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Manage E-books with Calibre


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Published in: Technology
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Manage E-books with Calibre

  1. 1. Author:pilihua Manage E-books with CalibreHave you struggled to organize a virtual pile of e-books? Calibre is a nice e-books manager withrich features to share e-books. It is compatible with many file formats including the popular pdf,lit, mobi, cbz, cbr, txt and various others including zip and rar.As a smart e-books management tool, Calibre plays an important role in enhancing e-booksreadability. It can not only provide a customized platform to view interesting e-books, but also cansupport extensive file conversions, with the ability to convert over thirteen document formats intoEPUB, PRF and MOBI formats. Besides, it allows you to fetch favorite news in the world.Furthermore, you are able to send e-books to portable device very easily or save them to the disk.Calibre has a professionally designed layout and flexible command icons .Comparing with somehandheld readers, it supports more popular e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle, iPhone,Android, Sony Readers and so on.
  2. 2. Lets learn more about its function modules.How to convert e-book formats with Calibre ?Hit the Convert E-books button to convert e-Books. It provides multiple output formats. Specifyfavorite one from the upper-right corner and make settings from the left sidebar depending on yourown preference. The little icon in the right corner will start spinning. Once it’s finished spinning,your converted book is ready. The conversion engine is packed with lots of powerful features.First, it is flexible to rescale all font sizes, making sure that the output e-book is readable no matterwhat font sizes the input file uses. Second, it can automatically detect/create book structure, likechapters and Table of Contents. Whats more, it can insert the book metadata into a "Book Jacket"at the start of the book.
  3. 3. How to view e-books with Calibre?Click the View button to open an e-book. This is a customized viewer with various useful options.It is flexible for users to increase/decrease font size, choose to move/jump to any page, search anytext, change settings, switch to full screen mode, print any page(s), and more.
  4. 4. How to fetch news from the web?If you desire to read the latest news around the world, Calibre will give you an exciting surprise.Calibre has over three hundred news sources, therefore it can list a comprehensive and clearcategory for you to choose from the left sidebar. Click the Fetch News button and download anyfavorite news(both newspapers and blogs).It will display information like titles, authors, sizes,publishers and ratings in the default view mode. You can also view the e-books by cover or bytags instead.
  5. 5. How to save them to e-book reader devices?If a book has more than one format available, Calibre will automatically choose the best formatwhen uploading it to the device. If none of the formats is suitable, Calibre will automaticallyconvert the e-book to a format suitable for the device before sending it.There’s even a built-in web server, so you can access your e-book library remotely. If you missinformation related to eBooks, it is available to retrieve information based on author, title or ISBN.You can even construct advanced search queries by clicking the helpful "Advanced search" buttonto the left of the search bar.Overall, Calibre provides a convenient and comprehensive interface to manage e-books. Thee-book viewer with rich features will show all the major e-books formats. It supports Table ofContents, bookmarks, CSS, a reference mode, printing, searching, copying, customizing therendering via a user style sheet, embedded fonts, etc. Leave comments on your reads as you wish.To get more details, please refer to