Leonardo Golf Village at Whitebeach, Estonia - 2013 English


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Elegant Italian-designed village near two golf grounds, moto-cross and rally track, white sandy beaches and the summer capital Pärnu.

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Leonardo Golf Village at Whitebeach, Estonia - 2013 English

  1. 1. LeonardoGolf Village
  2. 2. Contents Leonardo Golf Village 5 Executive Summary 6 Investment Highlights 7 Mission 9 Estonia 11 Map of the area 12 Whitebeach and Pärnu 15 Valgeranna 17 Whitebeach Golf 18 Overview of the Village 21 Villa A 23 Villa B 24 Villa C 25 Apartment Buildings 26 Study on Greenery 26 Blue Lagoon Sport Centre 27 Study on Greenery 28 Energy Efficiency 29 Image 30 Brand and Concept 31 Target Marget 32 Erel Group 344 COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL
  3. 3. Leonardo Golf Village“Life is pretty simple: you do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You domore of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you dosomething else. The trick is the doing something else. “ Leonardo Da VinciOur team has collaborated long and created design to offer you a pieceof prestige, by doing this “something else” - the Leonardo Golf Villagelocated in the heart of one of the best known vacationing and tourismregions in Estonia and the wider Baltics, the White Beach area of Pärnu.The Leonardo Golf Village is an unparalleled opportunity to acquireunique property in a secured development, offering affordable luxurylifestyle of branded living. It is about owning a part of Leonardo GolfVillage resort with 69 villas, 10 apartment buildings of italian design,with service facilities and common areas nearby one of the mostsuggestive golf courses. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 3
  4. 4. Executive SummaryPROPERTYLeonardo Golf Village is an outstanding real estate development nestled in the heart of Pärnu bay coastline, with 69 three to fivebedrooms splendidly appointed villas, 10 apartment buildings, with 1 to 4 bedrooms, restaurants and shops, gym, pool, sport facilitiesand common areas. Below you will find sample villas.Leonardo Golf Village is in close proximity to Whitebeach (in Estonian respectivelyValgeranna) 18 holes golf course and Valgeranna beach.The unique nature of the surroundings gives the resort a special character of a branded living.AT A GLANCE Name Leonardo Golf Village Valgeranna, Audru Parish, Pärnu County, south-western Location Estonia Opening Year Constructions began 2012 Village 69 villas, 10 apartment buildings Food & Beverage Restaurant, 2 grocery stores Swiming pool and gym Tennis field, basketball field Other Facilities Cycling roads, motocrossing roads Security, kindergardens, schools in the area High-speed internet and HD TV Artificial lakes Property management by Erel Group AS, under the Leonardo Management Golf Village branding, turn-key projects Villas 69, three to five bedrooms and saunas Five 3 storey and five 4 stotey buildings , 240 apartments from Apartment Buildings 1 to 3 bedrooms, with saunas The villas and buildings are projected to reach A class of Energy Efficiency energy efficiency if requested by the acquirer Land Area 178 500 sqm Architect Achille Michelizzi, Italy Greenery Kersti Saloste, Estonia Communication High speed Internet, digital HD TV Infrastructure Gas, electricity, communications, main drainage, street lights, house canalization, quality roads in the village with a 5-level EREL GROUP AS layers asphalt LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 4
  5. 5. Investment THE HEART OF PÄRNU The location of Leonardo Golf Village leaves nothing to be desired. The Highlights residents are positioned near two golf courses – White Beach Golf and Audru Golf. Valgeranna Adventure park and Audru Rallycross Track. These are some of the entertaining activities you can enjoy with family and friends in the most beautiful places in Estonia and the wider Baltics. A cycling road brings one to Pärnu in city centre in some 15 minutes, with a big shoppingAS NEW ASSET OPTIONS AND OPPORTUNITIES centre at a walking distance. Pärnu Bay coastline has the best beaches, out ofThe Council of Rural Municipality of Audru The project includes 69 villas of 3 different typologies,, 10 buildings with 3 which Valgeranna beach is the nearest to Leonardo Golf Village, with itsapproved the Detail Plan of the real properties on and 4 storeys, apartments from one to three bedrooms, all built to reach A white sands. Pärnu beach is very popular with the locals and tourists and liesMay 6th 1999 located near the White Beach golf. class energy certificate, with service facilities and common areas like tennis near Pärnu city. The Resort and Conference Centre Villa Andropoff isLeonardo Golf Village project started in 2007. field, basketball field and cycling road. The selection can be made between suitable for holding conferences.The main infrastructure such as roads, three types of villas (A, B, C) and various types of apartments. Sample villasstreetlights, water, main drainage, gas pipelines, will be open for visits. As the projects are fixed, but buyers have the chanceinternet cables’ network, electricity, etc. were to choose among various solutions of electrical automation and heating, INVEST IN ESTONIAsetup to the village the same year. whereas the house is designed on energy saving and house automation. Estonia is attractive for investors. Since joining the EU and NATO in 2004,The resort is managed by EREL Group AS, an Last but not least, interior architect is available to adopt the need of the and adopting the euro in 2011, Estonia has experienced phenomenalexperienced real estate fund manager and customer. In addition, you will gain ownership of LGV Consorcium as economic growth. Today, Estonia´s government debt is among the lowest indeveloper operating in Estonia since 1998. well. Europe and the economy has shown considerable endurance to the global economic crisis thanks to reservers previously collected. The country is a member of Eurozone and OECD, being the first in the region. HARMONY IN DIVERSITY Estonia is ranked among the top 25 out of all countries in the Ease of Doing The design focus is enriched with splendid Italian design by architect Business index by The World Bank Group. Estonia is also one of the most Achille Michelizzi. The uniform development design standards and internetisized countries in the world. Tallinn has long been elected to the top construction guidelines ensure that the overall atmosphere of Leonardo 7 list of World Top Intelligent Communities. Estonia has strong economic Golf Village preserves the harmony of the main architectural project. To ties with Finland, Russia, Latvia and Sweden, and the Estonian business style create a home that is truly your own, in Leonardo Golf Village you can is very western, supported by strong technological and innovative solutions. customise the interiors yourself or in cooperation with our designers from Today, the business regulation is less rigid than in the neighbouring Nordic Estonia, Russia or Italy. countries. And less bureaucratic than in the rest of the Baltics. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 5
  7. 7. Leonardo allow the buildings to reach A level energy saving class. Most materials have accurately been chosen to be ecological and energy saving. If A+ Golf Village class of energy saving level if desired, meeting the necessary requirements through investments is simple. The homes are built domotic, that is - intelligent. The village is equipped with all communications, high internet allows families to work remotely from homes and to commute. CONSORTIUM The buyers of Leonardo Golf Village will become the owners of a lifestyle village, where a lot of attention is paid to the looks and design: the inhabitants will become the owners of the condominium, to which 3% of sales price will be given for investments into greenery and embellishment of the area. The consortium will be active in promoting the area as well as in taking care of the condominium. TREND-SETTING Its overall concept makes Leonardo Golf Village a trend-setter in the Baltic Sea region. Differently from most developers, the village is ready with all its communications, roads, lights and brand, supported by the idea-carrying architecture, embellishement of the area and the da VinciMISSION HOMES targeted greenery. All constructions in the area are designed by ItalianThe mission of Leonardo Golf Village is to offer The buyers have the privilege of personalizing their architect Achille Michelizzi to ensure the completeness of the village,affordable luxury lifestyle of branded living in villa, if requested – changing the overall plan, colors, while the greenery and attributes are chosen by landscaopedesign villas and apartments in one of the most energy saving level. You have total freedom to architect Kersti Saloste to carry da Vinci message andbeautiful area of Estonia and the Baltics. customize the interior design of your home site to support the brand. create a place that is truly yours. The building materials of Pontarolo Srl, such as prize-winning clima- blocks, EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 7
  9. 9. Estonia, a land of norther light cyber cafes and flat tax Over 90 mln people live in the Baltic Sea Region, one of the most prosperous areas in the world. In the range of 500 km from Tallinn, some 25 mln people live. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 9
  10. 10. 9 118 7 10 1 Elu r o ad 6 ula -Lih Pä rnu V al ger 5 4 ann a ro 1. Leonardo Golf Village ad 2. White beach Golf 3. Villa Andropoff 4. Doberani beachouse 5. Valgeranna adventure park 2 6. Audru river 7. Audru racing track 8. Audru Golf 9. Pärnu airport 3 10. Shopping mall 11. Pärnu city
  11. 11. Leonardo Golf Village The Project
  12. 12. 1 Pärnu Yacht Club 4 She’s all just harmony and wonder,2 Higher than passions and the world, She rests, with her sweet shyness, under Her beauty’s ritual abode; She looks around self in silence: There’re no contenders hers, no friends, Our beauties’ circle, pale and blend, Fades out in her dazzling brightness. 8 9 3 A.Pushkin 3 3 LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 13
  13. 13. Location Whitebeach and Pärnu 5Leisure. Pärnu is home to a variety of shops, selection of great places to eat, as well asthe Endla Theatre and several relaxing town parks. Pärnu was the hometown of thegrandparents of the famous poet Pushkin and a destination for Swedish kings.Leonardo Golf Village is located just few kilometers from the city centre. From this 5 6incredible vantage point, you and your family will be at the crossroads of a widevariety of dining, shopping, arts, and various outdoor activities.Historical. Pärnu is a historical beautiful resort, a seaside city with a small harbour inthe South-West of Estonia. It is easaly accessable from Riga, Tallinn and St.Petersburg. The city is famous for its spa’s, shallow white sandy beaches and parks,and healing muds. One can take passenger ferries from Pärnu to reach numerousEstonian islands, or have a relaxing weekend in a hotel or thermal Spa of this heart-warming town.Summer Capital. Pärnu, a former Hanseatic town, is a West-Estonian city with well-established traditions. It holds the title of summer capital, for over ten years by now, 7being thus rich in cultural events, festivals, concerts and happenings. Pärnu isrecognised for its health resorts and spas for privileged people, whose experiencereaches over 170 years.Health curort. At the beginning of 2006, the World Health Organization designatedPärnu as a full member of the Healthy Cities Network. Essentially, it means the City ofPärnu wants to be a city promoting healthy lifestyles, ensuring good health for its 8 9residents and visitors. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 14
  14. 14. 1112 10 www.sassitalu.com 4 4 9 EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 15
  15. 15. Location Valgeranna LOCATION Valgeranna, Audru Parish, Pärnu County, South-Western Estonia. VICINITY 128 km from Tallinn, 189 km from Helsinki, 510 km from Stockholm, 190 km from Riga, and Jurmala 500 km from St. Petersburg, 1040 km from Moscow, 1100 km from Oslo.A few kilometers from Pärnu, Estonias Summer Capital lies Valgeranna (Whitebeach). The Whitebeach area is located half-way between Tallinn andValgeranna is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Estonia and in the wider Baltics. Riga. 3 km from Whitebeach there is Manilaiu port withIt is a popular beach among local vacationers as well as for those arriving from departures to the islands. Kihnu and Ruhnu islands are reachable by a walk or car-drive on frozen seas in the winter,surrounding countries. The seaside is protected from the Northern winds by a pine forest and boat in the summer. SURROUNDINGS The area is rich with leisure time attractions: adventure parks,and is open to the sun all day long. In addition, nearby the White Beach golf course is beach (Valgeranna Seikluspark), golf (Audru and Whitebeachlocated, with domes, hills and ponds providing pleasure for the eye when driving to Golf), motocross road (Audru Ring), cycling roads, horsingValgeranna beach, as well as Audru Golf course. activities (Swedish owned Sassi talu), minigolf at Villa Andropoff, supermarket nearby, beach houses etc. There areValgeranna, together with Pärnu, has long been one of Estonia’s most popular holiday new schools, kindergartens, shopping centres, spas, hospitals indestinations. The upper class residents once enjoyed the privacy and natural beauty of the 14 this area.area. From a later period Villa Andropoff –the historical summer residence of the elite, ACCESS Pärnu has rairload, bus and ferry connections in addition to anow offers housing and the capacity to host conferences. Doberani Beach house dates good road network Tallinn and Riga. Valgeranna has roadback to the first republic era and operates as a hotel and cafeteria. connections to Tallinn, Haapsalu, Tartu, Paide and Riga in Latvia. The area of Valgeranna is connected to the city ofRemembering its history Valgeranna is committed to growth. In addition to Leonardo Pärnu with a cyclable road. Local airport in Pärnu has regularGolf Village new kindergarten is ready, and Pärnus biggest shopping center (total of 16 connection between Estonian islands, and for charters from Helsinki and Stockholm. All the main airports are000 m2) is being built in the area. 9 approximately 120 km from Valgeranna (Tallinn, Riga and Helsinki). LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 16
  17. 17. Whitebeach Golf The White Beach Golf course, which is designed by DASafa architect Kosti Kuronen, is a 18- hole links type course. The course was opened in 2005 and is an ample challenge for professionals, however, also offering the enjoyment of succeeding in golf for beginners. As a special character of the White Beach Golf course in the Audru River bordering the course with several other water areas and “dune views” which add to the challenge of the game and offer a breathtaking image of the course. The White Beach Golf course is situated near the city of Pärnu and in the very near vicinity of the Pärnu Gulf and hotel Villa Andropoff. www.wbg.ee EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 18
  18. 18. Overview of The VillageEach plot is integrated from two plots. These plots were integrated on June 27th2006 into one unit. The total acreage of the new plot is 178 500 m². The resortincludes 69 three to five bedroom villas, apartment buildings.AT A GLANCE Address Kasteheina tee, Pärnu county  Villas 69, three to five bedrooms, sauna, garage Apartment Buildings 10 Golf Course Holes 18 Restaurants 1 Sport Centres 1 Greenergy Kersti Saloste Concept by Achille Michelizzi, Italy Architect Interiors by Estonian or Russian architects if desired Beach and golf hotels, motocross roads, shopping centres, sandbeach, schools, Surroundings kindergardens, adventure parks, rallycross track, canoing, horse riding, golfing, cycling road from the village to Pärnu city centre, High speed Internet and Digital TV, gas, electricity, water, roads, streetlights, drainage, Communication canalization, asphalted roads. Other The roofs of villas are built as usable terrace area for sunbathing and leisure time 19 EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE
  19. 19. Beach of PärnuPärnu City Whitebeach (Valgerand) Doberani Beach House Villa Andropoff Shopping centre Audru Ring Airport Leonardo Golf Village urbanization with Urbanization, lakes,lights and streets at Leonardo Golf Village by night streets, lights, lakes and surroundigs
  20. 20. AVilla Net area of Villa type A is 251 sqm on 2 floors. With closed parking area as an option. 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 2 living rooms 2 closets separated kitchen sauna garages EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 22
  21. 21. Net area of Villa type B is 217 sqm on 2 floors.With closed parking area as an option.4 bedrooms B Villa2 bathrooms2 closetsliving roomseparated kitchensaunagarages EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 22
  22. 22. C VillaNet area of Villa type C is191 sqm on 1 floor. Withclosed parking area as anoption.3 bedrooms2 bathroomsliving roomseparated kitchensaunaGaragesstorage 24 EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE
  23. 23. Apartment Buildings UNIT TYPES •Two roomed flat with 1 floor and 1 bedroom. •Two rooms douplex with 2 floors, 2 bedrooms and terrace. •Three rooms douplex with 2 floors, 3 bedrooms and terrace EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 25
  24. 24. Blue Lagoon Sport Centre Restaurant, conference & Shops EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 26
  25. 25. Study on GREENERY Greenery Landscape architect Kersti Saloste prepared a technical study on Leonardo Golf Village’s greenery planning to create image, maintain and reinforce the uniformity of the by Kersti Saloste, Landscape Architect village. The study suggested a detailed plan of how the area’s image would mirror the beauty of da Vinci’s environment and his famous engineering creations and drawings. One will find his citations engraved on the street stones and other objects in common areas of the village, drawings embellishing streets, grill houses furnishing the village. Copies of da Vinci’s engineering creations will be installed to the village in their original size, such as the flying machine or other ideas. LANDSCAPE The greenery was chosen to fantasize with Da Vinci’s world. The landscape planning desires to imitate a golf landscape – low fluent forms, hills and small lakes, surrounded by a greenery imitating that of “da Vinci’s world” – elements such as slim sharp pyramide-like trees, pinetrees, rich bushes. A key element in the beautification planning is roadside greenery, with low-height and tall plants contrasting each other, visually imitating the landscape of Da Vinci. The plan foresees health paths, playgrounds and grill areas for a leisure time in the middle of drawings and citations of da Vinci on various construction details, sculptures, common area walls etc. To make the area lively and livable. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 27
  26. 26. Energy Efficency LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE
  28. 28. Brand and THE BRAND OF “Leonardo Golf Village” Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius al avant garde during his era, his creations ahead of his times, Concept his engineering futuristic yet having an artistic timeless touch. So is Leonardo Golf Village with its energy saving design homes and villageCONCEPT concept., thus symbolizing innovativeness, design and the importance of technology.“Life well spent is long.” – Leonardo da VinciLeonardo Golf Village is a modern form of high-value properties’ estate characterized by aclosed perimeter which includes various shared facilities. In a safe environment you andyour family can comfortably enjoy most of day-to-day activities. Knowing your neighbors Leonardo Da Vinci is a message-carrying idea throughout the village, deliveringand that everything for convenient life is close, add to the sense of security . the brand values of the resort and raises interest towards what is behind it. The village bridges associating oneself to branded living through carrying brand“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci values in daily life in a unique way.Like Leonardo da Vinci, we value the importance of technology in order to improve thequality of life. High-end solutions are meant to advance your refined lifestyle, still keeping in Wooden copies of Leonardo’s engineering projects decorate the village in amind the needs of families. The uniform design of the constructions preserves the overall manner that integrates them to daily living - such as the wooden parachuteoutlook of the village so it remains true to the vision. functioning as grill-house and other ideas. Phrases ever said by da Vinci are incorporated to the daily living, such as on the attractions of children’s“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” – Leonardo da Vinci playground, park chairs, in other spaces of common areas etc.The project voices Leonardo da Vinci’s focus on beauty. This shines through the elegantItalian design by architect Achille Michelizzi. You can express your artistic spirit by creating The bridge connecting the beach area and the village is projected similar to thatinterior design that makes the house your own. once designed by da Vinci. The name, “Leonardo Golf Village” is easy to remember (in Estonian, respectively, Leonardo Golfiküla). The choice of the name allows the organizing of a series of media events (statue-openings, da Vinci-related events etc), the restaurant-conference area will be open for organizing media events, fashion shows, workshops etc . EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 30
  29. 29. Target RELATIONS BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES Estonia and Finland have strong historical, economic and cultural ties. Both the Market nations are of ugro-finnic and speak related languages. It is common that a Finnish polititian, businessman or a pedestrian speaks fluent Estonian, and vice versa, a good command of Finnish is diffused in Estonia. The neighbors also share their anthem. TARGET MARKET The former president of Finland, Tarja Halonen possesses a second home in The main target market for Leonardo Golf Village are the business class Haapsalu, Estonia. niche of Finland and North-West Russia, who have strong economic and “The Estonian-Finnish relationship is unique, we are brother-nations, like two identic berries, as if historical ties to Estonia and specificly to the area of Pärnu. Estonia’s and two twins.. . As Finlands’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, I am proud to have such neighbors ans Latvia’s elite will be targeted and involved through a series of media events. Estonia and Sweden.. . Estonians, Finns and Swedes have the same DNA.” Alexander Stubb, minister of Foreign Affairs, Finland (2012) The close contacts between the two countries extend to issues concerning politics,TARGET MARKET: FINLAND economics, culture and many other fields, In the past three years, the number ofFinnish business class acquirers, facilitated by some national banks of Finland Finnish-owned companies in Estonia has doubled to 4700 attracted to non-financing also acquisitions in Estonia. Finnish people have strong cultural and bureaucratic partly finnish-speaking favorable environment for businesses, while thereeconomic ties to Estonia, and Pärnu together with Saaremaa are favorite are 1533 Estonian companies registered in Finland. Finns make 3.5 mln round trips todestinations. The possible buyers are wealthier families or companies that would Estonia annually. Estonian and Finnish businesses also engage in close co-operation.like to add some prestige to their portfolio, located only at a 4 hour ferry and car Estonia businesses are largely tied to Finnish businesses through contractor work and Map: Finland’s main counties by distancetrip. A recent trend is that higher class of the society in Finland is interested in from Helsinki intermediate commercial transactions, but there are also successful examples of more Pärnu county, Estonia is 189 km fromowning properties in Estonia, since it is close, culturally interesting and trendy. complicated partnerships in many fields, including energy, information technology, HelsinkiConsidering that no similar possibilities have been offered to Finnish acquirers so ship- building and mechanical engineering, legal aid, design and productfar in Estonia, added the favorable policies of Finnish bank towards acquisitions in Second homes by regional centers in Finland development, construction etc.Estonia, the project should raise interest in Finland. Finnish government has (as of January 2010) • Länsi-Turunmaa 8 325recently included expenditures in properties in Estonia as detractable costs in • Hämeenlinna 7 654Finnish tax declarations, which further favors property ownership in Estonia. In • Kouvola 7 556addition Finnish consumers pay attention to energy efficiency and branded living. • Salo 7 028 • Raasepori 6 278SECOND HOMES IN FINLAND • Kuusamo 6 254In Finland there are about 800 000 second home owners, the most expensive of • Mikkeli 5 751which are located in a 300 km radius from Helsinki. That makes Pärnu a closer • Kuopio 5 226location. According to Statistics Finland, some 4000 new second homes a year are • Mäntyharju 4 673 • Kemiönsaari 4 521being built in Finland. It is getting more common to own a home also in Estonia. Source: Statistics of Finland Map: locations with the most of second homes in Finland with distances EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 31
  30. 30. RELATIONS BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES Target Estonia is favorably located between the tradeways of the East and the West, thus commerce wiht Russia and the West has always been very lively. After the regaining of independence in 1991, the relationships between Russia and Market Estonia were considered among the most advanced and favorable compared to those the big neighbor had with the other Baltic countries. Historically Russia has been an important export market for Estonian goods and raw-material imports. In 2006, the relationship passed through a political crisis, but the relations are showing signs of improvement. In 2011 Estonia and Finland backed Russia in the accession to the WTO. The private sector performs an even more progressive rhetorics and has taken the initiative of actively improving bilateral relations, where it is true also that Russia has awarded several Estonian entrepreneours with prizes for the activities in the field of standing for good relations. Also on inter-personal level, contacts with Russia are considered a privilege. Russians make 28% of Estonia’s population, and consider Estonia their home. Russia is Estonia’s third most important trading partner. The ground for further improvement of relations is fertile,. In the light of Russia’s future accession to a visa-free regime with the EU, out of Schengen countries, only Estonia, Finland and Latvia have a border with Russia. Estonia still has many ports , destination and historical ties with Russia to favor a collaborative future. With the globalization in place and the pressure caused by passed financial crisis on countries’ economies, the geo-economic position of a state becomes once again one of the key factors for social and economic developement. The trade volume withTARGET MARKET: NORTH-WEST RUSSIA PÄRNU Russia grew 124% in the Pärnu was beloved as a summer resort and year- past two years accordingPärnu, together with Narva-Jõesuu, Haapsalu, Saaremaa to the Estonianand Jurmala have historically been one of the favorite around recreational Spa destination with thermal and Confederation of mud baths’ already during the Soviet Union era, the Employers.summer destinations on the shores of the Baltic sea for First Republic, as well as during the existance of theRussian elite, not to talk about the locals who have The Baltic Sea Region Russian Empire (1721-1917). It still carries its (BSR) entirely counts forentitled the city the Summer Capital of the country. Pärnu historical fame in the CIS countries and Russia, but over 90 mln inhabitants ofhas the privilege of being hte biggest of the curorts on the also has a western touch to a vacatioiner to offer. a high living-standard, attracting investments toshores of the Baltic Sea. Estonia has a favorable Located in a faovorable area from a logistical point of the region.geopgraphical position in area, Tallinn is only at a 4-hour view, Riga and Tallinn airports connect Pärnu to Moscow, St Petersburg and rest of the world, followeddrive from St Petersburg with 5 mln inhabitants, and only by only a 2-hour car-drive.877 km from Moscow with good flight connections to Map: The BSR population (Source: Nordregio)Tallinn and Riga. EREL GROUP AS LEONARDO GOLF VILLAGE 32
  31. 31. EREL GROUP AS – prime real estate since 1998 Company. Erel Group AS is a Projects. With its head office located in Tallinn, Estonia. you will find our real reputable real estate and investment estate projects in prestigeous locations such as Tallinn’s Kadriorg Park in the company with the strategic goal of vicinity of the Presidentioal Palace, Sakala Residence near Old Town and Central enrolling foreign investments into best Bank, Paldiski mnt office building near Toompea Castle of the Old Town, projects in the Baltics. prossessions in the border town Narva, scyscraper projects in Maardu’s international port and transit area, golf village in summer resort Pärnu etc. Since 1998. Since the establishement of the company in 1998, more investors Every day people wake up and live, eat, work and enjoy real estate developed by us. have enrolled into our projects, the Most our clients have stressed their appreciation for the high quality of renovation company portfolio is outstanding - and construction works performed by our company. Mainstream newspapers, and representing 145 000 m2 of residential beknown journalists have, of their own initiation, appreciated publicly our and commercial sellable area, of prime architectural choices. location and quality. Activities. EREL GROUP is a mother company to two main branches ofTeam. EREL GROUP is managed by an experienced team of real estate activities, Duo Invest working with real estate brokerage and apartment unionprofessionals with more than 15 years of Baltic real estate development experience. management, and EREL Apartments and Residences active in tourism, offeringWe have gained notable experience and know-how. Our entrepreneurial-minded accommodation in serviced apartments of the old towns of the three Baltic capitalsand highly qualified team of 20 persons is the companys greatest single asset. The and Pärnu.goal of the company remains to meet the needs of a growing number of foreigninvestors. Today. Herewith EREL GROUP is pleased to offer you exclusive property“Our main goal is to find the best locations and we always try to add additional Italian flavor ownership situated in Valgeranna, Pärnu County. Situated half-way betweenin cohesion with local precision to the projects. When putting the projects into practice we Tallinn and Riga, in a sandy beach and golf area, you have the opportunity ofcollaborate with best Estonian engineers and constructors to bring to life a creation of being part of this luxury living of branded lifestyle. The area has throughoutarchitecture...,” Riccardo Lelmi, CEO, Erel Group AS history hosted nobilities, wealthy vacationers and even political elite. Whishing to host you now.
  32. 32. ANNO 1998 Tartu mnt 14 Tallinn 10117 ESTONIA Tel: 663 1640 Fax: 663 1641 www.erel.ee www.erelgroup.ee www.e-property.ee www.duo.eewww.leonardogolfvillage.com
  33. 33. Pärnu Yacht Club www.leonardogolfvillage.com
  34. 34. Photos: (1) Summer evening (2) Meelika Majamees (3) Pärnu Concert house (4) Pärnu Yacht Club (5) Pärnu Yacht Club (6) Strand Spa Pärnu (7) (8),(9) Pärnu traditions (10) SassiHorseriding Farm (Sassi Ratsatalu) (11) Enterprice Estonia photobank, Jaak Nilson (12) Surf Camp in Pärnu ; James Holmes, Andres Adamson, www.auto24ring.ee,www.scandichotels.com
  35. 35. EREL GROUP