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The Business Value and the Five A+ Attributes Of An Amazing Community Manager


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Learn the business value of investing in your community management. Also see what it takes to be an amazing community manager!

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The Business Value and the Five A+ Attributes Of An Amazing Community Manager

  1. The Business Value and the Five A+ Attributes Of AnAmazing Community Manager Presented by Dave Kerpen #likeable
  2. Have a Question?• Tweet questions to @LikeableCC or using the hashtag #likeable• Ask questions on our Facebook page at• Use the chat bar in GoToWebinar to ask questions! #likeable
  3. Agenda• Why Invest In Community Management?• 10 Ways Community Management Can Add Value To Your Business• 5 A+ Attributes Of An Amazing Community Manager #likeable
  4. Who is Likeable? #likeable
  5. Why Community Management? #likeable
  6. The Difference It Can MakeUnlikeable Social Media Likeable Social Media #likeable
  7. One Comment Becomes Two #likeable
  8. Worst Moments Become Public #likeable
  9. Employees Can Air Dirty Laundry #likeable
  10. What Do These Have in Common? Poor Community Management! #likeable
  11. Top 10 Ways CommunityManagement Can Add Value To Your Business #likeable
  12. 1. Increase Brand Awareness #likeable
  13. Brands Doing It RightLogitech* #likeable *client
  14. 2. Build Your Brand Voice #likeable
  15. Brands Doing It RightGemsaround* #likeable *client
  16. 3. Understand Your Audience #likeable
  17. Brands Doing It RightVoices Against Brain Cancer* #likeable *client
  18. 4. Acquire New Customers #likeable
  19. Brands Doing It RightOrabrush #likeable
  20. 5. Reward & Retain Customers #likeable
  21. Brands Doing It RightSprinkles #likeable
  22. 6. Receive Fan Feedback #likeable
  23. Brands Doing It RightHpnotiq* #likeable *client
  24. 7. Find Brand Ambassadors #likeable
  25. Brands Doing It RightEntenmann’s* #likeable *client
  26. 8. Develop Long-Term Relationships #likeable
  27. Brands Doing It* #likeable *client
  28. 9. Change Customer Perception #likeable
  29. Brands Doing It RightMcDonald’s #likeable
  30. 10. Provide Customer Service #likeable
  31. Brands Doing It RightZappos #likeable
  32. Recap #likeable
  33. Five A+ Attributes Of AnAmazing Community Manager #likeable
  34. 5 A+ Attributes For an AmazingCommunity Manager • Analytical • Aware • Alert • Authentic • Adaptable #likeable
  35. Analytical• Where does your community live?• Who is your audience?• What are your goals and how will you achieve them?• How can you learn from the community? #likeable
  36. Analytical• Birchbox on Pinterest #likeable
  37. Analytical• Birchbox on YouTube #likeable
  38. Analytical• Birchbox on Twitter #likeable
  39. Aware• Are you pro-actively joining conversations with your community members?• Do you have the appropriate resources allocated to deal with priority community engagement?• Are prepared to service the needs of the community? #likeable
  40. Aware• Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts #likeable
  41. Aware• Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts #likeable
  42. Alert• Are you listening to the community• Are you responding to their comments?• Are you actively engaging and reacting to community sentiment? #likeable
  43. Alert• Toys “R” Us #likeable
  44. Alert• Toys “R” Us #likeable
  45. Authentic• Do you have a clear understanding of the brand voice and tone?• Do you provide relevant content or thought leadership on topics related to your brand?• Do you authentically build relationships with your customers and community members? #likeable
  46. Authentic• Boloco Twitter #likeable
  47. Authentic• Boloco Facebook #likeable
  48. Adaptable• Are you nimble to react to a changing social landscape?• Are you flexible enough to grow with the community? #likeable
  49. Adaptable• Domino’s Pizza YouTube #likeable
  50. Adaptable• Domino’s Pizza Twitter #likeable
  51. Are you A+? Analytical Aware Alert Authentic Adaptable #likeable
  52. Need Help?• For info on social media training for your community manager contact Gaby at• For info about social media execution for your brand contact Carrie at• Email TODAY and get a free copy of Likeable Social Media
  53. Why LCC? #likeable
  54. Logistics Se p t. 10 $ #likeable
  55. Contact Us/Thanks!/Grand Prize • Email TODAY and get a free copy of Likeable Social Media! • Carrie Tylawsky - • Gaby Piazza – #likeable