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Khalid ibn Walid's (r.a.) presentation
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  • Khalid ibn Walid

    1. 1. SCRAPBOOK<br />TIMELINE<br />خالد ابن وليد<br />سيفالله<br />The Sword of Allah<br />By the Hazeners<br />HazensHomeschool ™<br />
    2. 2. H is C onversion<br />K<br /> halid had a dream about climbing from a black, dark hole into a big, <br />green fertile land. When he woke up, he felt pleasant, so he decided to go<br />to Madinah. On the way to Madinah, he met Uthman ibn Talhah. Khalid asked Uthman if he could come with him, and Uthman said yes, so they both went on. Then they met Amr ibn Al-Aas. Amr asked Khalid and Uthman where they were going, and when Khalid told him, it turned out to be that Amr was going to Madinah too! So they all went to Madinah. When they reached Madinah, the Prophet (SAW) smiled at Khalid. Khalid begged for forgiveness from Allah. He asked Muhammad to pray to Allah to forgive him, but Muhammad said, “When someone accepts Islam, it’s like you are just born; no sins.” So Khalid became Muslim, and so did Uhtman and Amr. Khalid then met Abu Bakr and told him about the dream. Abu Bakr said, “That black hole was your life in disbelief, and the big green land was your life in Islam.”<br /> THE END! <br />
    3. 3. TheBattleofMut’ah<br />I<br />n the battle of Mut’ah, Muhammad assigned Zayd ibn Harithah to be the leader, but if he died, Ja’far ibn Abi Talib would take his<br /> place, and if Ja’far died, Abdullah ibn Abu Rawahah should step in. So everything went as planned, but then Abdullah died. The Muslim army was panicked because all their leaders were dead. Then Thabit ibn Qays picked up the flag that Abdullah was holding and told Khalid to hold it. Khalid said no because Thabit fought in Badr. (If you fought in Badr, you would be very respected.) But Thabit said, “Only you can calm the Muslims.” So Khalid took the flag. Khalid had a military tactic. He hid a portion of the army from the Romans’ sight, and at the last minute he made the hidden Muslims rush out to make it look as if the Muslim army had just gotten reinforcements from Madinah. When the Romans saw this, they were scared. Seeing this opportunity, Khalid brought his army to safety. That day Khalid broke 7 or 9 swords. That’s when he was nicknamed Saifullah, which means Sword of Allah.<br />The End!<br />
    4. 4. MAKKAH<br />The Conquest of<br />Muhammad (SAW) decided to conquer Makkah because Allah gave him a revelation that Allah would help the Muslims. The Prophet (SAW) told Khalid and four or five other tribes to enter Makkah from Kada. So they did, but they were stopped by Ikrimah (Abu Jahal’s son), who had gathered an army. Only two Muslims died and 12 Non-Muslims died. Other than that, they entered Makkah peacefully. 5 days after that, Khalid was appointed to go break the idol ‘Uzzah. He chopped it up and burned the pieces. <br /> The End! <br />
    5. 5. The Incident of Banu Khazeemah<br />M<br />uhammad (SAW) sent a delegation to Banu Khazeemah with Khalid at the head. When Khalid reached Banu Khazeemah, its <br />people came out armed with weapons. Khalid asked, “Are you Muslim?” (Muslims can’t fight against Muslims.) They answered, “Sabi.” (which means: no religion.) Khalid flew into a RAGE! and killed 7 people. The rest hid. Eventually Khalid found them, took them as prisoners, and ordered next day they be killed. Abdurahman ibn Auf and Abdullah ibn Umar found out that the ‘Sabi’s were Muslims! Muhammad (SAW) told Ali to give the Banu Khazeemah blood money. Muhammad (SAW) didn’t get mad at Khalid because a general has to be able to think fast. <br />
    6. 6. Hunayn<br />Valley<br />H<br />unayn is a valley. The Hawazah tribe lives in Hunayn. The Hawazah tribe was good at archery and was planning to attack the Muslims. After the conquest of Makkah, Muhammad wanted to punish them, Ten-thousand Mujahideen came from Madinah and two-thousand from Makkah joined them. The Prophet was the commander of these twelve-thousand Muslims. The army reached Hunayn at night. The enemy had four-thousand warriors. The mujahideen became arrogant when they saw this. Allah became angry. The archers and warriors of Hunayn sat in ambush, and when Khalid came by, the archers started to shoot. The Muslim army panicked and fled. Only very little warriors stayed with their chief. He called out, “I am the prophet of Allah!! I am staying here and I won’t leave!!” Abbas also called, “Where are you going? Come back!! The prophet is calling you! Come back to him!!” The warriors came back calling, ”Here we are, prophet of Allah!!” They attacked the enemy. And Khalid killed everyone in his path. During this, Khalid received wounds. After the war, the Prophet came to visit Khalid. The Prophet healed Khalid’s wounds with his spittle. Some days after that, the Hunayn people became Muslim.<br /> The End<br />
    7. 7. BanuMastalaq<br />ne day, Muhammad (SAW) sent a representative to get Zakat from Banu Mastalaq. The representative went by himself and <br />when he reached the place where the Banu Mastalaq lived, they all came out to greet him. But the representative didn’t know they were going to greet him. He thought they were going to kill him! So he turned around and galloped back to Makkah. Then he lied to the Prophet (SAW) that the tribe didn’t want to pay Zakat. Muhammad (SAW) sent Khalid to see if that was true. Khalid went with a group of men and reached the town at night. He sent a few men in disguise to see if the tribe was Muslim. The men came back and reported that the tribe was definitely Muslim because they prayed Fajr, had a lot of masjids, and they called the Athan regularly. So Khalid went to see the tribe’s Chief in the morning. The Chief told Khalid that the representative was lying, and he told him the truth. Allah sent down an ayah at the time. <br />The End!<br />
    8. 8. The Expedition of <br />TABUK<br />T<br />he Emperor of Rome was planning to invade Madinah, so Muhammad<br />(SAW) went with Khalid and the Muslim Army to Tabuk to fight the Emperor of Rome before he came to Madinah. When they reached Tabuk, they were all sweaty and thirsty. Then Muhammad saw a little stream of water. So he took some water in a bowl and made wudu’. Then he threw the rest of the water back to the place where he found the water. Suddenly, water gushed out from the place where Muhammad found it. Muhammad said to Mu’az,”If you live long enough, you will see this place green.” And it was true. When the army reached Tabuk, the Emperor sent spies. The spies came back and told the Emperor that Muhammad’s army had a good supply of food and water. Then the Emperor decided not to attack. The Muslims had the opportunity to stay there for 3 weeks, and made da’wah to the surrounding tribes. Soon, most of the people there, were Muslims.<br /> ~The End~ <br />
    9. 9. Capturing<br />Akeedar<br /> T<br /> he Prophet (SAW) wanted to capture Akeedar. Akeedar was the Cheiftain of Doamthal al-Jandal. Muhammad (SAW) sent Khalid to get Akeedar. Khalid went with a group of 500 men to the village. They reached the village at night. Khalid ordered his men to be quiet. Akeedar was drinking with his wife. Suddenly, a white antelope came out from the jungle and banged on the doors of the fort. Akeedar’s wife saw it and told Akeedar. Akeedar went with his brother and some slaves. When Akeedar rushed out of the fort, Khalid caught him. Khalid killed Akeedar’s brother, Hasan. Akeedar didn’t want to die, so he surrendered. When he was brought to the Prophet (SAW), he was forgiven and resumed being Chief of his village. <br />-The End-<br />
    10. 10. Valley of Najran<br />The<br />(Short Story)<br />K<br />halid wanted to invite Banu Harith to Islam. He made such an eloquent speech that everyone in the valley became Muslim!<br /> The End!<br />
    11. 11. The Battle of Yamamah<br />W<br />hen Abu Bakr became the khalifah, fitnah happened. Four men claimed to be prophets. They were: Aswad Ansi, Musaylamah Al-Kathab, Tulayhah bin Khawalad, and Malik ibn Nuwayrah. Abu Bakr ordered Khalid to fight Tulayhah and Malik, and Mohajir to get Aswad Ansi. Khalid managed to kill Malik, but Tulayhah escaped. Ikrimah was supposed to fight Musaylamah al Kathab, but he was starting to lose. So Abu Bakr sent Khalid to help. Then Musaylamah gathered an army of 40,000 men. Khalid told his men to divide into their own tribes and he would see who fought best. So they fought as hard as they could. But then Musaylamah’s army retreated into a garden with very high and sturdy walls. A man named Barah volunteered to be flung over the wall. So he was. All the army was scared, and they ran crazily everywhere. Barah fought his way to the door and opened it. That day, Musaylamah and many of his army were killed. After that, Khalid had to go invade Iran and Iraq. The garden in which the battle occurred, was called the Garden of Death. <br /> <The End><br />
    12. 12. The Conquest<br />
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Battle of the Chains<br />Abu Bakr ordered Khalid to conquer Iraq and Iran. Khalid had 10,000 men at first, but then 8,000 more men joined. Khalid had sent a letter to Harmaz, leader of Iraq, to accept Islam or accept the ruling of Islam and pay tax. But in response to Khalid’s letter, Harmaz gathered an army from Iran. On the battle field, Harmaz swelled up twice his size, and clapped his breast arrogantly. Then he cheated, and his army rushed forward. Khalid killed Harmaz with one swipe. Qa’qa’ attacked them back, and the army broke up and ran away to the river Euphrates. Harmaz had chained all his army together so they wouldn’t run away, but I guess it didn’t work. Khalid divided up his army into three groups. Mathna commanded one, Adiy bin Hatim was the commander of the other group, and last but not least, Khalid led the last group. Among all the booty they took, there was an elephant and Harmaz’s cap. The cap was worth a lot of money, and Abu Bakr gave it to Khalid.<br /> The End<br />
    15. 15. The Battle <br />of Alees<br />K<br /> halid had chased the Iranian army to Alees, near the banks of the River Euphrates. Khalid killed the famous Malik bin Qays. The enemy was terrified! They ran away, leaving behind food. Among the food was chapati, which Khalid took back to Makkah. 70,000 enemies were killed. <br />*The End*<br />
    16. 16. ß円leoƒHåyråh<br />ayrah was the capital of Iraq. Khâlid went to Hayrah. When the governor heard Khâlid and his army were coming, he sent many warriors with his son in the lead. Khâlid killed the governor’s son. The governor was terrified and shut himself up in a fortress. Hayrah had strong forts. But Khâlid’s army, or the Mujâhidîn, seiged the fort. The seige lasted for 1 day and 1 night. Some Mujâhidîn got into the fort. The people of Hayrah signed a peace treaty. It was agreed that: <br /><ul><li>Hayrah would pay a tax oƒ 190,000 dirhams
    17. 17. Hayrah would spy on Iran for the Mujâhidîn
    18. 18. The Mujâhidîn wouldn’t destroy any worship places or anyone.</li></ul>H<br />†hêên∂<br />
    19. 19. Khâlid’s Death<br />Khalid was crying on his death bed in Hammâs. “I always wanted the martyr’s death,” he said. As he said this, he died. When ‘Umar Al-Farûq heard Khalid was dead, he was very sad, and when he heard that Khâlid had only left his weapons and horse, he said that Khalid was a great man. When Khalid was being taken out to be buried, his mother cried and said that Khâlid was braver than a lion, and more bountiful than a river. He defended the Ummah like how a lion protects its cubs. His mother prayed that the Mercy of Allâh should always cover him. She prayed that in the Hereafter, he would find peace, comfort, and tranquility. She prayed he should get happiness in the Hereafter. When Umar Al-Farûq heard this, he said she was right in all respects. As Khalid was lowered into the grave, his horse, Ashqar, started crying. His horse had been Khalid’s ‘best friend’ in all the wars. <br />Khalid was buried in Hammâs. It was very strange though, that he died before his mother.<br />T I M E L I N E<br />
    20. 20. TIMELINE<br />Khaled bin Waleed timeline<br />
    21. 21. THE BATTLE OF MUT'AH<br />His Conversion<br />In the battle of Mut’ah Muhammad SAW appointed Zayd Ibn Harithah as the leader. If he died, Jafar bin Abi Talib would Take over. If Jafar died, Abdullah Bin Rawahah. Soon, all three appointed leaders got killed. The muslims panicked! Thabit bin Qays picked up the flag and held it out to Khalid. Khalid told Thabit to take it because Thabit had fought in Al Badr.Thabit said no, so Khalid took the flag! Khalid used a tactic to win the battle. He hid a portion of the Muslim army behind the other part of the army and when the time was right, they came out through the other part. It was repeated and the roman army was scared and fled. On that day, Khalid was named Sayf ul lah.<br />Khalid had a dream about him going from a black, dark hole, into a green, fertile land. When he woke up, he felt pleasant so he decided to go to Madinah. On the way to Madinah, he met Uthman bin Talhah Khalid asked if Uthman would like to go to Madinah with him. Uthman said yes and they continued. A bit more farther off, they met Amr bin Aas. Soon he was following them too. They arrived at Madinah and all became muslim and Khalid begged Allah for forgiveness but Muhammad (SAW) said that all his sins were forgiven because he became muslim<br />
    22. 22. The Incident of Banu Mastalaq<br />Muhammad sent a representative to get Zakat from Banu Mastalaq. The representative went and Banu Mastalaq came out to greet him. He thought they were attacking him so he ran back to the prophet and said that the tribe didn’t want to pay Zakat. What a lie! Muhammad sent Khalid to inspect. Khalid went to the chief and the chief told the truth.<br />CONQUEST OF MAKKAH<br />Muhammad SAW decided to conquer Makkah. So Khalid and five other tribes entered from Kada. They set off, but were stopped by Ikrimah who they fought with and won. Khalid Chopped down Uzzah<br />
    23. 23. THE TABUK EXPEDITION<br />CAPTURING AKEEDAR<br />The Emperor of rome planned to ivade Madinah. The Muslims Went to Tabuk. When they arrived they were red and sweaty. Muhammad SAW saw a little stream of water and made wudu with it. Then he threw the eccess water back in the stream and boom! The wtur gurgled and swooshed out. Spies from the Emperor checked out the muslims and told the emperor that the muslims were pretty supplied. The Emperor didn’t attack. The Muslims took advantage of their three weeks there and made dawah. Soon, most of the people there were muslims!<br />Muhammad sent Khalid and 500 men to capture the Chief of Doamtha al Jandal, who was called Akeedar. They reached the village at night. Akeedar, meanwhile was drinking some wine when he saw a white antelope right outside his door! Now, Akeedar loved hunting and he jumped up with his brother and servant to get the antelope. But alas! Khalids army captured him, killing his brother. They brought him to Muhammad and Muhammad made him pay tax and let him go back to Doamtha<br />
    24. 24. OF THE CHAINS<br />THE BATTLE<br />Abu Bakr sent Khalid and 10,000 men to conquer Iran and Iraq (Persia). They came along 8,000 more soldiers and they joined Khalids army.Khalid sent a letter to the Leader of the Persians, Harmaz, telling him to accept the ruling of Islam and pay tax. In response to the letter, Harmaz gathered an army. When on the battlefeild, Harmaz swelled up thrice his size and almost popped his buttons. Then He clapped his breast so hard that he almost bent in his ribs. Then, he cheated and his army rushed forward, planning to atack Khalid and his army. Qa Qa (say Qkak-QkA) Rammed full speed forward and fought. The Persian army fled to the river Euphrates scaredily... The muslims got an elephant and were right on the Persians Trail!<br />The Valley of Najraan<br />Khalid wanted to invite banu harith to Islam. He gave an eloquent speech and all the people in the valley became muslim.<br />
    25. 25. THE BADL OF HAYRAH<br />Khalid and his army were sent to Hayrah. They were met by the governors son who khalid chopped down simply. The governor was scared and babily hid in a fort, which some of the muslims managed to get in and at the end, he had to sign a peace treaty and pay a tax<br />BATTLE OF ALEES<br />Khalid had chased the Persian army to the river Euphrates. Now he sees Malik Ibn Qays right in front of him! Khalid calmly chops him down and the army grows terrified!! They run away and leave the muslims to their chapati munching.<br />
    26. 26. T H E B A T T L E O F <br />Y E M E M E H <br />KHALID"S DEATH<br />Abu Bakr sent Khalid to kill two of the false prophets, Tulayhah and Malik. Khalid killed Malik easily and went to tulayhah but he had run away! Ikrimah had trouble fighting MUSAYLAMAH so khalid went to help him. The army of Musaylamah shut theirselves in the garden of death and a man named bara’ volunteered to be cannonballed over the wall. So he flew and opened the door for the muslim army and they flooded in and MUSAYLAMAH was killed<br />Khalid Lay in his death bed. “I am dying like an old camel” he moaned. He soon died and Umar Al Khattab said there will never be another man like him and when he was buried, everyone was silent. Then, his horse called ashqar started boo hoo ing. The sahaba were surprised!<br />