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Crisis Communications in Social Media: From School of WOM summit


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How to handle a social media crisis: From WOMMA's School of WOM summit

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Crisis Communications in Social Media: From School of WOM summit

  1. 1. Uno Chicago Grill Using Social Media in Crisis Communications Tuesday, May 25, 2010 Carrie Kerpen, COO, Likeable Media Jenna Lebel, Managing Director, Likeable Media Kimberly Boynton, Director of Marketing, Uno Chicago Grill Check into Uno Session @ WOMMA School of WOM, tweet @UnoChicagoGrill using #womma to enter for a chance to win an Uno gift card!
  2. 2. Carrie Kerpen Queen Bee at Likeable Media Twitter: @likeablemedia or @carriekerpen Facebook: Email: Jenna Lebel Managing Director at Likeable Media Twitter: @likeablemedia or @jennal15 Facebook: Email: Kimberly Boynton Director of Marketing at UNO Twitter: @unochicagogrill Email:
  3. 3. What Do These Companies Have in Common?
  4. 4. A CRISIS! Bad news travels fast…faster with social media.
  5. 5. The truth is…you can no longer HIDE information. But you CAN harness the power of social media to give you an outlet to communicate with your audience. YOU CAN Control your message Address the situation and take ownership Give people the information directly Set the record straight and put things into context in real-time
  6. 6. It all starts with a plan… You may not know your crisis, but you can know the answers to these questions! √ Who will handle? √ Who is your audience? √ How will you reach them? √ Can you be proactive? Or are you limited?
  7. 7. Know Your Team
  8. 8. Know Your Audience
  9. 9. Know Your Platforms
  10. 10. Know Your Limitations and Comfort Level Proactive vs Reactive Full vs Limited Disclosure
  11. 11. Sometimes you can’t plan ahead, but you can react quickly. √ Monitor closely √ Control the message and conversation √ Answer and respond √ Keep your audience updated √ Shift Conversation
  12. 12. But this process doesn’t fit every situation….Here’s how Uno approached their crisis via social media.
  13. 13. Our Situation Overview of Uno Our Crisis Limitations Our Plan
  14. 14. Overview of Uno
  15. 15. Closely Monitoring and Controlling the Conversation 600+ tweets about Uno reorganization in the first 2 days!
  16. 16. Responding Quickly and Consistently Pre-approved responses to predicted FAQs
  17. 17. Addressing the Situation •Status update •Geo-targeted messages •Answers to questions
  18. 18. Shifting the Conversation
  19. 19. Closing the Chapter Give the information and address concerns and find the appropriate way to move on.
  20. 20. The Brand Perspective: Lessons Learned What were our biggest fears and the realities of them? Important lessons: It’s manageable with preparation Know and understand your audiences Be honest and open
  21. 21. Thank you! Questions? Carrie Kerpen Jenna Lebel Kimberly Boynton