want to make to much mistakes and word can check my spelling andgrammar.Blogger I use all the time to upload documents on and show my daily progress of mycoursework. This I found easy to use as I had used it previously in my AS coursework.
  9. 9. “What’s Up” is an application on smart phones that allow the group members and actors to communicate with each other, this was an effective source of contacting each other when we need to arrange to meet up to film or to keep track of who will be able to make it and who won’t.Div Share I used to upload audio for audience feedback and to put up Amy Piner’s song that wewanted to use.I like using this site because I found it easy to use .
  10. 10. Hotmail I used to send emails to myself when I didn’t have my USB and we used it to communicate with Amy Piner to ask permission to use her song and ask for an attachment of her song lyrics.I use my USB to store my work onby saving it on the device toupload it on to my blog, it is veryconvenient and easy to us.