How Brands Can Leverage Facebook's Timeline & Newest Changes


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  • Attracts users visually to the fan page in addition the profile picture.
  • Shows brands identity to fans. 851px x 315px. This is the first thing a visitor to your page will see: provides a place to show off a unique and creative image that represents your brand. Not allowed: Pricing info Purchase info Contact info Like Share Calls to action
  • The top left section of each page ’s Timeline can now feature a “pinned post ” that will remain the most prominent content on your page for up to 7 days. This is signified by the yellow flag in the top right corner of a post (as seen on the Company Store post).   If you have an important post that you don ’t want to get lost in the shuffle, you can “pin it” to the top of your page. Every time you post something new, this post will still stay at the top. This is a great feature for ongoing contests or deals so you don ’t have to re-post about them everyday.
  • Content can be “highlighted” by selecting a star icon on the top right corner of posts. Makes appear twice as large: 960x637 pixels instead of 403x403 (takes up full width of Timeline). Star visually appealing content, catch fans ’ attention, and spark an interest in fans to peruse the rest of the page. Make sure that images are of high quality (minimum width of 851 pixels) so they can be featured as a starred post without pixelating.
  • Facebook Timeline has given brands a new ability to include and edit the date of content. When you publish content to a new page, you have the added option of a Milestone. Milestones are intended to be significant moments for a business (founding, other important events).
  • 1. Milestone content is marked with a blue flag image 2. Can include a date, location, image and story (or caption). 3. Content is full width, similar to highlighted content 4. Will create a date link in the right-hand sidebar of the Timeline
  • The concept of Timeline alone delivers a number of options for engagement wherein brands can highlight memorable points in their history—allowing fans to understand and relate to company milestones.  (Tell story of Likeable!)
  • The top right section of each page ’s Timeline now features a friend activity section. Allows fans to see friends posts about the brand – shows recent posts from other fans about brands – highlights mutual friends that like the brand. This shows users: 1) if their friends like the page, 2) highlights mutual friends that like the brand, 3) shows recent posts from fans about the brand. The goal here, is to create immediate relevance for anyone visiting the page.
  • Takes user straight to Timeline, can no longer set a default landing tab. Less customizable but more focused on story of the brand. Cover photos may not advertise or promote, or include any Facebook elements such as ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ or any other calls to action.
  • The actual app pages are now wider (increased from 520 to 850 pixels). And the links to get to your apps are larger thumbnail images just below the Cover image. 1. Photos will always be the far left app and cannot be changed 2. Pages can customize the other three default apps 3. Thumbnail images are 111 X 74 pixel thumbnails and can be edited 4. Up to 12 apps total can be displayed including the drop down (but only 4 are displayed with the icons). Apps (tabs) will no longer be the first thing an organic visitor sees. Brands will need to use status updates, pinned posts, Facebook ads as well as existing resources like blogs and email lists to drive traffic to apps.
  • A new optional feature is the message button, which displays with the Like button directly below the Cover on the right. Brands can choose to hide this feature, but when active it gives fans direct access to message a page and have a one-on-one conversation. Ability to have more in-depth engagement with fans by allowing fans to initiate a private conversation with the brand. Helps with specific and personal issue resolution. Rules of thumb: 1. Can be turned off by page 2. Fans and non-fans can message page 3. Reply in admin 4. Pages cannot message fans first, they can only reply once a message has been initiated by a fan 5. Admins can archive messages, delete them, report them as spam, etc.
  • Facebook Offers are instantly redeemable coupons that appear in the News Feed or as a sponsored story. No cost to create.
  • Ability to view who claims the offer. Offer is sent via text or e-mail for person to claim at a physical location.
  • Premium ad distribution system: improves reach and ROI. Strategically places brand’s stories on fan’s news feed. Guarantees that 75% of fans will see your brand’s content each month. The average post by a brand (or a person) only reaches 16% of such fans for various reasons, like the number of times you log on and the number of people and brands in your network. Reach Generator lets advertisers reach the other 86% by rerunning status updates as ads aimed at those fans. Reach Generator is easy and simple to use: “You post great, relevant content on your Page, and Facebook will automatically distribute it to your fans.”
  • Allows brands to share stories in fans’ News Feed, their homepage News Feed, their mobile News Feed and even in their logged-out experience. Facebook says 37 million U.S. users logout of the service each day and 105 million do so per month (out of approximately 161 million active monthly users). Plus, and there ’s no other engaging content on the logout page to distract them from the ads. Logout page ads will go live in April while mobile News Feed ads are available today. 435 million mobile users. Premium ads allow integration with mobile devices – ads appear on your mobile News Feed. Ads become more organic, allowing fans to comment and engage with the brand through the premium ads.
  • Ben & Jerry’s was able to reach around 98% of their fans through the use of the Reach Generator, double their engagement, and increase sales at a 3 to 1 ROI.
  • New "premium" ads that show which of your friends liked the advertiser and allow people to comment directly on the ad itself. Brands are now instructed to create ads out of standard posts that they put on their brand page, like a status, link, or photo post. It's very much similar to the way any Facebook user would create a post on their own Timeline, but advertisers then have the option to "promote" that post and push it out as an advertisement. Facebook is quite bullish on how these ads will perform — it estimates that viewers will be 80 percent more likely to remember them.
  • The admin features of the new Timeline have been centralized, expanded, and are easier to get to. The new admin panel is accessible through a link located at the top right of the Timeline above the date links. This will expand a snapshot view of page activity along with links to three main sections of the admin: manage, build audience, and help. Facebook will roll out – 5 levels of admins based on privilege (Full Access, Publishing Only Access, and Insights Access – other 2 have not yet been announced).
  • Over the next few weeks, real-time insights will be available to page admins. Currently, only some data is being reported in near real-time: Likes, comments, and shares for a Page ’s posts to the news feed. The rest, including impressions, reach, negative feedback, people talking about this, demographics of engagers, are all delayed. So by the time the data is available, admins can only learn from their mistakes; it ’s too late to take advantage of a boost in traffic, to delete poor post, or to tweak an advertising campaign as it’s still happening.
  • How Brands Can Leverage Facebook's Timeline & Newest Changes

    1. 1. How Brands Can LeverageFacebook’s Timeline and Newest Changes @DaveKerpen CEO, @LikeableMedia #Likeable
    2. 2. What’s Inside•Meet Likeable•Timeline•Private Messages•Ads•Admin and Insights•Likeable Core Values•Questions/Feedback & Grand Prize #Likeable
    3. 3. Meet Likeable #Likeable
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    8. 8. Starring Posts #Likeable
    9. 9. Milestones #Likeable
    10. 10. Milestones #Likeable
    11. 11. Tell Your Brand’s Story #Likeable
    12. 12. Real-Time Fan Engagement #Likeable
    13. 13. No Default Landing Page Before After #Likeable
    14. 14. #Likeable
    15. 15. Private Messages #Likeable
    16. 16. Offers #Likeable
    17. 17. Offers #Likeable
    18. 18. Reach Generator Ill Guarantees 75% of fans will see your brands content each month #Likeable
    19. 19. Facebook Premium #Likeable
    20. 20. Facebook Premium #Likeable
    21. 21. Ad Examples Before After #Likeable
    22. 22. New Admin Panel & Insights #Likeable
    23. 23. Real-Time Analytics #Likeable
    24. 24. It’s Still Important To Be Likeable1. Listening2. Responsiveness3. Transparency4. Authenticity5. Find Your Voice #Likeable
    25. 25. It’s Still Important To Be Likeable6. Share Stories7. Inspire Stories8. Engage4.Provide Value5.Surprise & Delight #Likeable
    26. 26. Questions/Feedback? Grand Prize!My next webinar: “10 Essential Tips for Social Media Marketing” March 8th 4:00 PM EST @LikeableMedia @DaveKerpen