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Stealth research


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Richard Caddick at lightningUX

Published in: Technology, Travel
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Stealth research

  1. 1. Stealth research @richardcaddick
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  4. 4. Goal: To find the perfect romantic city breakIdea Initial investigations"Lets get away!" Decide on a place Detailed investigations "Where shall we go?" Decision made "Lets look here" "This looks good" "That looks amazing!" Unless the couple have already decided exactly where they are going they will look for inspiration online and offline and Once a search has been performed a user will evaluate through talking with friends and family. the different options available. These are linked and each item effects the overall package they select. How far away? Flight Which departure airport? Photos Room Idea of Decision Browse Which price? Search for city? hotels in city Hotel Payment Confirmation Dates? Specifics Price Specific needs Location ! The current payment options are not clear and the pricing not transparent. Users abandon the process even after making the decision to book. Ensure a Each user has specific requirements that full and clear payment breakdown. must be fulfilled at this stage (even though they dont yet know where they are going) and confirmed when booking. We heard: "The hotel must have a pool" "Must have spa treatments" "Must be near an excellent restaurant" Users maybe thrown back into research mode if they If the user has a shortlist of dont like what they see or if cities then they will repeat the another suggestion is search several times for each made. Often this can be a city. suggestion by a friend or family member. @richardcaddick
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