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Instagram for Brands

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Instagram for Brands

  1. Instagram For Brands
  2. Snapshot of Instagram • Instagram is an easy-to-use, mobile photo-taking and photo-sharing app. • Users can take pictures, add various camera lens filters and instantly share to social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  3. Demographics • 35% of Instagram users are from the United States. • As of December 2011, Instagram had 13 million users. • The first version was created in only 8 weeks and launched on October 6, 2010.
  4. Instagram Overview
  5. Key Features • Content Exploration: Users can ‘surf’ the site to discover content they may have never found independently. • Content Curation: Take photos, add (camera) lens filters and share on different platforms. • Content Control: Users simply share photos they take with others using Instagram. There is no hidden agenda, no call for likes or comments – this allows members to truly tap into the core of what social does; connect people via content.
  6. What Can Users Do? • Share images on a photo- by-photo basis on social networks. • By specifying a location with a photo, Instagram can check users in on Foursquare. • Use 11 different custom lens filters to transform the color, mood, border, and tonality of photos.
  7. What Can Users Do? • Post ‘appropriate’ content, as defined in the user agreement. • Use filters and try new looks for imaging. • ‘Like’ posts submitted by other users. • Enter contests. • Participate in hot topics (see next slide) be recognized for your participation; similar to hashtags on Twitter.
  8. Hot Topics • #instagram • #iphoneography • #instagood • #photooftheday • #sky • #love • #popular • #cute • #cat/#dog • #sunset • #me Source:
  9. What Can Brands Do? • Enhance overall brand image with product offerings, fulfilling promises made to users and promoting core values visually. • Curate content ranging from loosely brand-related to product- specific. • Engage with users to build an online community. • Drive traffic to other websites and social channels (Twitter, Facebook, etc. • Hold visually stimulating contests and giveaways. • Direct users to the brand’s homepage.
  10. Curate Content • Volvo shows its cars, while Macy's shows its products, customers and locations. • Celebrities like Justin Bieber show pictures from their tours, giving fans an insider view.
  11. Curate Content • Brands can engage customers by encouraging them to partake in contests, campaigns, and promotions. • Levi's used Instagram to find it's 2012 models, while Nike asked users how they will "make it count in 2012."
  12. Engage With Users • Brands can engage with users by ‘liking’ posted images, submitting images themselves, and creating contests that ask for user participation. • GE’s contest asked users to post images of GE products that inspired them using the tag #GEinspiredME. The chosen winners received prizes from GE.
  13. Drive Web Traffic • Brands can post content directly from Instagram to their website to encourage engagement, thus driving web traffic. ADIDAS does an excellent job of this by asking users to post images of their ADIDAS style then having others vote on which city has the most style.
  14. Other Brands To Explore
  15. Ford #Fiestagram • Each week Ford announces a new hashtag associated with one of the Fiesta’s features. People can then submit photos tagged with “#Fiestagram” and that week’s hashtag. • The best photos were selected to be featured in real-life galleries and digital billboards. In addition, Ford gave weekly prizes to those submitting particularly striking images. The final prize was a Ford Fiesta.
  16. Starbucks • Last spring Starbucks encouraged people to create a ‘Hope’ graphic and post a picture to Instagram with a message of support for Japan.
  17. Deftones • To enter their Instagram contest, the band asks that fans tag photos from the shows including their location. Every day, one submission is chosen for the Instagram ‘Fan of the Day’, and featured on their Facebook page. At the end of the tour, all of the featured submissions will be entered into a drawing. The grand prize winner will claim a guitar signed by the band, and 5 runners- up will be given a signed vinyl copy of the “Around The Fur” album.
  18. Other Brands Using Instagram • Tiffany & Co. • Kate Spade NY • Bergdorf Goodman • ABC World News • Aldo • Celtics • Levi's • Burberry • Rebecca Minkoff (designer) • NPR • Good Morning America • American Eagle • Michael Kors • Puma • Red Bull • Pepsi • Mark Jacobs • MTV • Threadless • NH Hotels • Gucci
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