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Healthcare innovation Amsterdam nov12

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. TERVETULOA!10.30 Arrival @ Waag Society11-11.45 Welcome by Sabine Wildevuur (Waag Society) and Martijn Kriens (AIM). Presentations from Waag Society and AIM.11.45 -12.15 Short presentations from two members from City of Oulu12.15-13.15 Informal meeting during lunch13.30 Closing and departure 2
  3. 3. Sabine Wildevuur, head Creative Care Lab
1st Nov 2012-Waag Amsterdam 

  4. 4. top sectors NL
  5. 5. cross-over topsectors# 1 healthy ageingproduct development through users as designers.Requirements should be defined by users.# 2 applied gaming for healthnew forms of collaborations. Need for transdisciplinaryresearch.# 3 self managementinnovation dealing with new principles and ways of working within the healthcare domain.mHealthSOCIAL INNOVATION
  6. 6. Creative Care Lab Waag Society
  7. 7. ‘In creative research the process of ‘making’ is central to the design process. This is done in a transdisciplinary way, starting from tangible, real-world problems. Solutions are devised in collaboration with multiple stakeholders.’ (Klein 2001)
  8. 8. creative research
  9. 9. Process of research @ Waag Society Experimenteren Samen ontwerpen Opschalen Fundamenteel Onderzoek Toegepast Onderzoek Valorisatie Vorm Context Transformatie
  10. 10.
  11. 11. # healthy ageing
  12. 12. Living lab ‘De Keyzer’ (Amsterdam) Health-lab
  13. 13. ‘Real needs for real people’
  14. 14.
  15. 15. health-lab
  16. 16. Sharing knowledge
  17. 17. Co-creation
  18. 18. Real life context
  19. 19. Reframing the problem User insights Business New opportunity Prototyping combinations
  20. 20. # applied gaming for health
  21. 21. Design for connectedness How? Why? What?
  22. 22. Understanding loneliness? The opposite of loneliness is social connectedness.To create a solution that prevents loneliness, we need to go behind the phenomenon and experiences of social connectedness. To track back the challenges people meet in the latter part of life.We might have ideas and access to research – but do we really know what is takes to stay sociallyconnected? And what the challenges are in doing so? How could we!

  23. 23. Challenges in timeThe key age-determined challenges differ in content – butalso in how they relate to time:30 65 100 Age
  24. 24. The 3 “E’s” of relationship’s Exchanges Encounters Expectations
  25. 25. The innovation wheel Main frame works User insights The overall Testing design of an user driven innovation process is captured in the innovation wheel. Prototypi ng Design Tech & info mapping
  26. 26. Real play workshops
define focus areasAmsterdamCopenhagen Halmstad Helsinki Malmö Month: 02
  27. 27. Ethnographic based 
data collectionAmsterdamCopenhagenHalmstad Helsinki Month: 03
  28. 28. Co-creation workshopAmsterdam Month: 07
  29. 29. Experience prototype testingAmsterdamCopenhagenHalmstad Helsinki Month: 10
  30. 30. Demonstrator testingAmsterdamCopenhagen HalmstadAmsterda Helsinki Month: 14 m
  31. 31. Opportunities Resources Public spending per elderly Disposable Opportunity income space Time
  32. 32. Business Model Canvas - BMC Customer Key Activities: Relationships ValueKey Partners: Propositions: Customer Segments: Channels: Key Resources:Cost Structure: Revenue Streams:
  33. 33. Placeholder for the continuous learning Customer Characteristics: Relationships Attitude towards Technology: Key Activities Value Service Propositions Customer IT technology Needs Experiences Segments Smart phone (Outcome of Development Route and network Functional (for support in whole Internet (PC) Key Partners Billing Information repository Elders 65 + limitations chain of transport): jobs) Travel information (FI,SE,DK,NL) Orientation/ aggregators - Direction & navigation People: navigation Parents challenges Self efficacy through feelings Audio manufacturer - Inspiration Mild to moderate Children 1) Planning (job) difficulties of: Telcos Confirmation/ Barriers Gender feedback Idiots (Income) 1)Confidence and Device manufators 2) Sharing (job) autonomy Channels Municipalities 2)Competence Assistance General Barriers Service developers Key Resources 3) Security and Service personal - trusted people Motivation: (point of interest) Practicians Ministries 1) Travel: safety - taxa call Advocacy Groups 3) On journey (job) Processes: Development (Nomenclotura) personal - alarm Process Barriers Banks Purpose Assistance Map and geodata Insurance Group 2) Mode of Information Planned travel Telcos transportation data E-shops (for elder Reltime travel data people) Carers Cost Structure Context: Urban Effect: Motility (capital) Technical development From car to public transport Revenue Streams QoL (social, health …) Data New & known routes Public sector cost reduction Secure pathents Climate Marketing PVC BMCThe PVC is a framework that support In short the canvas’s helps thethe building of a value proposition development process by pointing areastargeted at well-defined user segments. to be investigated:The BMC help to ensure, that a value •  PVC: What will create value?proposition is created and delivered in How to explore ? (focus on quality)a way that allow for organizations •  BMC: How to make money?contributing, to obtain enough value to How to exploit? (focus on quantity)make the value proposition sustainable.
  34. 34. People Value Canvas - PVCCharacteristics Needs, job People Technology:Adoption of (Optic) (scope) I-Pad Experiencestechnology Feeling Deal with connected transitions Around timeMotivation: (illness, of retirement- Identity outside Processes:institutions retirement and (predictable) loss) 3 E’s- Independency- Emotionalconnections EffectContext Prevent lonelinessLiving at home ©
  35. 35. Storyville
  36. 36. Business entity In App Store soon! 39
  37. 37. # self management
  38. 38. mobiles for good
  39. 39. Pieter van Boheemen developed a mobile malariatester, with which doctors in remote areas candiagnose patients within 40 minutes.
  40. 40. Measuring less to feel more
Mickael Boulay
  41. 41. bodyguard
  42. 42. fablab waag society
  43. 43. fablabs worldwide
  44. 44. Low-cost adjustablelower leg prosthetic fordifferent countries’ applying research anddeveloping a blueprint fordifferent cultures, usingthe fablab.
  45. 45. “everything big started small” bj fogg Kiitos!
  46. 46. Contact Sabine