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The Art of Networking


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Staying On The Cutting Edge And Delivering A Powerful Message

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The Art of Networking

  1. 1. The Art Of Networking: Staying On The Cutting Edge And Delivering A Powerful Message with Debra Dixon Founder and CEO of Light of Gold PR Marketing and Consulting LLC Presented for National Association of African Americans in Human Resources
  2. 2. Getting the most out of any networking opportunity Know the goal of attending an event Listen more than you talk Build business relationships Give the first referral
  3. 3. Networking Be specific regarding referrals Reciprocate when it is appropriate Participate in the networking time Follow up with people within 24 hours
  4. 4. Leveraging your business connections to elevate your brand Branding is the Name, Design, Symbol, or Feature of a person or company Signifies Goods and Services Defines personality and what characterizes the Company What is Branding?
  5. 5. Broken Brand? Brand not attracting your target market? Misinterpretation of your brand? Constantly explaining what your brand is?
  6. 6. Managing brand with consistent change of climate Brand consistency over time with a series of products that reinforce the company's central identity Start by creating a clear identity regarding what your brand represents Constantly shifting marketplace creates the need to be creative with your approach.
  7. 7. Managing brand with consistent change of climate (continued) Branding is as much about controlling perceptions of your products as it is making sure people are buying the product in the first place. Create strict brand licensing requirements that include a tight fit with the brand promise, identity and quality standards. Stay in touch with consumers through social media to make sure your brand image still resonates in the right way.
  8. 8. Branding Assessment Get a clear sense of who participates with your organization Offer core competency that has value to the target audience Give the donors and sponsors knowledge about your brand
  9. 9. Branding Deliver your end of partnership requirements Be responsive with donors and sponsors needs or requests
  10. 10. Brand Identity • What is the strength of your brand identity in today's market? • Can your brand be adapted to multiple platforms? • Use brand image to better position yourself with consumers or workforce
  11. 11. Utilizing social media and what it means to your business Social network service: ◦ Focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and activities.
  12. 12. Social networking o Mostly web based and provides a variety of ways to interact o Creates new ways to communicate and share information with others
  13. 13. Benefits of Social Networks Connects people at low cost Expand contacts and customer base Customer relationship management tool Advertising using banners and text ads
  14. 14. Change management for business growth and improved opportunities Marketing measurements identify trends that create opportunities. Customer needs are measured identifying future new product demand. Identify areas in which competitors' actions can be replicated for increased growth. Help prioritize and rank growth opportunities to optimize future growth. Market segmentation strategy identifies niche markets, geographic areas, new customer applications, and the like that can be targeted for growth.
  15. 15. Change management for business growth and improved opportunities (continued) Customer demographic measurements identify the true future potential of markets. Customer drive improvements in sales and distribution strategy utilization to gain more growth through existing customers. Competitive measurements and profiles identify companies that could be acquired. Competitive analysis identifies poorly served customer segments that can be exploited for growth.
  16. 16. Stats on Social Networking o As of September 2013, 73% of online adults use social networking already o In May 2013, 74% of women were users of social networking sites, compared with 62% men o As of January 2014, 19% of online adults use Twitter o As of September 2013, 71% of online adults use Facebook, 17% use Instagram, 21% use Pinterest, 22% use LinkedIn
  17. 17. Social impact Do social networking sites isolate people and truncate their relationships? Are there benefits associated with being connected to others in this way? In November 2010, a SNS survey found that: ◦ Social networking sites are increasingly used to keep up with close social ties ◦ The average user of social networking sites has more close ties and is half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American
  18. 18. Social impact (continued) Facebook users are more trusting Facebook users have more close relationships Internet users get more support from their social ties and Facebook users get the most support Facebook users are much more politically engaged than most people Facebook revives “dormant” relationships
  19. 19. Statistics for Media Sites
  20. 20. Networking Benefits Guidance - Whether you’re just entering the workforce or you’re a veteran executive, guidance is something you should never be short on. Building and maintaining a network of industry contacts is one simple way to ensure a continued level of guidance throughout your career.
  21. 21. Benefits Support- You’re likely to be faced with a variety of trials and tribulations throughout your career journey. A strong support system will help you manage your challenges and celebrations more effectively.
  22. 22. More Opportunities- A vast, well-maintained professional network will likely be ripe with opportunity. In fact, according to a recent study, employees hired through referral are hired 55 percent faster than those who come from a career site.
  23. 23. About Light of Gold PR Specializes in public relations, media relations, marketing plan development and branding The agency’s direct social media and technology knowledge spans over 20 years of experience ranging from web development, search engine optimization/ training, technical support, social media optimization Recent new vendor: It’s Playtyme
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