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Tim Caynes - Designing the mobile wallet


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Tim Caynes - Designing the mobile wallet

  1. 1. UX design for a mobile wallet @timcaynes
  2. 2. 254% of the worldhas a mobile phone117% of the world has a wallet @timcaynes
  3. 3. 0.004% of the world thinks OMG, those things should be,like, totally the same thing @timcaynes
  4. 4. Who are the0.004%? @timcaynes
  5. 5. Ooh. Can theyliterally change my life with this? @timcaynes
  6. 6. and in thereal world? @timcaynes
  7. 7. The gears of fear @timcaynes
  8. 8. The approach of reproach @timcaynes
  9. 9. The lag of, um, something @timcaynes
  10. 10. Can the designchallenge be reduced to a pithy couple of slides? @timcaynes
  11. 11. Complicated and simple @timcaynes
  12. 12. Simple andcomplicated @timcaynes
  13. 13. Complicated andsimple registration heavy and transaction light @timcaynes
  14. 14. Simple and complicatedregistration light and transaction heavy @timcaynes
  15. 15. That choicehas already been made @timcaynes
  16. 16. wallet please @timcaynes
  17. 17. Ideation? Envisioning?Testing? Venn Diagrams?Stupid Fucking Videos of Orange Things Fucking About? @timcaynes
  18. 18. mobile wallet please @timcaynes
  19. 19. partners and there is new legislation coming up in november have to update the transaction engine which actually we get from the merchant whosince they merged with the carrier platform have another version of that piece coming so some high- are looking into that so when we get those things back from those guys who have also some simple transaction and we might actually have to migrate those services to hold on that pending the outcome of the stakeholder review which incidentally isbecoming more difficult since we actually changed who we are and we all wear different faces and can only communicate through michael jackson thriller moves @timcaynes
  20. 20. @timcaynes
  21. 21. But I have no idea what I just did @timcaynes
  22. 22. Concept ContextConfidence @timcaynes
  23. 23. Thanks