Danish Media Trends


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Overview of the Danish Media in 2010 and the trends for the future. Also an overview of what the Danish Media writes about Estonia and Estonians.

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Danish Media Trends

  1. 1. Danish Media, the userand Estonia<br />Liisi ToomPersonal BrandingAgency<br />Skype: liisitoomliisi@persoonibrand.ee<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />
  2. 2. 19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />News on the paper? Old news?<br />
  3. 3. Newspapers – 26,3<br />Magazines, special journals 4,9<br />Local weeklies 8,6<br />Radio 0,8<br />Television 8,5<br />Cinemas 8,5<br />Printed matter 26,3<br />Other31<br />Total expenditure DKK 25,049 m<br />19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />Advertising<br />
  4. 4. 42% of Danes are in social networks<br />Thats around 2 310 000people<br />Out of them, 95% in Facebook (2 194 500)<br />20million hoursused in Facebook in January 2010<br />19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />SocialDane<br />
  5. 5. 19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />TheFutureof Media<br />
  6. 6. 19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />Sowho are and whatdoEstoniansdoaccordingtonewspapers?*<br />*AccordingtoBT.dk, JP.dk, Berlingske.dk, Politiken.dk<br />
  7. 7. European Movie Awards, Baltic Youth<br />Philharmonic, Kaia Kanepi, Arvo Pärt, Kristjan Järvi, Eurovision, <br />former Soviet Union country, Sofi Oksanen, <br />Cyber Crime 2007, EU support money, Haiti, cold and hot Estonia, murder rate, drug addictrate, joiningEUROclub, Herman Simm, NATO meetingforforeign ministers, Tallinn, Andrus Ansip, criminals from Estonia<br />19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />
  8. 8. Good, effective and direct communication to the right people is never out of fashion.<br />19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />
  9. 9. Børsen http://borsen.dk/nyheder/news_in_english.html<br />The Copenhagen Post http://www.cphpost.dk/<br />Politiken http://politiken.dk/newsinenglish/<br />Jyllands-Posten http://jp.dk/uknews/<br />Search engine Eniro http://www.eniro.dk/nyhedsoeg/?partnerid=linkguide<br />FinansWatch http://finanswatch.dk/<br />Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.investindk.com<br />Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairshttp://www.vm.ee/?q=node/169#majandus<br />Medieudviklingen2010<br />http://www.ejc.net/media_landscape/article/denmark/<br />* PS: Pictures takenfromthe Internet<br />19.01.2011<br />Http://persoonibrand.ee<br />SomeEnglishbasedmedia & Resources<br />