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Google+ for Brands

  1. 1. For Brands
  2. 2. What is Google+?
  3. 3. What is Google+? Google+ has 5 main sections: Home, Photos, Profile, Circles, Games Google+ also has deep integration with all other well used and trusted Google products (YouTube, documents, calendar, etc.)
  4. 4. What is Google+? Google’s a social network that enables direct friend-to-friend or brand-to- consumer engagement through posts, messages, video hangouts and visuals.
  5. 5. What is Google+? Google+ users are placed into “Circles” to organize contacts into specific groups.
  6. 6. Why Google+ for brands?
  7. 7. Why Google+For Brands?
  8. 8. Why Google+For Brands? Opportunity to share stories, videos, photos, and more Deep integration with Google analytics including time spent on page Ability to rally brand ambassadors or your most active fans and connect with them in a more intimate setting Potential for better search opportunities for brand pages Video Hangouts to engage with fans (meet-ups, interviews, Q&As, etc.) Hyper targeting ad platforms
  9. 9. Why Google+For Brands? The Layout: Sleek, professional The layout is easy to use and is attractive to viewers. Highlight pics, videos, articles, locations and more all on home screen. Brand profiles will start to look less like personal profiles.
  10. 10. Why Google+For Brands? Great platform for all professional services companies. For brands to communicate with large or small groups of people.
  11. 11. Verified Accounts Verified/official brand pages are currently only available to worldwide brands that work with Google and those that Google has determined to have a high likelihood of being impersonated.
  12. 12. Direct Connect The Google+ Direct Connect functionality will help to give Google+ pages more visibility in the search engine results pages. Users can type “+” before the brand in Google search to find their page. To have this functionality you must first link your Google+ page to your website. If you are a Google advertiser, set up happens through your Google sales rep.
  13. 13. Additional Details No Touch Policy: Brand pages can’t interact with users unless users interact with them first. User has to add page a circle before page adds user to a circle.
  14. 14. Additional Details Multiple administrators will roll out in the next couple of weeks. Google is working on ways to make brand pages more discoverable to Google+ users. No vanity URLS yet. API will be opening to third party developers in the near future.
  15. 15. Best Practices Brands should make 1 page. Brands with multiple locations should make more. Photo Dimensions: Profile photo: minimum upload width 200 X 200 pixels Scrap book photos: 125 X 125 pixels
  16. 16. Next Steps Talk to your Likeable team so they can set you up on Google+ if it makes sense for your brand and start working on a strategy for the new and exciting space!