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Eyefortravel prague LikeCube

  1. 1. The Power of Recommendations Leverage Intelligent Customer Communications Strategies to Boost Loyalty & Conversions
  2. 2. What am I really looking for? • Similar to what I have liked before… • Matched with who I am… • From people like me…
  3. 3. ?
  4. 4. Missed Opportunities
  5. 5. Social Graph
  6. 6. Filtered Search not Share “one of our big focuses is on finding better ways to surface the reviews from travellers “like me”. With some hotels having upwards of 2000 reviews, finding the relevant reviews for a given user is critical. Also, for destination reviews, allowing users to filter and find the activities and/or neighbourhood reviews most relevant to them can be tricky to get right. Expedia’s Jennifer Davies on UGC and booking conversion Feb 2010 - Eyefortravel
  7. 7. Taste Buddies
  8. 8. No. 1 UGC local review site in Europe “When we launched Qype in 2006, we thought that the person who shares her views gets something back. This is now being executed on in a material way”
  9. 9. Some (v common) Challenges • How do we reduce reliance on SEO? • How do we deal most effectively with UGC? • How can we deliver more value to those active contributors? • How can we convert passive visitors into active qypers • How can we grab the attention of first time visitors?
  10. 10. Registered Users
  11. 11. “Incredibly powerful!” “spooky” “not seen anything as good elsewhere” “a reason to get friends and family more interested” “bang on the money!”
  12. 12. Explanations: Taste Buddies • Surface reviews from people like me
  13. 13. What Next?
  14. 14. Non Logged-in Users
  15. 15. Converting Passive Visitors • Quick rating game
  16. 16. Use Implicit & ‘Light’ Data
  17. 17. Mobile: the Next Frontier
  18. 18. Recommendations Calls 500% 400% 300% 200% 100% Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
  19. 19. User Reach 500% 400% 300% 200% 100% Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep
  20. 20. Communication Benefits Narrowcast not Broadcast Frontline Positive and Relevant User Reviews Increase Conversion Hyper-Targeted Advertising Innovative Mobile & Ancillary Opportunities Reduce Reliance on SEO
  21. 21. eleanor.ford@likecube.com +44 7816 005 781
  22. 22. Products meta-data Data from your User Generated or CMS/CRS Inferred Content (Tags, attributes, descriptions, (Ratings, thumbs up, wish lists, categories) searches, usage and click streams) LikeCube Delivered back to your web/mobile/newsletter Personalization Similarities Analytics Products you should like Similar products Predictive analytics Reviews from people like you People like you Targeting opportunities Personalized filter