Making A Short Film


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Making A Short Film

  1. 1. PART ONE - WATCH SHORT FILMSShort Films are easily available to anyoneand everyone. There are lots of websites,such as, YouTube pages,such as andDVD compilations you can buy like BusterKeaton: The Complete Short Films.Watching other short films will help withinspiration and also provide informationabout basic rules and short film elements.
  2. 2. PART TWO - READ SHORT FILM SCRIPTSReading scripts of other short films is important too for the samereasons as watching them: Inspiration and knowledge.There are websites available online on which you can readprofessionally written scripts.On Zoetrope you can read other scripts and upload your own in hopeof other people reading and making comments/suggestions.
  3. 3. PART THREE - READ MORE ABOUT SCREENWRITINGIt’s also a good idea to look at things directly written by other screenwriters.Many of them keep their own blogs which you can ‘follow’ or subscribe to.For
  4. 4. PART FOUR - TREATMENTThe treatment is a scene by scene description of a screenplay, minus all ormost of the dialogue. It should be the blueprint of a script and is normally apage long, maybe two.You can read screenplay treatments online including Steven Spielberg’s for ET:
  5. 5. PART FIVE - SCRIPTING You can use websites like to help with the actual scriptwriting. Having internet access is a great advantage to screenplay writers as you can also have your script read by aprofessional once finished using sites like and
  6. 6. PART SIX - FUNDS AND NETWORKINGOnce you’ve written your script and had it read byprofessionals, you next need to start meeting potentialfunders, cast and crew. You can find all of these people online.You should find your local film fund. The UK Film Councilshould be one of the first you look at. Contact any funds youfind and say you would like to meet them for a chat aboutyour idea.You can even go direct to Film4 using their website( as they also fund and distribute indie filmsincluding shorts.
  7. 7. can-help/short-film-funding.html“We develop the region’s talent by investing increative people and distinctive ideas. We wantto spot and support talented individuals as theydevelop creative products ranging fromalternative reality games (ARGs) to short filmsand from interactive content for mobile phonesto online soaps.”