Lessons Learned From The 40 Most Likeable Brands on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube


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Lessons Learned From The 40 Most Likeable Brands on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube

  1. 1. Lessons Learned from The 40 Most Likeable Brands on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram And YouTube Presented by Dave Kerpen July 31, 2012 #likeable http://bit.ly/LikeableTop40 slideshare.net/likeable
  2. 2. Have A Question?• Tweet questions to @LikeableMedia or use the hashtag #likeable• Ask questions on our Facebook page at fb.com/LikeableMedia• Use the chat bar in GoToWebinar to ask questions! #Likeable
  3. 3. What’s Inside• Meet Likeable• The 20 Most Likeable Brands on Twitter• The 10 Most Likeable Brands on Pinterest• The 5 Most Likeable Brands on Instagram• The 5 Most Likeable Brands on YouTube• Q&A, Grand Prize #Likeable
  4. 4. Meet Likeable #Likeable
  5. 5. Meet Likeable? #Likeable
  6. 6. Introducing … The 5 Most Likeable Clients on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube! Disclosure: These are all clients of Likeable. We didn’t allow clients to be eligible for our top 40, but we wanted to showcase some of our favorites. #Likeable
  7. 7. @TRemembered* Things Remembered (twitter.com/TRemembered) • Grow your customer relationships*Client #Likeable
  8. 8. @VisitSaltLake* Visit Salt Lake (twitter.com/visitsaltlake) • Variety is the spice of life.*Client #Likeable
  9. 9. The Company Store* The Company Store (pinterest.com/TheCompanyStore) • Be enthusiastic!*Client #Likeable
  10. 10. Restaurant.com* Restaurant.com (Instagram Username: Restaurant_com) • Embody your brand’s culture and voice.*Client #Likeable
  11. 11. Logitech* Logitech (youtube.com/Logitech) • Be informative and helpful.*Client #Likeable
  12. 12. Introducing…The 20 Most Likeable Brands On Twitter #Likeable
  13. 13. @DunkinDonutsDunkin Donuts (twitter.com/DunkinDonuts)• A picture is worth a thousand RTs! #Likeable
  14. 14. @DKNYDKNY (twitter.com/DKNY)• Share your personality through your tweets. #Likeable
  15. 15. @SesameStreetSesame Street (twitter.com/SesameStreet)• Tweet content that can appeal to audiences of all ages. #Likeable
  16. 16. @ATTCustomerCareAT&T (twitter.com/ATTCustomerCare)• Provide great customer service can strengthen your brand perception. #Likeable
  17. 17. @TacoBellTaco Bell (twitter.com/TacoBell)• Step outside of the box! Come up with new and innovative ways to attract followers. #Likeable
  18. 18. @PlayStationPlayStation (twitter.com/PlayStation)• Post videos to keep followers entertained. #Likeable
  19. 19. @CiscoSystemsCisco (twitter.com/CiscoSystems)• Provide value, for free! #Likeable
  20. 20. @FordFord (twitter.com/Ford)• Inspire your customers to share their stories. #Likeable
  21. 21. @LadyGagaLady Gaga (twitter.com/LadyGaga)• Unite your community in times of need. #Likeable
  22. 22. @SamsungMobileUSSamsung Mobile US (twitter.com/SamsungMobileUS)• You can still be a global brand with a focused, regional community. #Likeable
  23. 23. @ChipotleTweetsChipotle (twitter.com/ChipotleTweets)• Engage with your followers and have some fun! #Likeable
  24. 24. @TomsToms (twitter.com/Toms)• Post exclusive deals for your followers. #Likeable
  25. 25. @MarriottIntl Marriot International (twitter.com/MarriottIntl) • Integrate social media into the entire customer service experience. #Likeable
  26. 26. @WholeFoodsWhole Foods Market (twitter.com/Wholefoods)• Post cool and interesting tips and tricks. #Likeable
  27. 27. @NikeNike (twitter.com/Nike)• Never stop responding. #Likeable
  28. 28. @CharitywaterCharity Water (twitter.com/charitywater)• Reward your followers with exclusive content. #Likeable
  29. 29. @HumaneSocietyHSUS (twitter.com/HumaneSociety)• Keep fans up-to-date on your business. #Likeable
  30. 30. @MurraysCheeseMurray’s Cheese (twitter.com/MurraysCheese)• Give your customers an inside look at your company. #Likeable
  31. 31. San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants (twitter.com/SFGiants)• Be a source of news for your fans. #Likeable
  32. 32. @DeltaAssistDelta Assist (twitter.com/DeltaAssist)• Admit when you screw up, then leverage your mistakes. #Likeable
  33. 33. Introducing…The 10 Most Likeable Brands on Pinterest #Likeable
  34. 34. Travel ChannelTravel Channel (pinterest.com/TravelChannel) • Create a passionate community through sharing and repinning images. #Likeable
  35. 35. Lucky MagazineLucky Magazine (pinterest.com/LuckyMagazine) • Share content that appeals to your target audience. #Likeable
  36. 36. BirchboxBirchbox (pinterest.com/BirchBox)• Take your marketing strategies a step further by adding fun and inspirational ways in which people can utilize your products. #Likeable
  37. 37. Bergdorf GoodmanBergdorf Goodman (pinterest.com/Bergdorfs)• Keep your pinners up to date by constantly posting fresh new content! #Likeable
  38. 38. Martha StewartMartha Stewart (pinterest.com/MarthaStewart) • Be loveable! #Likeable
  39. 39. ChobaniChobani (pinterest.com/Chobani)• Showcase your products to drive traffic to your website. #Likeable
  40. 40. Benjamin MooreBenjamin Moore (http://pinterest.com/benjamin_moore)• Share inspiration through creative images. #Likeable
  41. 41. Perfect Palette Perfect Palette (pinterest.com/PerfectPalette) • Give your fans options. #Likeable
  42. 42. Lowe’sLowe’s (pinterest.com/Lowes) • Cross promote the platform for optimum traffic. #Likeable
  43. 43. Drake University Drake University (pinterest.com/DrakeUniversity)• Organization goes a long way! #Likeable
  44. 44. Introducing…The 5 Most Likeable Brands on Instagram #Likeable
  45. 45. National Public Radio NPR (Instagram Username: NPR) • Share unexpected and creative photos to draw in your fans. #Likeable
  46. 46. Burberry Burberry (Instagram Username: Burberry) • Post an eclectic group of photos, but don’t stray too far from the brand. #Likeable
  47. 47. Ben and Jerry’s Ben and Jerry’s (Instagram Username: BenandJerrys) • Use pictures to not only promote your product, but also to show what your product can create or accomplish. #Likeable
  48. 48. Forever 21Forever 21 (Instagram Username: Forever21)• Capture your favorite hobby. #Likeable
  49. 49. Boston Celtics Boston Celtics (Instagram Username: Celtics) • Capture real time moments. #Likeable
  50. 50. Introducing…The 5 Most Likeable Brands On YouTube #Likeable
  51. 51. Warby ParkerWarby Parker (youtube.com/WarbyParkerHelp) • Consistently deliver, excitement, surprise and delight. #Likeable
  52. 52. Intel Intel (youtube.com/user/ChannelIntel) • Humanize your brands by telling great stories. #Likeable
  53. 53. Coldwell BankerColdwell Banker (youtube.com/user/ColdwellBanker)• Showcase your products and expertise through the power of video. #Likeable
  54. 54. Lonely Planet Lonely Planet (youtube.com/user/LonelyPlanet) • Think and act like your customer. #Likeable
  55. 55. Procter and GambleProcter and Gamble (youtube.com/user/ProcterGamble)• Two simple words go a long way. #Likeable
  56. 56. Request our Free E-Book Sh #Likeable
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  59. 59. Contact Us/Thanks/Grand Prize! dave@likeable.com Likeable.com Fb.com/LikeableMedia @LikeableMedia 212-660-2458 #Likeable