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How to Successfully Tackle the Many Roles of the Social Media Manager


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How to Successfully Tackle the Many Roles of the Social Media Manager

  1. 1. How to Successfully Tackle the Many Roles ofthe Social Media Manager Presented by Dave Kerpen #likeable
  2. 2. Have A Question?• Tweet questions to @LikeableMedia or using the hashtag #likeable• Ask questions on our Facebook page at• Use the chat bar in GoToWebinar to ask questions! #likeable
  3. 3. What’s Inside• Why Invest In Your Community?• Roles of a Social Media Manager• How To Do It All• Case Studies #likeable
  4. 4. Meet Likeable? #likeable
  5. 5. Meet Likeable? #likeable
  6. 6. Why Invest In Your Community? #likeable
  7. 7. Why Invest In Your Community?• Raise awareness, increase retention, and drive leads• Control, moderate, and get involved• Identify the positive and turn around the negative• Gain knowledge and insight through social media• Allow your brand to exercise the two meanings of likeable #likeable
  8. 8. The Difference It Can Make Unlikeable Social Media Likeable Social Media #likeable
  9. 9. One Becomes Two #likeable
  10. 10. Worst Mistakes Become Public #likeable
  11. 11. Employees Can Air Dirty Laundry #likeable
  12. 12. Roles of a Social Media Manager #likeable
  13. 13. Roles of a Social Media Manager1. Customer Service Representative2. Entertainer3. Teacher4. Host5. Salesperson #likeable
  14. 14. Customer Service Representative• Customers take their problems to social media instead of 1-800-numbers• Social media posts are public• Response time is expected faster on social media #likeable
  15. 15. Customer Service Representative• How to be a Customer Service Rep: 1. Create a response guideline for FAQs 2. Define your voice for multiple managers 3. Do not delete! 4. Respond to everything #likeable
  16. 16. Entertainer• Customers “like” you because they want engaging content• If you want to be heard through the noise, you have to entertain #likeable
  17. 17. Entertainer• How to be an Entertainer: 1. Make sure your content includes variety 2. Don’t spam, provide value 3. Content must be relevant 4. Be consistent #likeable
  18. 18. Teacher• Provide valuable information… for free!• Be a thought leader in your industry• Publish whitepapers, webinars, etc. #likeable
  19. 19. Teacher• How to be a Teacher: 1. Curate relevant content 2. Dedicate resources to providing value for free 3. Spark conversation 4. Answer all questions #likeable
  20. 20. Host• Your social media page is your cocktail party, and you’re the host• Like any good host, you moderate the conversation• Know what’s being said about your business and frame the conversation #likeable
  21. 21. Host• How to be a Host: 1. Actively monitor your social entities 2. Ask questions and engage conversation with your community 3. Search for conversation beyond your social channels #likeable
  22. 22. Salesperson• You are not selling in the traditional sense• Using social media to generate leads• Ability to increase brand awareness and increase customer retention #likeable
  23. 23. Salesperson• How to be a Salesperson 1. DON’T sell 2. Use webinar, e-books, and whitepapers to generate leads 3. Offer customer specials and deals 4. Become the expert in your industry #likeable
  24. 24. How Do You Juggle It All? #likeable
  25. 25. How To Do It All #likeable
  26. 26. How To Do It All• Time-saving tools : • Are accessible to multiple team members • Measure, report, and give insight • Monitor, track, and listen • Save time #likeable
  27. 27. Time-Saving Tools• Google Alerts • Have the conversation come to you • Searches the entire web • Get daily/weekly/instant updates #likeable
  28. 28. Time-Saving Tools• Buffer App • Schedule posts at the times when your community is most engaged • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn • Analyze content #likeable
  29. 29. Time-Saving Tools• HootSuite • Dashboard for managing all your communities • Publish and schedule posts • Monitor conversation across multiple social channels #likeable
  30. 30. Time-Saving Tools• Google Reader • Keep up with industry news • Variety of news all in one place • Search for you, competitors, industry topics, etc. #likeable
  31. 31. Time-Saving Tools• SocialBro • Twitter analytics • Learn about your followers • Find the most engaging hours #likeable
  32. 32. Time-Saving Tools• Facebook Insights • Learn about your community’s demographics • Analyze individual posts • Track where your “likes” come from #likeable
  33. 33. Time-Saving Tools• PinPuff • Measure brand’s influence on Pinterest • Calculates reach and virality • Pinfluence score #likeable
  34. 34. Time-Saving Tools #likeable
  35. 35. Case Studies* #likeable *Case studies are clients of Likeable
  36. 36. Case Study – Customer Service Rep• Entenmann’s #likeable
  37. 37. Case Study – Customer Service Rep• Neutrogena #likeable
  38. 38. Case Study – Entertainer• Corkcicle #likeable
  39. 39. Case Study – Entertainer• Hpnotiq #likeable
  40. 40. Case Study – Teacher• Pendaflex #likeable
  41. 41. Case Study – Teacher• Extra Space #likeable
  42. 42. Case Study – Host• Penguin Books #likeable
  43. 43. Case Study – Host• Verizon FiOS #likeable
  44. 44. Case Study – Salesperson• The Company Store #likeable
  45. 45. Case Study – Salesperson• Quality Dairy #likeable
  46. 46. Case Study – Salesperson• Things Remembered #likeable
  47. 47. Case Study – Salesperson• Logitech #likeable
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