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Soccer Clinic Planning


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Soccer Clinic Planning

  1. 1. Action Planning Template Soccer Clinic Jeremy Moorman-Lighthouse Inc. Board Ron McDowell-Central Resident Youth Larry Wanzo-Lonnie Burton Rec Center Mark-Cleveland City Stars Phil Batten-Heaventrain 1) FREE Soccer Clinics for Central Neighborhood Kids The Cleveland City Stars & Green Army members will conduct a FREE soccer clinic from 3-5 PM for approx. 85 children in the Central Neighborhood. (what is the address for the location?) After/during the clinic, we will have 1-2 City Stars pro team players share a testimony/ personal experience with the kids inside the Bus. 2) Community Project In cooperation with Larry Burton, we will also try to restore the “locker rooms” & “computer room” inside the Rec Center (City of Cleveland) in a joined effort together with our players & fans. Just let us know, what we need to do, if we need to bring any equipment and how we can be the best benefits to the community. 3) Home Game Tickets The Cleveland City Stars in cooperation with their 2008 Title Sponsor SWISS TTP will sponsor at least 50 tickets (I will personally pay for the rest of the tickets, so we can bring down all the kids that are part of the clinic) for the home game against Real Maryland on May 10th @ 7 PM & again on July 12th vs. Crystal Palace USA to HeavenTrain. Lonnie Burton Rec. will ensure the safety, transportation and supervision of these children. Tickets have already been send to you via mail on Friday. 4) Media Outlets We will also try to get as much media attention (through our & your connections) to this event, so hopefully many people from the suburbs will be join us in the future to start “Serving the City & Changing the World”. Should we advertise this event via our newsletter & press- release as “Lighthouse Inc.”, “HeavenTrain” or “DownTheWay”?
  2. 2. Strategy/Action Objective Tasks resources needed Stakeholders Responsibility Timeline Intended Outcome Monitoring Area Identify the specific Measurable objective The specific steps or What resources are Identify who will be The individuals and Milestones for Identify the How progress will be action areas that will to meet the actions tacks required to meet needed to pull this off affected by the action organizations who will accomplishing each measureable results monitored and by lead to reaching this area the objective or what could keep and who key decision accomplish the task or action step that will demonstrate whom strategic goal this from happening. makers are that must objective the objective is met be included Call To introduce self Get numbers and Phone #’s and Lonnie Burton, Lighthouse Point April 10th Introductions person. stakeholders to as the lighthouse make calls. Phone And City Stars made and introduce self Rep for event. Meeting time set Set a meeting Introduce the Set the meeting, Phone and Lighthouse Inc., Lighthouse point 2nd Week in Meeting takes between new (time & Place) calendar. Lonnie Burton person, Larry April place and roles stakeholders to stakeholders to meet, discuss the Location for Staff, and City Wanzo, City are clearly finalize event each other and details about the meeting, paper Stars. Stars Rep. defined for each plans get plan on event, break or computer. (Councilwomen party. paper down duties. Cleveland) Create a written Understand what Create list with Paper or Lighthouse Inc. Lighthouse Point 2nd Week in Lighthouse Inc. plan with we have to do to each Lighthouse computer person april role is spelled “Lighthouse” pull this off. responsibility for out responsibilites. the event. Advertise the Get the word out Get info to Phil Brochures, Central Kids, Lighthouse Point Heaventrain Kids are looking event on so the kids know so he can build Flyers, etc. Heaventrain person. Saturdays in forward to the Heaventrain the what to expect the event the 3 Heaventrain April. date, information month before. that day weeks before, let staff. is in their hands. the stars bring info to promote the event. Soccer Clinic To provide a ?????? ?????? Green Army, ?????? 3pm-5pm clinic that point of entry for City stars Thursday May creates interest the stars to the 8th at the Lonnie in soccer for Central area. Burton Rec. kids of central
  3. 3. Heaventrain Chance for the Drive bus, blow Heaventrain, Heaventrain Heaventrain 3pm-5pm Kids are able to service with city stars to share whistle, sign Driver, Speaker. Staff and CS staff Thursday May hear the stars speakers. their testimony kids in, and do Photographer or Speakers 8th at the Lonnie testimony of a with the kids. what HT do. video shots... Burton Rec. pro athlete. Public relations record the event Take pictures, Camera, Video Everyone ?????? 5:00pm at Rec. A event that is work for follow for newsletter video and do Camera, involved preserved for up. Photos and and video report. interviews on “reporters” history, and can video with Proof of camera and on be shared with interviews of collaboration paper. people all over players and kids. etc. the county. Stars Games Kids get to see a Pick up, deliver, Vans, adult Kids, Parents, Parents and May 10th and Fun times for May 10th and pro soccer game supervise kids sponsors, meal Lonnie Burton, Lonnie Burton July 12th. kids and families july 12th with players before, during, money. City stars and a two wins (Heaventrain can they know and and after the for the City be at one of the get to be on the game. Return Stars. games in the pitch. safely home. Stadium.)