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Case Study: The Pampered Chef - Campaign Launch


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Case Study: The Pampered Chef - Campaign Launch

  1. 1. Case Study: The Pampered Chef – Campaign Launch
  2. 2. Goals• Increase Fans: Reach 50,000 fans in 6 months (Launched on July 15, 2010)• Create a Strong Social Presence: Establish a strong social presence and attract new customers and consultants &
  3. 3. Strategy• Facebook Engagement: Create and maintain an engaging Facebook Fan Page with lots of interaction• Facebook Ads: Implement ads to promote activities within the Fan page
  4. 4. Results• Gained 10,000 fans in one day, reached goal of 50,000 fans in just 10 days without any ads• In October of 2010, The Pampered Chef took out $4,000 in ads, which resulted in over 34,000 fans with an average cost of 11 cents per fan.• In November 2010, The Pampered Chef invested another $1,000 in ads to promote a cooking show streamed through Facebook, which resulted in over 16,000 new fans with a cost of about 6 cents per fan.
  5. 5. Pampered Chef Deals By giving customers an opportunity to engage with the brand on Facebook, the number of fans increased daily.
  6. 6. THANK YOU! Questions? Contact us: (212) 660-2458