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LightSail: Scaffolding Active Learning


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LightSail is an award-winning literacy solution that combines excellent books with in-text assessments to deliver real-time, actionable data to teachers and industry-leading literacy gains for students.

Published in: Education
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LightSail: Scaffolding Active Learning

  1. 1. Revolutionizing reading.
  2. 2. AN E-READER THAT MAKES SCHOOLS SMARTER 2 LightSail is the only literacy accelerator that combines: • All the best books • In-text assessments • Real-time actionable data Results that deliver nearly 2x expected literacy growth
  3. 3. LIGHTSAIL HAS THE BEST CONTENT 3 And relationships with best-in-class assessments creator MetaMetrics
  4. 4. WHY LIGHTSAIL WORKS 4 Updated Lexile Measure Using embedded assessments, LightSail constantly updates each student’s Lexile measurement. As readers grow, they are presented with more exciting books. Great Books With In- Text Assessment LightSail delivers an incredible selection of the books that students want to read, at precisely their level. Progress Monitoring While students are reading, LightSail monitors progress, reading behaviors, and comprehension, and provides real- time feedback to students and teachers.
  5. 5. In-Text Assessments THE LIGHTSAIL PRODUCT Student Library Actionable Data
  6. 6. Immediate Assessment Scoring INSTANT STUDENT FEEDBACK Student Progress Dashboards Students see their own progress updated with every reading session – motivating greater achievement. Fast feedback to support retention of information and scaffold learning.
  7. 7. LightSail earns praise from fellow educators and leaders in national awards and competitions LIGHTSAIL AWARDS & ACCOLADES 7