Humanizing Brands


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Jeff Stier

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Humanizing Brands

  1. 1. The Humanization of Brands Jeffrey Stier June 8, 2011
  2. 2. Every brand. Every industry.
  3. 3. Change is scary, but…
  4. 4. Don’t Hide from Change:Understand and Embrace it Fundamentally social media is about expressing choice: “What I believe” “What are others thinking” “Give voice to my preferences” Since influencing choice and creating preferences is the fundamental business of marketing, social media is important to brands---even if they haven’t really figured it out yet
  5. 5. Don’t Hide from Change:Understand and Embrace it, cont. It isn’t about media. It’s about communications and connecting. It’s not about social media. It’s about social connecting
  6. 6. To SocialConnect mustunderstand:1.  How social platforms are changing the relationships between customers and brands2.  What customers and targets are doing now3.  What they’ll be doing in the future
  7. 7. 1. How Social Platforms Are Changing the relationship
  8. 8. People Are Talking Are You Listening?
  9. 9. A plucky Millennial said:“…it’s not B2B or B2C, I think it’sgoing to be C2B.”From her perspective, it’scustomer to business; aconsumer demand driveneconomy.For those born in the Golden Ageof marketing, who had no choicebut to be “marketed to”, it’s still aprofound paradigm shift. To her,it’s natural and obvious.Something brands must take toheart.
  10. 10. What does this mean for the future?  No going back to controlled streams of carefully crafted communication  Listen to customers, respond to their input, improve their experience, make it easy for them to promote your brand  Brands that heed their customer’s voice and take immediate action will exponentially gain share from those who don’t. Those that don’t…
  11. 11. What does heeding the voice mean? This begins when a brand respects each customer as a human being
  12. 12. The Humanization of Brands Two things consistently in my reading over the last week are: 1.  Digital info/content overload 2. Consumers are craving realness. They’re suffering from a lack of human touch in the digital world.  Marian Salzman "futurist and PR maven,” Dec 2011
  13. 13. Saya WeissmanTuesday, June 7th, 2011New York TimesNew online social service Grubwithusisn’t about collecting onlineconnections and contacts; it’s aboutgetting strangers together around adinner table so they can enjoy food Theand good conversation.service’s aim is tohelp people use asocial media site toactually be social inreal life---who would havethought.?
  14. 14. The More Things Change…
  15. 15. The More They Stay the Same •  Technology is an enabler, not an end state •  Can’t take humanity out of people. •  Can’t take the ME out of SoMe
  16. 16. What Does It All Mean? Take Aways: •  People socially connect peer-2-peer •  Peoples relationships with brands is peer-to-peer •  Brands MUST connect peer-2-peer: emotions, empathy, authenticity, AND… •  Storytelling. It’s fundamental to human DNA---been that was for past 10,000 years and will be that way for next 10,000
  17. 17. Contact Contact Jeffrey Stier 917.561.6403 A micro-voice publishing utility for infusing the passion, nuance and authenticity of the spoken word into the social conversation Marian Salzman, Euro RSCG, Ann Mack, JWT, Jeffrey Pulver, Francois Gossieaux,Image and content credits: Human 1, Kellye Crane, Crane Communications