10 Key Takeaways From Likeable U


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10 Key Takeaways From Likeable U

  1. 10 Key Takeaways From Likeable U @DaveKerpen CEO @LikeableMedia #Likeable Likeableu.com
  2. What’s Inside• Meet Likeable•Likeable U and the Likeable Awards•10 Key Takeaways From Likeable U•Likeable Community College• Questions/Feedback & Grand Prize #Likeable
  3. Meet Likeable #Likeable
  4. Clients We Work With #Likeable
  5. Likeable U Class of 2012: Beyond The Buzz #Likeable
  6. Likeable Awards Award Winners Most Likeable CEO: Dennis Crowley Most Likeable CMO: Geoff Cotrill Most Likeable Entrepreneur: Spencer Bramson Most Likeable Photographer: Anthony Quintano Most Likeable Journalist: Matt Silverman Most Likeable Food Blogger: Lindsay Nixon Most Likeable Mom Blogger: Bringing Up Brooklynites Most Likeable Video Blogger: Cassidy Quinn Most Likeable Author: JK Rowling Most Likeable Doctor: Ed Zuckerberg Most Likeable Marketing Thought Leader: Adam Kmiec View all finalists at Most Likeable Professor/Teacher: Anthony Rotolohttp://likeableuawards.com Most Likeable Lawyer: Brian Cuban Most Likeable Student: Tina Yip Most Likeable Fashion Designer: Donna Karan Most Likeable Chef: Fabio Viviani Most Likeable Politician: Cory Booker #Likeable
  7. Key Takeaway #1“Writing is the most important part of your job, even if it’s just 140characters.” – Jeff Glor, CBS #Likeable
  8. Content Is King, Engagement Is Queen *Client*Client #Likeable
  9. Key Takeaway #2“A lot of companies don’t keep the social in media.”– Aliza Licht, DKNY #Likeable
  10. How To Be Social #Likeable
  11. Key Takeaway #3“Being likeable means being a good citizen in the new social paradigm.Sharing good content makes you likeable.” – Daniel Kim, Red Mango #Likeable
  12. How To Be Likeable: Provide Value 10% Off = Marketing 50% Off = Value 100% Off = Loyal customers for life #Likeable
  13. Key Takeaway #4“Understand the pulse of your community and what they want.” – Matt Burton, American Express #Likeable
  14. Ask Your CommunityJohn Deere’s Facebookapp lets fans “want” theirproducts #Likeable
  15. Key Takeaway #5“Nothing good ever happens from staying in your comfort zone.”– Peter Shankman, HARO #Likeable
  16. Don’t Be Afraid To Blaze The Trail #Likeable
  17. Key Takeaway #6“The power of video is growing in importance, especially in socialmedia.” – Jen Rubio, Warby Parker #Likeable
  18. Video Brings a Face Back into Social Media #Likeable
  19. Key Takeaway #7“Succeed through failure. If you don’t fail, scrap the idea. Find a newway to do it.” – Jeffrey Hayzlett #Likeable
  20. When You Do #Fail, Be Honest & Transparent #Likeable
  21. Key Takeaway #8“With the Facebook IPO, there will now be more CMOs saying theyneed to have a social media strategy.” – Reggie Bradford #Likeable
  22. What Facebook’s IPO Means For Brands & Marketers “5 Ways Facebook’s IPO Affects Brands And Marketers” http://bit.ly/Js2P24 #Likeable
  23. Key Takeaway #9“Everyone should have their own solution for measuring ROI” –Lindsay Lucas, LinkedIn #Likeable
  24. Best Practices For Measuring ROI #Likeable
  25. Key Takeaway #10“Social media is connecting us in ways we don’t know or understandyet.” – Jeff Pulver #Likeable
  26. #140conf Register today for an exclusive discount. Use the code: likeable Visit 140conf.com for more details! #Likeable
  27. Likeable Community College • All the expertise of Likeable Media brought to your brand • Evaluate your community managers knowledge through the CMAT • Participate in bi-weekly social studies • In person workshops with Google+, LinkedIn, and more Mention discount code WEBINAR when you sign up and receive 20% off! For more information, please visit LikeableCC.com or email gaby@likeable.com #Likeable
  28. Questions/Feedback? Grand Prize! FB.com/LikeableMedia @LikeableMedia dave@likeable.com @DaveKerpen likeableu.com