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After a discussion with fellow bloggers, we came up with a working draft of a manifesto for professional bloggers in the Philippines. Sharing it to our personal circles and gathering comments, suggestions from the community. Your thoughts?

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A Blogger Manifesto - Professional Bloggers Block

  1. 1. Ph Bloggers Manifesto (A Working Draft)
  2. 2. PH Blogger’s ManifestoThe Bloggers Manifesto outlines the core values and principles for Best Blogging Practices in the Philippines. It should be voluntary in nature and encourages the widest possible participation of Filipino Bloggers in the country. This manifesto will focus on Events, Stand in the Attacks on Bloggers, & Paid Posts.
  3. 3. Events•  I will not gate crash events. I will attend an event only when I am invited. If I havent been chosen or wasnt invited to an event, I will not go out of my way to attend the event.•  I will RSVP or confirm my attendance. - If I confirmed, I will show up. - I will not invite others on events without informing the PR, Company or the respective Blogging Organization.•  I will not expect freebies. - I will accept freebies if given but will not expect or demand from the organizers.
  4. 4. Events•  I will pay attention to speakers during events.•  I will follow proper dress code and behave appropriately at events.•  I will be conscious of time when attending events. If there are unforeseen circumstances, need to cancel, or cant make it on time, I will inform the organizers ahead and apologize.•  I will also observe the rules of the establishments where the events are being held.•  I will show basic courtesy on blogging about the product launched, the event or both regardless of the freebies.
  5. 5. Attacks on BloggersBlogging has now approached the mainstream consciousness and with the recent attacks on bloggers it is inevitable that sooner or later, bloggers must come all together on a stand against their attackers. •  With the rise of attacks on bloggers, I recognize that there is a need of a governing body or organization for Filipino bloggers in general. •  I am entitled to my own opinion. What I say or do will not represent the whole blogging community. •  I will not encourage blind items against me and my fellow bloggers. •  I have the right to reply against attacks. •  I will demand that the origin of news to correct their information if proved untrue and damaging to my reputation. •  I have the right to seek legal remedies for damage caused. •  I encourage and help in the establishment of support systems for bloggers. •  I have the right to delete or edit my blog post in question. My readers will be informed if the said post is updated.
  6. 6. Paid Posts•  I will never be asked to lie about launches, products, or other items for endorsement. My reputation is not for sale.•  I will reasonably accept the fact that I am responsible for my readers and therefore will not mislead them.•  I am responsible for disclosing or not disclosing the relationship between me and the advertiser.•  I will make sure to have more non-paid posts vs paid posts.•  I have the right to keep in private any personal transaction and agreements between me and the advertiser.•  I will pay proper taxes for my earnings.•  I will encourage advertising industry to come up with systems and standards on how paid blog posts are declared ethically.