PDX UX Preso from 1/29/2013 : Really Fast Prototyping


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This is a presentation from the PDX-UX event: http://www.meetup.com/PDX-UX/events/154086232/

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PDX UX Preso from 1/29/2013 : Really Fast Prototyping

  1. 1. LEAN UX Really Fast Prototyping and Testing Julie Booth - @uxsuccess 1
  2. 2. Break in to Teams (2 minutes) • 3-6 people per team • 1 person must have an iPhone or Android • Assign a Group Leader • You have 2 minutes. Go!
  3. 3. First Things First (10 minutes) • Happy New year. • We are going to build and test some personalimprovement app concepts. BUT first….. • Lets talk for two minutes about LEAN UX
  4. 4. What the heck is Lean UX?
  5. 5. Lean UX describes methods and their practical application in dynamic environment of a Startup situation….. Lean UX unites product development and business, through constant measurement and “learning loops” (Think, Make, Check)
  6. 6. What are we thinking, making and checking tonight? You’ll be creating and testing a very rough prototype of a self improvement mobile app. Your goal : get some validation that you are solving the right problems with the right solutions • 6:30 – 6:45 Intro • 6:45 – 7:05 - Draw a Prototype • 7:05 – 7:15 – Convert to Clickable App • 7:15– 7:30 – Test App with Users • 7:30– 7:45 – Wrap Up and Next Steps - Break in to teams - Get your app assignment
  7. 7. Think: about a Task • 1 tasks you think your users would want to do You can validate this while testing • Design it for your persona • Make sure you have a defined success criteria The user should be confident he/she performed the task (and you should know if they did)
  8. 8. THINK : 20 minutes – Go go go!! Draw out how you think each screen should look like when the user performs the task - one page per screen Don’t spend too much time on details Don’t worry about technology, just draw like the wind. Hint: Make some rectangles to start. You might want to do a quick user flow, make some BOXES and ARROWS
  9. 9. MAKE: Load your drawings into POP (10 mins) • Use the “POP” app you have already installed. 1. 2. 3. Take a picture of your paper prototype Link the hotspots Test it out using “Play” (don’t upload)
  10. 10. CHECK! (15 mins) • Find some users to test out your tasks • Give them the phone • Ask them what they think they can do with this app. • • What can you do with this app? What would you do with it? • Ask them to perform the task you designed for. • • • Don’t tell them how to do it Their questions are some of the best data you can collect. Write down where users encountered problems
  11. 11. What did you learn? (5 min) • Do you need to start over with your idea, based on testing? That is OK. • If the tasks are not resonating with your users, it may be a cue to start over with better tasks • Once you have a paper prototype that is “sound”, you will have the basic foundation for a project. • Personas, Goals and Tasks – if this is a real project, put more time and thought in to this with your team. • Take your newly-created prototype and use as a foundation for your app • Keep testing prototypes at various points of fidelity – paper prototype, wireframe, pre-production, postproduction
  12. 12. Taste Buds • Moved to Portland 6 months ago • Lives in SE • Works downtown • Single • 35 years old • Makes 80K • Works at a software startup • Goes out to lunch every day at the food carts • Uses an iPhone and FaceTime to keep in touch with friends • Needs to meet new people who share his interest in fusion soul food and reggae music Trevor Why are we creating this App? So Trevor can meet fun and interesting people who share his interest and want to eat lunch at the food carts. When are we done? When Trevor can get connected to a random person who is going to have lunch at the carts, recognize them by appearance, and confirm a time and cart to meet at. What does success look like for our user? Trevor is meeting a bunch of cool people who like cart food and music. He looks forward to getting pinged by his phone to tell him who he is meeting for lunch today!
  13. 13. Doctor’s Orders • Celebrated her 50th birthday last summer • Lives in SW Portland • Married • Makes 90K • Works for an insurance company getting claims information Doris • Uses a smart phone to calendar and set reminders • Seeing a naturopath for menopause symptoms • On the go all day long • Overwhelmed • Needs to feel like she is keeping up with her diet, exercise, acupuncture and nutritional supplement regime Why are we creating this App? Doris needs to be reminded to take her supplements before she eats her meals three times a day, and she needs a record that she’s been taking them to report back to her doctor when she sees her next month. When are we done? When Doris can get a notification that it’s time to take her supplements (which ones and how much) see that she’s taken all of her supplements for the day. What does success look like for our user? Doris is taking all of her supplements at the appropriate times during the day and can see how she’s done with taking them over time.
  14. 14. Pause When Agitated Peter • 48 years old • Lives in Woodstock in transitional sober housing • Divorced • Employed Part time – Work Release Program (also has to check in with Parole Officer weekly) • Uses his iPhone to listen to music and watch YouTube video. • Recently released from prison • Working a 12 step program of recovery • Needs some help refocusing to positive behavior when he feels overwhelmed and agitated. Why are we creating this App? Peter needs a distraction when he is agitated so that he can take a pause and gain control over his impulses. When are we done? When Peter can use his phone while he is at the height of anxiety to quickly see a calming distraction that reminds him to pause, breathe, and call his sponsor (or other alternative behavior) What does success look like for our user? Peter uses his phone to calm down instead of getting into trouble again.
  15. 15. Burst! Training • • • • • 32 years old Lives in Hillsboro Married Makes 125K Software developer for a large corporation Brinda • Uses a smart phone listen to music while she works. • Uses time management software on her laptop to remind her to take a break. • Just bought a portable stepper for her cube so she can do more exercise. • Needs to be reminded to stop working and get on the stepper for a few minutes every hour Why are we creating this App? Brinda needs help to take a break every hour and get in her 8 minutes of 1 minute burst stepping a day. When are we done? When Brinda can get an alert while she is listening to music on her phone that prompts her to stop work, gives her time to get on the stepper, motivates her to go as fast as she can for 60 sec, and then lets her know when she is done. What does success look like for our user? Brinda starts using her stepper
  16. 16. Scary Mommy Alarm Scarlett • 25 years old • Lives in North Portland – shares an apartment with roommates • In a relationship • Makes 40K a year plus tips • Works in the hospitality industry on the late night shift. • Uses her iPhone for everything • Has blackout shades in the bedroom so she can sleep during the day. • Needs to be shocked out of sleep or she won’t get up. • Suffers insomnia worrying about getting up on time. Why are we creating this App? Scarlett can’t get out of bed to get to her night job. She’s been using the iPhone alarm but it is not powerful enough to rouse her, or she hits SNOOZE over and over again and falls back asleep. When are we done? When Scarlett can be woken from her phone by her mother’s voice screaming to “get out of bed now” combined with flashing light. She can’t snooze. She can’t or turn off the alarm until she is up and has done something physical or cognitive. What does success look like for our user? Scarlett can set her alarm knowing it will wake her, so she can get some sleep!
  17. 17. Thank you for a really fun time  jb@juliebooth.com 503.312.8685 @uxsuccess