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Case Study: Cumberland Farms - Free Chill Zone Day


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Case Study: Cumberland Farms - Free Chill Zone Day

  1. 1. Case Study: CumberlandFarms- Free Chill Zone Day
  2. 2. Goals• Gain Fans: Gain more fans and customers• Drive Sales: Reach target audience and drive offline sales &
  3. 3. Strategy• Free Chill Zone Day Challenge Event: Encourage users to reach 50,000 likes on the Cumberland Farms Chill Zone fan page within 22 days in order to receive a free beverage in return The Chill Zone is a favorite product from Cumberland Farms. Using the Chill Zone for a competition was a great way to promote growth on Facebook.
  4. 4. Results• Goal of 50,000 likes was reached in 10 days instead of 22• On free Chill Zone Day, 80,000 chill zones were sold. 40,000 were attributed to the Facebook page This campaign succeeded in driving people to Cumberland Farms locations for the Chill Zone. Pictures of people enjoying the drink can be found online.• Cumberland Farms Chill Zone reached 100,000 likes from a 3rd Free Chill Zone challenge (from 80,000) organically without ads• Cumberland Farms Chill Zone page has topped 154,000 fans
  5. 5. Additional Materials
  6. 6. THANK YOU! Questions? Contact us: (212) 660-2458