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Design translations


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Rachel Jones at lightningUX

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Design translations

  1. 1. Dr Rachel Jones, Instrata Limited5th April 2011DesignTranslations
  2. 2. Henry Ford said of the first car he ever built:"If Id asked my customers what they wanted, theyd have said afaster horse."Don Norman:“Design research is great when it comes to improving existingproduct categories, but essentially useless when it comes tobreakthroughs”
  3. 3. The rationale model of design as a processdesigners attempt to optimize a design candidate for knownconstraints and objectives,the design process is plan-driven,the design process is understood in terms of a discrete sequence ofstagesThe action-centric model of designdesigners use creativity and emotion to generate design candidates,the design process is improvised,no universal sequence of stages is apparent – analysis, design andimplementation are contemporary and inextricably linked
  4. 4. Design Translationsthank you