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Boston Sex Ed


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Boston Sex Ed

  1. 1. Likeable Case Studies: Boston Public HealthCommission – SexED
  2. 2. Goals• Prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to Boston teenagers• Create an open-access platform for teenagers to gain knowledge and ask questions about STDs &
  3. 3. Strategy• Create a HUB: Facebook was used as a central location for the campaign. Facebook was used as a central hub for the campaign because it was a familiar venue for teens but still a place where they could be given reliable information.• Training: Trained subject matter experts on sex education how to manage a Facebook community
  4. 4. Results• Likes: The Boston Public Health Commission received over 2000 likes.• Relatable Campaign: Teens were able to relate to the page and feel comfortable engaging in the conversation. Created information-driven tabs that allowed students to learn contributed to the success of the campaign.• Awareness: The program’s success was measured by increased condom distribution and increased scores on awareness surveys.
  5. 5. Additional Materials By providing students with a safe place to ask questions, we saw an increased awareness of sex education among students in the Boston area.
  6. 6. Additional Materials The Facebook page served as a hub for all the activity surrounding the campaign. We created an ideal place for students to seek advice using tabs, videos and engagement.
  7. 7. THANK YOU! Questions? Contact us: (212) 660-2458