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Lessons Learned From The Top 40 Facebook Pages

Lessons Learned From The Top 40 Facebook Pages

  1. Lessons Learned from the Top 40 Facebook Pages @DaveKerpen, CEO July 11, 2012 Tweet with us using #likeable Ask questions at
  2. Meet Likeable #Likeable
  3. Clients We Work With #Likeable
  4. Introducing …  The Top 20 Client Pages on Facebook as Voted by Likeable Disclosure: These are all clients of Likeable. We didn’t allow clients to be eligible for our top 40, but we wanted to showcase some of our favorites. #Likeable
  5. Things Remembered* Things Remembered (   An engaging cover photo makes a big difference.*Client #Likeable
  6. Entenmann’s* Entenmann’s (   Celebrate fan milestones with contests.*Client #Likeable
  7. Ritani* Ritani (   Engage your community with photos.*Client #Likeable
  8. The Pampered Chef * The Pampered Chef (   Brands can showcase their products now.*Client #Likeable
  9. Neutrogena* Neutrogena (   Provide powerful images that draw on scientific evidence for why a consumer should purchase your product.*Client #Likeable
  10. Logitech* Logitech (   A clean and simple cover photo can go a long way!*Client #Likeable
  11. Hpnotiq* Hpnotiq (  Engage fans through various content along with strong visuals.*Client #Likeable
  12. Medtronic Diabetes* Medtronic Diabetes (   Use stories from customers in order to relate to fans on a more personal level.*Client #Likeable
  13. Pendaflex* Pendaflex (   Your app must be interactive and provide value.*Client #Likeable
  14. Quality Dairy* Quality Dairy ( )   Entice customers with giveaways, project ideas, and eye-catching photos to return to the page time after time.*Client #Likeable
  15. Visit Salt Lake* Visit Salt Lake (   Provide valuable content to ensure fans can make the most of their vacation!*Client #Likeable
  16. The Company Store* The Company Store (   You don’t need a huge prize to lure fans to participate.*Client #Likeable
  17. Project Paranormal* Project Paranormal (     Engage fans by connecting to relevant TV shows and other pop culture.*Client #Likeable
  18. The Sports Club/LA* The Sports Club/LA (     Encourage fans to connect with each other by asking questions and*Client providing tips. #Likeable
  19.* (     A picture is worth a thousand words.*Client #Likeable
  20. Extra Space* Extra Space (     Post great tips and advice on how to stay organized.*Client #Likeable
  21. 1-800-Flowers* 1-800-Flowers (     Showcase your product line through visuals and highlighted posts.*Client #Likeable
  22. Verizon FiOS* Verizon Fios (     Offer fans fantastic deals.*Client #Likeable
  23. SodaStream* SodaStream (     Integrate a store locator so your fans can find your product.*Client #Likeable
  24. Corkcicle* Corkcicle (     Provide a strong call to action to encourage fan interaction.*Client #Likeable
  25. Introducing… The Top 40 Pages on Facebook as Voted by Likeable!     #Likeable
  26. Pretzel CrispsPretzel Crisps (     Provide value to fans by offering recipes using your product. #Likeable
  27. DoveDove (     Highlight your company’s history and display your most memorable moments. #Likeable
  28. Metropolitan Museum Sh  Metropolitan Museum (     Allow fans to select favorite works of art and share with friends. #Likeable
  29. Skittles* Skittles (     Highlight loyal fans who are using your product to make them feel appreciated.* 2011 winner #Likeable
  30. Tiffany and Co.Tiffany and Co. (     Simple, sleek visuals can go a long way. #Likeable
  31. Modern FamilyModern Family (    Post quotes and clips from the show to keep fans entertained beyond the first screen. #Likeable
  32. AmazonAmazon (     Create a consistent, approachable voice when talking about a wide range of products. #Likeable
  33. ConverseConverse (     Have a unique brand timeline with unmatched creativity. #Likeable
  34. Bonobos ClothingBonobos Clothing (     Offer exclusive Facebook-only deals to reward your community. #Likeable
  35. Mercedes BenzMercedes Benz (     Reveal exclusive project updates and design innovations. #Likeable
  36. Red BullRed Bull (     Create custom media and applications to keep fans engaged. #Likeable
  37. Sharpie Sh  Sharpie (     Post powerful and creative illustrations without being directly promotional. #Likeable
  38. Dell Sh  Dell (     Provide stellar customer service to convert an unhappy customer into a loyal fan. #Likeable
  39. London 2012 Sh  London 2012 (     Build a community before an upcoming event with pictures, applications, and videos. #Likeable
  40. Livestrong Sh  Livestrong (     Utilize effective, linked milestones to tell your brand’s personal story. #Likeable
  41. Target Sh  Target (     Post a variety of content that appeals to a large fan base. #Likeable
  42. Axe Sh  Axe (     Be humorous and witty to engage with your fans. #Likeable
  43. Selena Gomez Sh  Selena Gomez (     Create personal and authentic connections with your most loyal fans. #Likeable
  44. Southwest Airlines Sh  Southwest Airlines (     Use Facebook to promote contests, low fare deals, and other promotions. #Likeable
  45. Ben & Jerry’s Sh  Ben & Jerry’s (     Make a strong first impression to visitors by optimizing your cover photo. #Likeable
  46. Domino’s Pizza Sh  Domino’s Pizza (     Ask your customers to share authentic pictures of your product. #Likeable
  47. Cheer Sh  Cheer (     Use color as your branding tool. #Likeable
  48. American Express Sh  American Express (     Offer custom savings and rewards based off what fans “like” on Facebook. #Likeable
  49. New York Times Sh  New York Times (     Use milestones to tell your unique brand story over time. #Likeable
  50. Barack Obama* Sh   Barack Obama (     Keep fans informed with the latest happenings on a campaign.* 2009 winner #Likeable
  51. (Red) Sh  (Red) (     Inspire your customers to share their stories. #Likeable
  52. Expedia Sh  Expedia (     Post stunning visuals, including photographs of actual locations. #Likeable
  53. The Twilight Saga Sh  The Twilight Saga (     Offer exclusive content to give fans a way to extend the experience beyond a film. #Likeable
  54. Cleveland Indians Sh  Cleveland Indians (     Purchase tickets directly on Facebook and reward your fans with a chance to win tickets to a “social media suite.” #Likeable
  55. Gilt Groupe Sh  Gilt Groupe (     Receive insider access to top designer brands and experiences #Likeable
  56. ESPN Sh  ESPN (     Post sports data and rosters frequently to keep fans informed. #Likeable
  57. Tropicana Sh   Tropicana (    Use questions, unique images, and other creative puzzles to keep fans hooked. #Likeable
  58. Starbucks* Sh   Starbucks (     A picture is worth a thousand words.* 2011 winner #Likeable
  59. Heineken Sh  Heineken (     Develop an authentic voice. #Likeable
  60. Subway Sh  Subway (     The most talked about brand on Facebook due to making strong connections with fans and highlighting featured meals! #Likeable
  61. Walgreens Sh  Walgreens (     Listen first, and never stop listening. #Likeable
  62. Pepsi Sh  Pepsi (     Think and act like your customer by sharing photos and personal stories of what they are up to. #Likeable
  63. DSW Sh  DSW (     Consistently deliver excitement, surprise, and delight with prizes and rewards. #Likeable
  64. Visit Las Vegas Sh  Visit Las Vegas (     Provide value, for free with newsletters and event details! #Likeable
  65. T-Mobile USA Sh  T-Mobile USA (     Respond personally and quickly to all comments. #Likeable
  66. Our Next Webinar Sh       Nominate your favorite brands at July 31 2012 at 2:00 pm ET #Likeable
  67. What Is Likeable Community College? •  Social Media Education Program •  26 weekly webinars •  Monthly guest lecturers •  24/7 Live Help •  Community Management Assessment Test •  Likeable U For more information, please email
  68. More Free Resources•  Tackling the Many Roles of the Social Media Manager •  Hosted by Dave Kerpen •  July 18th, 3:30PM EDT•  Avoiding a Social Media Nightmare: Building a Solid Content Strategy •  Hosted by Cara Friedman •  July 26th, 3:00PM EDT
  69. Questions/Feedback? Grand Prize! @LikeableMedia @DaveKerpen

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